Fullerton Taxpayers For Reform Launch 2020 Campaign

The good government boys and girls over at FTR and their padrone, Tony Bushala, have jumped into the 2020 District 1 council campaign with their standard attack sign with the inevitable Barfman.

First, here’s the sign:

Barf Man Returneth…

They have conflated candidate Andrew Cho with the pet project of his boss, Jennifer Fitzgerald – Measure S. Nobody seems to know where the guy stands on the proposed tax increase, but some reliable sources have heard him support it. And since it is the brain child of Fitzgerald (who hand-picked Cho out of a line up of anonymous Korean-Americans residents) we may assume, that he is for it.

Anyhow the sign seems to go after two birds with the same stone and that’s pretty smart.

37 Replies to “Fullerton Taxpayers For Reform Launch 2020 Campaign”

  1. Bad Cho. Hmm. At least he didn’t poison anybody. But being the hand picked puppet of Jennifer Fitzgerald makes him extremely barf worthy!

  2. Whoah. Doesn’t look like barf to me. More of a cough or sneeze. Implication received. I guess it would be too overt to go full anti-Asian-American racist and say “Bad Chovid”

    That’s about the level of Bushala and this blog.

    1. The guy is clearly holding his stomach and throwing up. The thought of a tax increase makes me sick to the stomach. There is no implications of the guy throwing up being of any ethnicity. Maybe its your racist mind turning it into something it was not intended. As an Asian-American, I am not offended by this sign, whatsoever.

      It makes me more worried that Cho was endorsed by the monolithic gun nuts.

  3. I have been told that there are many Koreans out there who have been burned by Cho in Bankruptcy. Many Grace people know this. I’ve been told that the Pastor has added ingredients to the Cool-Aide to keep all of their mouths shut for the election.

    1. Those of us who have our weapons, would not want to brag about it during these times, let alone being endorsed by the OC Gunowners Association. As a Veteran, I wouldn’t want that endorsement. Why not go for the Fire Department endorsement, or something like that?

  4. What does that sign even mean. Cho has said he is against measure S. Why don’t we listen to what he has to say and then vote for who we fill will best fit the needs of the City, to blame a guy just because Fitzgerald supports him is foolish, there are only two running, so to eliminate one based on that is childish.

    1. Before he was against it, he was for it.

      I’ve seen the posts. Now apparently he’s a flip-flopper.

      Real strong spine that guy has.

    2. I think it means if you want to keep coughing up taxes to help lobbyist Fitzgerald who found Cho standing on the sidewalk bad times are ahead. Bad Cho! I get it.

      1. Cho has been in the city probably longer than you, why do you keep saying that she found him, by the way i am not necessarily for or against Cho, but you guys are just a joke with false claims.

  5. Agree with previous response. Cho clearly stated on the Observer candidate forum that he opposes measure S. I have heard him personally state the same. Because he was endorsed by Fitzgerald does not mean he agrees with all of her decisions. So should we assume the same for Jung who is endorsed by Silva who is pro measure S ? common people. Jung is out there making false claims that he is endorsed by certain people who have not officially endorsed him. Maybe wishing him good luck, but that doesn’t mean an endorsement. These Bushala signs are just another small piece of dirty politics making false claims.

    1. The fact that Fitzgerald picked him out of a line-up of unheard of Korean-Americans speaks volumes about Cho’s role in the unfortunate event he gets elected. And Ackerman? And Ding-a-ling? And the corrupt wife of corrupt Charles Kim? No thanks.

      1. Joe, Could you please show me where Fitzgerald picked Cho out of a Line-up of Korean-Americans. I would love to learn more about this. please share the information you have.

        1. Maybe I misspoke. Maybe it was a line up of one unheard of Korean-Americans. Either way it’s an ugly fact that Fitzgerald is completely corrupt and self-interested.

    2. What proof do you have that Jung is making false claims he is endorsed by “certain people?” Sounds like a bunch of bologna. No candidate brags about endorsements. So what is this wishing him good luck crap you are throwing out there? Swing and a miss.

  6. Yes Joe please show us where he was picked out of a line up. So, because Jung started a youth football organization makes him better qualified for the city? Just watch if Jung is elected you can bet you’ll see more low income /high density building go up throughout the city. This guy supports development. He’s already stated that on developer forums, but is now campaigning on preserving open land? I personally wish there were more choices, but after researching and learning how Jung is running his campaign,
    I’m out !! Talk about flip flopping and putting out Fake information…

    1. Nobody ever heard of this person until he appeared with the endorsement of a veritable crew of liars, thieves and pickpockets. Fred Jung has been active in Fullerton for years and years, Sorry your puppet is a big No Sale.

