Right Out of the Gate – A Scam

Look familiar? Not to me, either…

The other day FFFF introduced the Friends to Andrew Cho, some dude Mayor-for-Hire Jennifer Fitzgerald trawled into her net to run for the Fullerton City Council for District 1. I noted that his list of endorsers included the usual assortment of grifters, con artists and liars.

I’m not telling the truth and you can’t make me…

And now that he’s running as the stooge of this pack it should come as no surprise that his first campaign act is a scam – a violation of election rules regarding what you can call yourself on the ballot. Please observe, from the City Clerk’s webpage:

Whether Cho is more a lawyer with a dingbat law degree than a “businessowner” (by the way, that’s two words shoved together) is debatable. What is indefensible is the designation “Fullerton Parent” which is a blatant violation of the Election Code requirement for a candidate to describe his job or source of livelihood. Being a parent is not this clown’s vocation.

Section 13107. Ballot Designation Requirements
(3) No more than three words designating either the current principal professions, vocations, or occupations of the candidate, or the principal professions, vocations, or occupations of the candidate during the calendar year immediately preceding the filing of nomination documents.
One really is forced to wonder why the Fullerton City Clerk was party to this clumsy attempt to get some sort of advantage, but one gets a strong odor of Ms. Fitzgerald in the room making sure the bureaucrats do what she tells them to do.

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  1. Clerk: Fullerton Parent isn’t a legal ballot title.
    Cho: Oomph. Uh. (looks at Fitzgerald)
    Fitzgerald: (scowling, one eyebrow raised menacingly) It is now. Put it down.
    Clerk: Okay, Mayor.

  2. The guy may be a parent but that’s not his vocation. He’s a lawyer with a sign on his door that says so.

  3. It is very apPARENT that Cho is just the opposite of Robin Hood: he wants to rob the poor via imposing a huge, regressive local sales tax and give the tax money to the rich (the vastly overcompensated city employees).

  4. All ambulance chasers have defended scum criminals. This Cho character is no exception. I can’t wait until FFFF releases his clients and case info.

  5. Couldn’t read the thumbnail you posted. Clicked on the link and it said “error”. Can you post a better thumbnail?

  6. TODAY AND TOMORROW: Be sure to log on a tell the Fullerton City Council what YOU think of their proposal/ballot MEASURE S to raise the local sales tax to the second-highest in Orange County going to 9.00% – but they can only do this with our vote.


    Fullerton City Council members will convene on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.

    Members of the public can access meetings streamed live online at https://fullerton.legistar.com, on Spectrum Cable Channel 3 and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99. Comments may be submitted electronically by clicking on the eComment link accompanying the agenda posted online at https://fullerton.legistar.com. The public can also email comments to cityclerksoffice@cityoffullerton.com with the subject line “PUBLIC COMMENT ITEM #” (insert the item number relevant to your comment) or “PUBLIC COMMENT NON-AGENDA ITEM”.

  7. I heard Fullerton and La Habra both hired consultants to survey how resident’s would likely vote if a city sales tax increase was on the November ballot.

    Also heard the La Habra consultant reported that with even the slightest opposition a city sales tax increase would likely fail. La Habra did not put a city sales tax on the ballot.

    I haven’t heard what Fullerton’s consultant reported.

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