Say Goodnight Paulette

Like chickens with their heads left on

Yesterday a lot of chickens fluttered home to roost for sign thief and fake carpetbagger Paulette Marshall Chaffee. After spending hundreds of thousands of bucks for a part time job on the county’s Board of Education, she was defeated, and defeated badly. The job goes to La Habra’s Tim Shaw, another candidate who unloaded a boat load of dough.

Dr. Vicky waiting for Paulette at the finish line…

But the most humiliating part of all for Paulette was getting beaten soundly by Vicky Calhoun, a woman who spent almost nothing.

And that’s where I put the sign in the back of the car…

Have we seen the last of Ms. Marshall? Hard to say. The woman is oddly unaware of her own unpopularity and the stigma with which crime decorates the perpetrator.

It looked good from far, but it was far from good…

One thing is certain, however. The tale of the little web of phony “community news” websites that were concocted by the Chaffees without any Fair Political Practices Committee requirements isn’t over by a long shot. Ms. Paulette can look forward to yet another day in court.

20 thoughts on “Say Goodnight Paulette

  1. The Fullerton Harpoon

    What a sad spectacle. Paulette and Bud have been promoting her non-stop for at least three years, squeezing her into every official photo they could even though she had no official job.

    No, she’s totally disconnected from reality. I used to think it was just Bud who was senile. Looks like they’re both suffering from advancing dementia.

  2. Irving Washington

    And Jordan Brandman – another worthless hack/crook – did worse than Paulette. If the party had coalesced around the one non-criminal Democrat in the race, Calhoun would be on the Board of Education .

    1. Losers Lose

      Brandman has only two skills; pandering and plagiarism. A bowl of jello has more intellect and ideas than Brandman.

    2. Schedufreude

      Take note Jesus Silva and Jose Moreno.

      Endorsing a sign stealing carpetbagging liar just got you more charter schools.

  3. Losers Lose

    Chaffee lost and she will be contacted soon by a FPPC representative to investigate her election code violations. That will be fun for her. Maybe an IRS audit too?

    1. Do They Make Pills For That?

      I wonder if she and Andy Thornburn see the same shrink.

      Spending that kind of money and losing, more than once, really seems questionable.

  4. Baxter

    Nothing made me happier about this vote than knowing that this fraud of a human was once again embarrassed. Why does she continue to run for shit no one wants her for? She has zero shame and zero self awareness. Her running for office is like when my dad mowed them lawn in short shorts and black socks. In his defence, at least he was mathematical genius. Fuck anyone who endorsed her. Fullerton has the most embarrassing Democrats ever produced. The good news is that most of us will outlive the both of these frauds.

  5. Bugghaduh Bughhaduh

    But wait, Fitzgerald says Douggie is her bestie, along with Flory, Felz, Cox, Zahra, and let’s suppose Paulette too. Is anyone going to vote for these self centered, tax and spend loving politicians when they run again?

  6. JOEY D

    Paulette will be running again for something. I’m sure they are looking for the next election to throw her hat into…and maybe cheat her way into third place. What a joke!

    Meanwhile, back to her FAKE job on the 5th Floor at the Board of Supervisors. She can scout out the next ribbon to cut while her senile husband naps in his office after the early bird at Norms, and his staff rallies the anti-Trump troops on the county dime.

    1. Dopey Colleg Student

      They are looking for a minority district so Paulette can steal an office from them. She knows what’s best for all peoples!

  7. Again, Who Endorced Paulette?

    Gotta wonder how many idiots besides Fitzflory actually showed up at Paulette’s “election night victory celebration” Tuesday night at the Bowery?

    1. Which one didn’t endorse Chaffee? Pick one

      Ahmad Zara, Jeśus Sîlva, FitžFlöry, Jose Moreno, Al Jababar, Leland Wilsôn.

  8. True Story!

    Hi Facebook Friends and Supporters,

    I thank you all so very much for the support and encouragement you have given me during my campaign for the OC Board of Ed. I am currently in third place but am encouraged by the heavy turnout of voters on the last two days of voting. By the next reporting period, I am hopeful for a trend upward in my numbers. Hopefully, I will keep trending upward to first place. My team estimates there are about 50,000 votes yet to be counted in my race. We have plenty of opportunity to gain ground and win!


  9. Dopey Colleg Student

    Ms. Calhoun visited the neighborhood at least twice.

    And that’s two more times than Paulette. But Paulette hates the people.

  10. Childhood Friend

    Paulette was extremely competitive as a child and hated losing. It is sad to see her going to such lengths to win as an adult.


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