Just Like Covid, Fullerton’s Lies Have No Cure

Don’t believe the lies being peddled by the Chamber of Commerce, Lobbyist hacks or the City Council. Covid-19 is just the perfect and newest excuse to put lipstick on the the pig that is City Council’s inability to spend your money with any responsibility.

Measure S Covid Lie
Exploiting the pandemic to cover up their incompetence

The City, which has been working on this sales tax for well over a year, simply wants to tax you more – the people with a median household income of $73,360 and a 13.4% poverty rate – so 300+ government workers can have total compensation packages worth over $100,000 and that $30,000,000 (30 Million+!) price tag is just the most obvious top layer of why Fullerton is broke.

So the government mandated lockdowns over Covid, the “two weeks to flatten the curve”, is just a convenient excuse for what the city has been planning for quite some time. Here’s the meeting minutes from the Infrastructure committee from back in January where City Manager Domer indicated, and I quote, “a need to raise revenue potentially through a sales tax measure”. That was 15 January 2020, 4 days BEFORE America’s first known Covid positive patient walked into a Washington clinic complaining of a cough and fever.

Sales Tax on INRAC
This has been in the works for well over a year

In fact, the city hired a PR firm, FM3, to poll people back in November of 2019 in order to gauge interest on a sales tax. This survey started BEFORE even China had a known positive case.

FM3 Survey
It’s been in the works ever since the city finally admitted we were right

That pre-Covid survey directly asked people, related to a sales tax increase: “Q. If the election were held today, do you think you would vote “yes” in favor of this measure or “no” to oppose it?” and gave a sample ballot measure that is remarkably similar to what is on this November’s ballot.

Sales Tax Ballot Q Survey
Vote NO!

So don’t believe their lies and excuses as to why they so desperately need to tax you more now. The city wanted this tax long before the world knew Covid was a thing & will say and do anything to take more of your money.

Vote NO on Measure S.

7 Replies to “Just Like Covid, Fullerton’s Lies Have No Cure”

  1. The Yes on S people are stealing and covering the No on S signs and I thought this was very illegal. The desperation in Ahmad and Jesus of late is embarrassing.

  2. It is unbelievable to me that an OUTSIDE firm would be hired to begin with. Don’t we have any competent people within our Acct Dept. to pull a report like that together ?
    Shouldn’t take that long.
    I don’t like paying for something I am against. Doesn’t make sense.
    As Advertising Business Manager of a large retail chain , we were always having to do special reports when called upon, by President/CFO.

  3. So many outstanding lawsuits because of all the bad players cops and city Council they have to fund all of the mistakes somehow.

  4. The Yes on S campaign is completely funded by the cop and fireslug unions. So typical. They’re always blewating about theor devotion to this and that, but really the only thing they care about is themselves – fits, last and only.

    Defund the cops? I often wonder if FPD doesn’t do more harm than good.

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