Priorities, Priorities…

Gives us your money. Or else…

Today the Voice of OC has outlined Tuesday’s Fullerton City Council vote to give the Culture of Corruption a vote of confidence. That’s right, Friends the police department with the worst corruption record in Orange County is getting a general pay raise. A big one in fact.

One of these people is a tax and spender. So is the other…

First we get to hear the obligatory boohoo tale from our imbecile mayor, Jesus Silva about how a cop with a growing family just can’t afford to live with the paltry crumbs doled out by the taxpayers of Fullerton.

Play it again, Ken…

Then we get to hear from our $230,000 a year City Manager, Ken Domer, as he focuses his keen, analytical mind on the issue:

“We’re about 18th in pay, but we’re also the sixth largest city in Orange County. So our pay is clearly not where it should be,” Domer said.

Notice how this dull blade conflates city population with deserved cop pay? This is just insulting. Is he that stupid or just have that low opinion of our intelligence? And notice the language: “clearly not where it should be” as if perhaps his moronic formula is actually validated somewhere by a scale he just made up. No, Domer, what’s not where it should be is the monster salary we pay you not to be stupid – or at least not to say stupid things that end up in the media.

If anybody cares, the vote was 4-1 with Bruce Whitaker voting no. The rest, of course, went along for the ride, even though the City’s finances are so precarious Silva is promising a new tax on the ballot next year. And no doubt the cop union that is more interested in keeping dues paying members than in the well-being of our city will be backing it big time.

Thar’ she blows…

And as our decrepit roads and infrastructure deteriorate ever farther, they will be used by the cops and the bureaucrats to leverage more revenue from us. Revenue that will go right back into employee compensation for the people who brought us the bad roads in the first place, and who have cultivated and protected the FPD Culture of Corruption.


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  1. from the Voice of OC article: “Whitaker, the only Councilmember to criticize the move Tuesday night, said the city is trying to do more with less.”

    Exactly backwards. They’re doing less (fewer positions) with more (money). Yay.

  2. So by Dumber’s logic, Anaheim and Santa cops MUST be paid more than Fullerton’s. And Fullerton’s MUST be paid more than La Habra’s. And those of Los Angeles would be the highest paid of all. So where is this scale? Who created it? Who approved it? Or did Dumber just pull it out of his ass?

    I hope no one in Fullerton thinks this horse shit is anything but supremely stupid.

  3. So Fullerton’s pay should be higher than Newport Beach, just because our population is higher? I see why the public employee unions would want to make more money than the land of $300,000 lifeguards, but why is everyone else paying along?

      1. I thought people should read the actual source as your “article” sort of implies it is summarizing it. Well, yeah, kinda, in an extremely biased way, and leaves out many key facts. The Voice of OC outlines the many legitimate reasons for the increase, which is actually a pretty small increase and I doubt it will stop the bleeding. The level of experience of the average lowest level officer at Fullerton is less than 3 years. That is extremely concerning. Too many people will read the original post here and accept it without investigating the background (the Voice of OC article) further. I felt the Voice of OC article was well written and pretty even handed, and certainly had TONS more information that was outlined here.

        It’s your blog, you have an agenda, it’s your First Amendment right to post selective facts as you see fit. I’m a “big picture” kind of guy and wanted others to also see the big picture. The statistics tell a better story.

        1. “The level of experience of the average lowest level officer at Fullerton is less than 3 years.”

          The level of experience of the average lowest level officer SHOULD be three years.

          That’s why it’s the lowest level. It’s also why it’s the average.

          I sure as shit don’t want a cop on the beat that couldn’t get one promotion after five years.

          1. The average officer with three years experience barely knows how to wipe his butt but thinks he knows everything. That causes problems and costs the city money.

            1. Cops don’t do the job as long anymore. It’s not worth it for them, and the money isn’t worth it for sure. Almost all Cops are retiring at 50 now if eligible. Many new cops get on the job and realize, F this, and go do something else. Most PD’s have a ton of very young cops now. It’s a policing crisis and will get worse. The job isn’t worth it anymore.

            2. Doesn’t say much for the average IQ and ability of officers if they can’t become acceptably proficient in three years.

