US Attorney General Sings Familiar Tune

We’re good guys. Or else…

A long-standing tradition of inveterate and knee-jerk police apologists here on FFFF is to suggest, with no subtlety at all, that they sure hope the cops or “fire fighters”come a callin’ when we are in need of them. Behind the hostility of the threat there lays a vague sense of entitlement that only a long-standing monopolist could love.

But is this the sort of talk that should be emanating from the mouth of America’s top cop, a lawyer who has sworn many times over to defend the Constitution? Apparently our AG William Barr thinks so. At a recent cop fest he uttered almost verbatim the same veiled threat to “communities” that don’t offer police their proper respect and deference.

Wow. It’s not enough for this bloated and corrupt sack of crap to turn looking the other way for his boss into a full-time job. He has now found it necessary to threaten citizens just like so many anonymous commenters on this blog.


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  1. Barr is acting like a mob boss, just like Trump. Lie and deny. I’m so disgusted with the leadership of our country and by a growing number of police officers and supervisors/chiefs. Unlike in economics, there is such a thing as a trickle-down effect by compromised ethics and morals by the President and law enforcement officials in positions of leadership. True damage is being done to our country that will take many years, many more years than Trump will be in office, to repair.

    1. And it started with police and firefight unions employing heavy handed tactics and criminal lawyers (Lackie, Dammierer and McGill — remember?) to extort unreasonable and unsustainable pay and benefits from the communities they allegedly swore to serve and protect.

  2. The fatal flaw found in snivel (civil) servants is their sense of entitlement as it solely rests in politicaI whim to privatize or not privatize their services. I do believe police should be respected because they are the only force that walks alone into the unknown. The angst arises when the word police is applied to the snivel servant thugs of Fullerton who wear police officer uniforms.

  3. Yes Mr. Cold … as for the ” compromised ethics and morals” we are facing in our nation …Rising police aggression can be a telling Indicator Of Our Societal Decline & historiacally common marker of failing civilizations.It’s time to face some uncomfortable ideas about the state of civilization in the United States. This country is no longer the beacon of freedom illuminating a better way for the world. Why not? Because it has ceased to be civilized.The recent cases of police brutality are simply a symptom of a much larger problem. Society in the US is breaking down, civility has been lost, and the country is rapidly becoming uncivilized. Solution: every time a police department loses an excessive force or wrongful death case and has to pay out money, that money should come from their local police union’s pension fund. And by law, these losses cannot be refilled with taxpayer funds and you can bet that with the incentive to train and behave properly and lawfully now resting with the police itself, rapid behavior and training modification would result.

  4. Trump and Barr hate liberals and hate cop haters. They have brought this country back to where it should be. I’m sure Barr is behind suing FFFF too. You know, just to make Tony Bushala pay the legal bills of FFFF because that way it’s a lose lose for FFFF in the end anyways LOL. Suckers.

  5. Police and Firefighter Unions = Organized Crime Syndicates

    They are racketeering organizations which defraud and harm communities and their citizensto advance their cause via extortion, bribery, espionage and violence.

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