8 Replies to “Fun Friday”

  1. Thanks for the rogue’s gallery JFD. I see you there F. Paul Dudley, the guy who GAVE the Floretine’s a public sidewalk after they illegally built on it.

  2. Ah, the favorite pastimes of men raised by strong women.

    Horse racing, cigars, whiskey, and dick pics to family members.

  3. she should, but unfortunately, he is already here, and we can send him back.
    anyways this guy is a mess.
    no too mention all the financial problems he faced in the past, such as Bankruptcy, he filed on 2013 chapter 13 because he can not even repay the money that he already spent. Case number 1326157 in Riverside Central.
    Also, the UCC fillings under his name. according to public records, He was the debtor for, SUNGEVITY USB RESIDENTIAL 2010 LLC. 137345843917, the taken away here, is : “That it doesn’t even matter if you are a professional and work for the DA. By the other hand, there are poor people that makes only minimum wage and they are more responsables than the DA, guys. Because I know many low income people that has up to 3 jobs to pay for what they spend. but this is not the case here. Even his mommy, couldn’t pay for his son bills, instead he found a legal way to get away and do not pay for what he eat or used. No wonder why he got divorced. No finances, No Romance.

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