              1. No kidding. So what’s the “academy” for, learning how to march around a JC football field behind a company banner?

    1. Let them leave. They’re not special and there will be a long line of applicants to replace them. In fact, given the dark history of the department and it’s incompetent leadership, the city and its residents may actually end up better off by tell the “heroes” NO!

  4. I thought with all the pull that FFFF claims they have, and all the people they claim listen to them, they would be able to stop this raise from happening. Again. Hmmmmm I guess everyone really does laugh at FFFF. LOL Clowns.

        1. You would claim that making crap up is cops winning.

          Fits right into taking a shit in the pool and laughing at everyone else.

  5. Fullerton PD not being able to hire individuals of character who have no agenda other than to uphold the laws, protect and serve is not the community’s problem. FPD continues to hire and keep corrupt individuals , sexual predators, goons and thugs that have to be constantly reassigned and sent to other departments. The Fullerton community isnt losing upstanding police officers to other cities/ departments because of low pay. We are losing police officers and higher ups to corrupt and criminal behavior . And, instead of firing them just sending them to other departments to continue the behavior. FPD is a circus of a police department that hasn’t hired and employed quality officers of character in years. Maybe FFFF needs to remind the community ONCE AGAIN the laundry list of FPD officers we’ve “lost” , been put on leave, reassigned , etc. before the corrupt City officials start giving these pay increases to the poor and deprived FPD officers who are barely surviving and making it. Clearly being paid over $200,000 like the sexual predator Officer Paez was earning isn’t enough for our cities “ best”. FFFF please provide the long list of thugs…. errrr FPD officers “who’ve left” and their peanut earnings. Also, instead of worrying about pay increases how about our corrupt City Officials t first take care of the growing out of control homeless problem, drugs/ drug dealers running loose in our city, the third world country roads we are driving on in some of the highest property valued zip codes in Fullerton and soooooooo much more. Reminder to Mayor and his cronie goons in city hall. Giving the streets a fresh coat of white/ yellow lines is NOT fixing our roads. The roads are STILL broken, full of potholes, and look shittier than ever. Putting lipstick on a pig….. kind of like what we would be doing giving the FPD officers pay increases.

    1. Hmmmm.

      What a coincidence. Last Thursday I was driving past the intersection of Brea Blvd and Lemon Blvd/Marion Blvd and saw the newly painted crosswalk. Newly painted over badly pot holed pavement. The exact same phrase came to mind: “Lipstick on a pig”. But it WAS a very nicely painted crosswalk.

      Today I drove past the same intersection and the city had REPAVED over the 6 day old painted crosswalk. Now don’t get me wrong, the the north side of the intersection badly needed repair, but couldn’t Public Works have somehow figured out that the new paving should be done first, before painting the crosswalk?

      What’s interesting, and I’m sure completely coincidental, is this intersection is 1 block from Jan Flory’s house. An intersection she likely drives through every time she leaves her house. One of these days I’m going to drive past Jan’s house to see if the disintegrating street in front of her house has also been repaired.

      It’s fascinating that with all the street repair needed in Fullerton, the city has decided that now is the time to spend money to repaint the disintegrating streets, as I’m seeing new striping all over town.

      Note to Public Works: Repair first, paint second.

      1. “…but couldn’t Public Works have somehow figured out that the new paving should be done first, before painting the crosswalk?”


        1. Why get paid to paint once when you can paint twice?

          Also, Flory wants the city buy the slope at that intersection. Might take the cake concerning stupidity originating from her family, but her son threatening a kid is pretty hard to beat.

      2. Yes, saw the same thing! Doug Chaffee probably didn’t like the bumpy drive up to his home on top of that hill ! Too bad he couldn’t get that whole neighborhoods streets repaved ….. I guess that tiny little fixed patch will do?!! Lipstick on a pig people!

  6. LOL!

    Mayor Jesus doesn’t know how many of the cops who have left did so under cover of darkness ’cause they got caught doing SOMETHING ILLEGAL!

    If the cops want to cry, let’s start by finding out how many of our “best and brightest” quit before they were fired.

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