More Nepotism at the Fullerton Police Department


We found an interesting aside to the Officer Brian Hagopian file that was released under SB1421. The file includes, as part of the investigation, a memo written from “Sergeart [Redacted]” talking about his wife, Officer [Redacted].

Rios Nepotism

We know from our previous writing on Officer Hagopian regarding his (still?) outstanding arrest warrant in Riverside county that he was in a relationship with one Miss Perez, the sister of one Officer Hazel (Perez) Rios.

Officer Hazel Rios, of the Patrol Division, is the wife of Lieutenant Tony Rios, of the Operation Division-Patrol.

I know police work can often be a family business but how is it not a conflict of interest having one’s spouse below you in the chain of command?

Tony Rios

Hazel Rios

Also, why is he writing a letter about an Officer Hagopian, who his sister-in-law is dating regarding text messages his wife was told about by her sister? As an officer shouldn’t Hazel Rios be the one writing this memo to remove a degree of separation at the very least?

What happens if Officer Rios does something out of policy? Does her Lieutenant Husband get a say? Or are we to believe that his co-workers will be tough and fair on their colleagues wife? What happens if Lieutenant Rios does something wrong? Do we expect his wife to report him? We have a hard enough time getting officers to penetrate the Blue Wall of Silence, let alone to do so against a spouse.

We have so many questions and predictably can expect zero answers in return.

17 Replies to “More Nepotism at the Fullerton Police Department”

  1. This is sick and twisted. I’m surprised it’s not completely illegal. It’s certainly unethical. Why does the council, the city manager and the police chief allow this?

  2. Just another example of how incompetent the Fullerton police department is
    And their soap opera operations
    City council ?? Another joke

  3. What I see is Latinos boosting Latinos. Previous illegals with Amnesty fri. The 80 s and 90s are now middle management in many goverment agencies and they are often the hiring authority. They are not hiring whites! Look around and you’ll see!

    1. Latino illegals? Are you judging strictly on the Latino last name? I grew up with officer Rios! Right here in the good ole middle class USA! Probably more red-blooded American than you!

  4. It would be interesting to see when the Culture of Nepotism began in the FPD. I suspect it was when Chief McPension was in control; not coincidentally exactly when the Culture of Corruption began. A coincidence? Nuh uh.

  5. There are much bigger problems in dtf than a small, new business passing out flyers for promotion.

    Slide bar operating without a licor permit? Wow! But that’s ok, because she’s friends with the owners! What a joke!

    Sevilla in lbc and riverside are ran by different promoters. Blaming the problems of one of the locations to a promoter just doesn’t make sense. Where is she getting her information from?

    And lastly, blaming a certain music genre for fights, is straight out ignorant.

  6. The Orange County Dept of Education runs the same way. A Director promoted his girlfriend, who didn’t meet the basic qualifications, for a managerial position, who in turn gives her friend a supervisor position and so on. Employee turn over was so bad in her dept. (bullying, yelling, threatening), but employees couldn’t complain because she was the director’s girlfriend (who btw, was also married). The superintendents just looked the other way. All the while this incompetent “manager” & her buddies are making 100k+ and will receive an excellent pension on the taxpayers dollar.

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