I Believe I’ve Seen This Show Before

The view doesn’t get better…

Some poor dopes think that history repeats itself, and yet there are times when it’s hard to argue the point, as when the City Deciders of Fullerton wade out into the same quicksand again and again and again.

I’m referring to the tedious habit of entering into lame exclusive agreements for stupid projects involving public property – which are then renewed and extended year after dismal year. We’ve seen this sorry practice with the massively moronic massive Amerige Court/Commons/Whatever mess; and again with the Transportation Center Master development fiasco, both of which were kept on life support for years and years by a city staff and city council who just couldn’t admit a bad idea had somehow festered forth from City Hall.

Enhanced with genuine brick veneer!

The latest in the string is the unsolicited proposal for a “boutique” hotel in the train station parking lot, an idea so stupid that only our city council could embrace it. FFFF has posted about it twice.

The train of thought was weak but it sure was short…

First we noted that some sort of pressure or promise was made to Weakest Link Jesus Quirk Silva to get him to change his vote and approve an exclusive negotiating agreement with some guy calling himself Park West Contractors and Westpark Investors. That was a year ago.

Davis, meet Bacon…

And then a few weeks ago FFFF shared the story of local union goons popping up at some dog and pony show to promote the project.

I know who I work for, and it isn’t you!

Anyway, the year term of exclusivity given to Mr. Parkwest Westpark has come and gone and so naturally the City has decided to give him another year, rather than to actually put the property on the market for alternative ideas. The November 19 vote was 4-1 with Bruce Whitaker opposing. We also learned that Ms. Jan Flory, true to form, strongly backs this concept, which is pretty ironic, given her past support of time extensions to the “developer” given the exclusive right to negotiate on the Transportation Center cock-up, a plan whose key component is the site of the proposed boutique hotel.


7 Replies to “I Believe I’ve Seen This Show Before”

  1. Flory approved extensions for JMI for years, as did her pal Fitzpringle. Now suddenly that plan disappears and up pops Mr. Parwest Westpark with an unsolicited proposal. Sure would like to see if this guy is a Pringle client.

  2. ” the Transportation Center cock-up, a plan whose key component is the site of the proposed boutique hotel.”

    Haha, not waiting for an apology. Move on! Nothing to see. That was then. Hindsight is 20/20!

  3. You need money? Sell it to the highest bidder. Same thing for the abandoned park on Truslow.

    Instead they just give themselves more to screw up and ask us to approve the tax that’s coming.

  4. You know, this is the second time in I don’t know how many years that I’ve seen an appropriate application of the term “cock-up,” and both have been used to effect on this website. I think I need to acknowledge the possibility of some sort of trend, and start using this term more often.

  5. The award for best use of “cock up” goes to the wonderful lady who used it while speaking to our illustrious city council. Bonus points for adding mammoth as in “mammoth cock up”

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