Doug “Bud” Chaffee Sticks Weenie in Kimchi. Feels Good.

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day. Orange County Supervisor, former Fulleron disaster-maker, husband and co-conspirator of thief Paulette Marshall wishes us happy Korean American Day. And an easy slam-dunk gets screwed up by sharing a flag of…North Korea!

Hey, who’s side is he on?

I’m wondering what positive effects the North Korean “community” has on Orange County. Mass starvation, saber rattlin’, murder-by-dog-pack, gulags, nuclear gangsterism? Go ahead, Doug, tell us.

26 Replies to “Doug “Bud” Chaffee Sticks Weenie in Kimchi. Feels Good.”

  1. I find it eminently fitting that this senile, incompetent, retrobate can’t hire a person who doesn’t know there’s a North and a South Korea. Typical 5th Floor zombie.

        1. That’s funny and disturbing. As you scroll there staff photos of young wannabe politicos you get a big ol also in the face from Paulette!

          1. Yah scroll to the bottom and hit the bottom. Convicted thief Paulette Marshall. 100-1 she’s the idiot who runs the office while Bud snoozes.

  2. If I want a campaign sign stolen, I’ll call Bud Chaffee. No, wait. That’s not right. He’ll get caught. This withered testicle can’t get anything right.

  3. Okay, seriously now. Have you ever seen two more fucked-up in the head senior citizens than Paulette and Doug Chaffee? This is reaching a frightening level. Flory? Fitzgerald? Old Molly? Any antediluvian BooHoo? Somebody? Intervention ASAP!

  4. This clown must be the butt of most water cooler jokes at the Hall of Administration. With all the potential material in those government offices that’s quite an achievement!

  5. Fullerton does have ties to north Korea Believe it or not … Residing in this town is an unnoficial diplomat who seems to have tapped the good graces of the Communist dictator and our president also .When asked of the president if he was invited to the summit meeting a while past.. Mr.Trump said no,but I like that…and he is also a great rebounder. Yes he is not so invisible either as Dennis the unofficial “menace” has been seen a few times around the bus stop handing out 100 dollar bills and at hopscotch bar.

  6. Poor Jannelle Welker. “Communications Director” Told to find the Korean flag. Another communications director/Animal Control “expert.”

    Nelson had one too. Seems inevitable.

  7. His wife is soliciting support; sadly, she sent it to my “political burner e-mail”… Hope my response is enjoyed. May post on her website.

  8. What a Dynamic group! This is what the 4th District gets:

    A senile old man who doesn’t know how many states there are in our country, his thief wife running for a political seat so she can have ‘paid for” friends too, along with their do nothing staff of liberal LA-909ers collecting OC tax paid pay checks on the 5th floor.


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