And So It Begins…

We all knew that we were going to be bombarded with political mail in support of the City Council’s proposed 17% sales tax hike on this November’s ballot. And we all knew that the City Council hired a PR outfit to blow our money to educate us about the beauty of the thing – to the tune of $130,000. Of course none of this is legal, but this is Fullerton where everything is legal that the deplorable City Attorney “Dick” Jones says is legal.

Some of the Friends have already received pro-tax propaganda from our masters in City Hall and here is a sample:

Like it? You paid for it.
Tap dancing around the edge of the truth…

As usual, government tries to con us into bailing it out after it has failed so spectacularly the past decade to maintain reserves, balance budgets and pushing back against never-ending salary and pension demands from the public employee unionistas. Care about the homeless? Vote for our tax; Want potholes fixed? Tax! Youth programs? Who doesn’t love ’em – vote for our tax. Seniors? Ditto. Emergency services? They’re really getting hungry. A usual, the propaganda is larded up with misleading information and scare tactics and, gosh, we should be scared.

You will not be asked to reflect upon the reality that this same operation has dismally failed to fix roads in the past; that this bureaucracy has no intention of starting now. A Culture of Corruption in the Fullerton Police Department? Oh, we fixed that years ago – no, don’t look at that body over there, we have no idea how it got there. You’ll have to sue us to find out!

This crew has burned through tens of millions in reserve funds while its spokeholes on the council Jennifer Fitzgerald and Jan Flory lied about balancing the budget.

Ken Domer
Domer. There’s a lot less there than meets the eye.

Good luck, passing this obscentiy, boys n’ girls. The public is hurting badly at the moment and your first recourse was to try to harness us oxen with the yoke of a new and regressive tax. Well, guess what? The yokes on you, City Hall, and you’d better have a Plan B stuffed into one of Domer’s desk drawers if you know what’s good for you.

15 Replies to “And So It Begins…”

  1. No sales tax increase until fire and EMS services are restructured the same way they did in Placentia. It’s time to put the public safety union goons in their place as they are bankrupting our community. Privatize paramedic services and scale back the size and scope of the fire department. The cost savings alone will negate the need for a sales tax increase. Say no to union goons!

  2. Where are they?

    Public service demand is way down. Why aren’t full time staff being let go?

    Oh, that’s right. It’s not really about balancing the budget, it’s about protecting the paychecks and benefits for “heart and soul of the community” as Jan Flory calls it.

  3. If the Democrats take the senate and the White House, Fullerton won’t need this tax. Federal handouts for local governments all the way down. That’s why I’m voting against this special Fullerton tax. Biden will save us.

  4. If the good folks f fullerton vote this tax in, expect a pay hike for police and fire with no thought of cost. That is what the tax hike is really about.

  5. A local tax to fix the roads? What is that .12 cents per gallon state gas tax pay for then? Looks shady. Vote NO.

  6. Yeah right, there’s no money and the Clowncil wants to rid the Shity of those monster fireworks that blow up in the sky. So, they are wasting money to put a prohibition on “safe and sane” kiddy fireworks on the ballot.

  7. The pics of the firemen on the cover is sort of like “pay up or the puppy gets it.”

    The PR group must have thought that up in about two seconds.

  8. Fuck the fire union goons. They’re just as bad as the police union goons. I’ll bet head fire union goon Dan Lancaster had a lot of input on that flyer. Fuck you, Captain Lancaster you malignant cunt. You and your goon squad are bankrupting us. Make sure to spit on Lancaster’s tin badge the next time you see that cunt on the street. I hope your boat sinks at the river.

  9. Interesting mental health issues wrapped up as a homeless problem. Most people living on the streets of Fullerton suffer from chronic, debilitating schizophrenia and or traumatic brain injuries. These people need 24/7 residential treatment milieu not an apartment or a house. A few month ago, Fullerton’s municipal government pushing for affordable housing for its government workers, those firefighters, police officers, teachers who make six figure salaries with benefits (Transparent California). The civic leaders and their schmoozers push for government/private sector housing development which arouses my unfounded, conjectured suspicion of sweetheart dealings in “affordable” housing developments.

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