      1. I will say it again, i have yet to decide who i will vote for, however Cho is definitely not my puppet. On the onther hand i see you guys are working so hard to get your puppet elected. You bash a person (cho) you have admitted you know nothing about, you support the signs that are up bashing him with false information. It is your puppet you want on the council. If you felt confident in your puppet you would not need to do all this negative campaigning against Cho, maybe your puppet has some broken strings.

        1. Very well said. That’s the best dirt these people can come up with against Cho? No one has heard of him? This site is hilarious. Just bash people to push your agenda, typical. Listen Jung is by all means no saint. Many people see right through it. I wonder if Jung would appreciate the slogan ” No Dung. Keep Fullerton clean” put up around the city. Goes to show at least Cho is running an honest campaign.

          1. Reprisal quid pro quo is part of the modern political process. Trump is a symptom of a much larger problem. The GOP’s burn the boats mentality has created this dystopian hellscape of discourse. It is not surprising stakeholders in this city use their resources to “defend” their interests. Citizens United opened this can of worms. So you sound hypocritical if you don’t like a Republican Cho being targeted. Whine to your Republican kingmakers like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers about what is fair. Oh the irony that Republican Cho supporters cry foul because your Republican candidate is the one being muscled when Young Kim just took 3 million dollars from a dark money PAC. Cho lists Young Kim as an endorser. Cho also lists Jennifer Fitzgerald. She appears in social media photographs with him and wrote the press release announcing Cho’s campaign for council. Don’t cry about what is fair and not fair when your own candidate is now negative campaigning too. Bad Cho folks should do so much worse. Cho’s job is a bankruptcy lawyer not a “Fullerton parent”. The lies start early and they never stop. Buyer beware.

            1. At least Cho does have a job, what does Fred do. Take a drive by his house and you will see all his cars parked out on the street because his two Porsches are parked in the garage. I thought you were not allowed to park over night in the city. If people care about making the city better than let the two candidates hash it out on their own. Why do you have to work so hard to get the guy you want elected.

              So you can control him if he does get elected.

              1. OH MY GOD, THE GUY OWNS CARS!

                Seriously people? The best you can do is the guy sent to USC and he owns cars?

                What a joke. You deserve Fitzgerald.

                1. Owns so many extra cars he has to break the law and park them on the street at night.

                  I noticed you did not comment on what he actually does to earn a living.

                  Or on how much help he needs to be elected.

                  Also, I cant stand Fitzgerald. I would not trust her to take out my trash.

              2. Seems like you have a man crush buddy. Only jilted lovers know this much quasi-information on another person. Gettin a real Glenn Close Fatal Attraction vibe with this psycho. “Take a drive by his house”? You know what another person has in their garage too? Fullerton PD should get off their coffee break and be on the lookout for CHOAnon conspiracy theorists. Get a life!

                1. Love how you don’t answer the questions. Did not know you were so SOFT. Maybe all I have to do is look down the street to see it. Maybe i know more than you do about the person you are actually fighting for. Maybe you should just do a little homework.

                  You are sure good about bashing people, but cant defend what Fred does to earn a living.

                2. Time out boys! Such childish musings from all of you. We know what Mr. Jung does for a living. Mr. Cho’s mailer said Mr. Jung is a LA clothing salesman. I gather he’s a fairly successful one if he owns so many cars he is breaking laws parking them on the street. If he lives in an association, Fullerton parking laws do not apply. I live in one. I voted for Mr. Cho and wish Mr. Jung the best. I cannot vote for a man who is pro-abortion as Mr. Cho pointed out on his mailer. Life begins at conception.

                3. Life in Fullerton begins on November 3rd when Cho and Fitzgerald blow.

              3. Dirt on Cho? We all have heard the rumblings from Cho’s former clients who have been burned by his bad legal advice. He preys on Koreans who don’t have a command of the English language. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those testimonials were not part of coming October Surprise. Cho is not the godly family man he tries to make himself out to be. His tweets are racist and anti-Muslim. He is sexist and misogynistic. Guy’s a real piece of work behind closed doors. He will be expose.

                1. I hope it all comes out if it is true. I would love to actually hear from some of his clients rather than just rumblings that you all make up.

                  If Cho is so bad then lets get the facts out there so we know what is going on, so far you all are just talking with no facts.

                1. Please share your information about is obsession with Little K pop girls, Where do you get this incredible news.

                  I look forward to learning more about it. I know he has kids, one graduated from Sunny this past year.

                  please tell me more

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