Looking Out for the Little Guy (who makes more than $200,000 a year)

A few weeks ago the Fullerton Rag posted City Council-member Ahmad Zahra’s comments to the Black Lives Matter protest in Fullerton on June 6. It is interesting snapshot on an elected Democrat’s efforts to appease the party activists while keeping that sweet PE union cash flowing. It went about as well as you would expect (fast forward to 2:35 to hear the crowd turn):

The latest attempt to thread that needle comes courtesy of Faisal Qazi, a first time candidate who appears to be the Democrats de facto candidate for the Second District City Council race.  His facebook page currently advertises a pro-BLM tilt, which one would presume would mean he opposes the longstanding practice of covering up for problem officers. However, this (since deleted) post shows a pretty strong blind spot where public employees in general are concerned, which should call that assumption into question: 

Translated: “Lets go after all the waste in the system, except for all the waste in the system.”

Apologies to longtime readers (for whom this will sound like a broken record) but, according to Transparent California, there are almost 200 City employees making at least $100,000 per year. And that is not counting benefits (the $100,000 club has over 600 members in our fair City when benefits are included). On what universe would this be considered “already low wages?”

Oh, and for extra irony, try guess which department most of the public employees in the $100,000+ club belong to?

The problem in our local government, as friend of the blog Dave Zenger put it recently, is that too many people believe “the myth that (civil servants) are underpaid and hence deserve civil service pensions and protections. That may have been more or less true until the employees unionized, but it hasn’t been true for 50 years.” 

And the result? Generations of “fiscal conservatives” on the City Council who voted for every pay increase that crossed their desk, followed, apparently, by generations of BLM supporters with a see-no-evil approach in their own backyard to the core issue that gave rise to the movement in the first place. And who will probably also vote for every pay increase that crosses their desk. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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  1. No, you’re just out of touch. The average salary for a Fullerton household is $65,000, with an average household at roughly 1.5 people. That number doesn’t include benefits, but benefits are pretty meager outside the public sector, so you;re talking roughly double what the average person in Fullerton actually pulls down.

    And the problem isn’t any one person making that money, it’s the fact that 600 of them are. And the fact that people like you and Dr. Quazi- not to mention the majority on the City Council – think that’s apparently not enough.

    1. That’s great for you and that other half a person you drag around (or your cat?)

      A lot of us raise families to propagate the human race.

      And it means the rest of us are carrying your tax burden for you.

      You’re welcome.

      1. That is quite possibly the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen.

        If you are indeed propagating, I guarantee your children are embarrassed that their dad can barely string a sentence together, has to open his mouth and vomit his opinion over everything, and has the same cavalier relationship with math as he does the truth.

        Unfortunately for them, your stupidity enshrined here for all the Hogerhuis that came before you and those that will come after you will be here for a long, long time.

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              1. Add lack of wit and misogyny to the pyramid of embarrassment you force your family to endure.

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            2. No! I will only water my dead grass when we feel like it. Our neighbors love me because we are so wise even though sometimes our head emerges from my nether sphincter to see the truth which we quickly dismiss as alternate reality.

  2. LOL You have to scroll down the roster of Fullerton employees all the way to the middle of the second page before you find the first non-public safety employee – the public works director.

  3. What is so pathetic about those videos is to watch all those woke people in the audience clapping like trained seals at the empty promises of the same coalition that has been running Fullerton into the ground for years. Including, but not limited to, Sharon QS who I believe was mayor at the time Kelly Thomas was killed.

  4. These salaries are not unique to Fullerton. You have to pay competitive salaries in order to attract police officers…..and nobody wants to do the job anymore. OT is common due to shortages and inflates those figures greatly. Personally, I’d prefer police and fire have adequate staff on hand to show up and effectively handle an emergency when it occurs. While these salaries seem high, Fullerton has tons of openings and are working very short on their shifts. The lower number of officers actually saves money even though the city is paying more OT because the city doesn’t have to pay benefits (health insurance or pay into PERS) for a higher number of officers.

    It’s far more productive to focus on the culture at FPD and work to root out dishonesty and moral and ethical failings through harsh discipline (read: termination) where appropriate.

    1. What baloney. Since everybody uses the same rationale for hiring public employees somebody is obviously NOT attracting the best of anything. It’s just a futile chase up the money tree. Fullerton’s city council used that one and hired dozens of criminals – and those are just the ones we found out about.

      And bad cops don’t get fired. They get protected.

        1. Typical. Looking to take away freedom of assembly, petition for redress of grievances. That pesky Constitution keeps getting in the way, huh?

  5. Just because you’re an anonymous corporate bootlicking mancunt and I am willing to call you out doesn’t make me a misogynist. Opposite.

    Last I checked corporations aren’t people. Or even organizations designed to represent the interests of individual people.

    So your argument is null and void.

    1. Hey look, the misogynist got mad and can’t read.

      You might hold the political belief that corporations aren’t people, but the legal fact is they are.

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      1. With as much respect as you deserve AnonyManCunt, corporations are not people, a majority of SCOTUS in Citizen’s United chose to TREAT them, where “them” is only closely held corporations, like people, in political spending. That can never make them people. People are people. That is it.

        Corporations are a useful legal fiction, a container for assets, legal liability and specific responsibilities mostly around fiduciary duty.

        The Founders called out TWO entities for 1st Amendment protections, the PEOPLE and the PRESS, the press being the only organization protected from infringement of that liberty.

        Unions, corporations etc. guarantees beyond the individuals within them is all up to legislatures to protect, or not. Unions deserve that protection, corporations as currently defined do not, but it will always be a political question, whether it is SCOTUS deciding that political question or it is properly FULLY returned to being a question of the laws of Congress and the States.

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    They haven’t banned me because they are libertarian idiots. They like to pretend they are for freedom of speech. But the shit posting tactics show their true nature.

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        1. Oh my God! Dr. Schwartz said something just like this to me last night but we thought maybe it was dream and to us there’s hardly any difference.

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