Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned…

Dueling Incompetence

Fullerton’s City Council, on the other hand reminds me of Porch Boy from Deliverance: good at one thing and, well, everything else? Not so much.

Our council’s skill-set is entirely focused on hiding screw-ups – from auto crashes to mismanaged construction progress to a breathtaking budgetary neglect that can only be discussed by lying about it.

At the heart of the matter is a council that is just incompetent, and worse, refuses to hold anybody accountable for their expensive errors. But the one thing that can be relied upon: no one will ever admit mistake.

The bars stayed open and the band played on…

If you had any doubts on the matter, simply refer yourselves to the silly charade of picking a council replacement. The fix was in from the beginning. There was zero chance anybody but the egregious Jan Flory would be chosen, despite other applicants who had actual ability. Why? Because Flory was already complicit in all of Fullerton’s misadventures that have led to an an FPD Culture of Corruption, an out of control booze riot downtown, a near empty treasury and the worst roads in Orange County; and if anybody was willing to stay the course, lie about a balanced budget, blame the stingy taxpayers for the state of the roads, and prop up clearly useless and grossly overpaid city manager and city attorney it was her.

But the people that have made a mess out of Fullerton are running out of options, especially pension options, when the State pension board decides to lower its actuarial assumptions again. And then the gravy train will run out of gas. And who will be asked to fill ‘er up? That’s right you and me.


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  1. Good Ol Captain Al Burks giving Flory the FST’s. This is when employees would drink on the city dime so “officers” can practice FST’s…..You know, Capt Burks son in law is Kevin Hamilton. Name sound familiar? It should-he worked at FPD and later became captain then acting Chief… They use to call him “the bone.” I’ll give you one hint what that means and it’s between two adults and the female gets promoted/or special detail after… lol
    This might be the picture that captured the start of nepotism??

    1. Hey Corky,
      When you get done talking about the old days at Fullerton PD could you grab your broom and head out to the floor?
      There is a clean up needed on aisle nine.

      1. Yes, Corky, there is a clean up needed on aisle nine. That is exactly where Flory is. Please make sure to pick up that shit, and take the trash out.

    2. Hey guys, talking about old shit, does anyone knows what happen with the law suit of Ramos and Cici. The law suit against Fullerton, in which Ramos and Cincineli want their jobs back at the FPD?

      1. Ramos’ case got “thrown out,” Wolfe and Cici won their cases and are in settlement talks with the city. They will never get their jobs back, it’s a negotiating tactic(nor do they want the job).

  2. “I accelerated spending on our roads!”

    “Our fiscal situation is excellent!”

    “While other cities in Orange County are trying to raise sales taxes to prevent insolvency, in Fullerton our budget is balanced!”

    Name the sitting councilmember who made each statement. Here’s a hint, they’re the same people who bemoan our roads being the worst in Orange County like it’s a surprise.

    Liars, fiddlers, and thieves.

  3. Why the focus on Flory? She is old news and will come/go in the blink of an eye.

    I think, more importantly, that some focus be given to the new blood both on and angling for political influence.

    Jesus, as the second half of orange counties ‘power couple’ would be good fodder. From my perspective he seems in way over his head. It’s painful to watch him preside over the council.

    Ahmad, of course, will continue to entertain. There appears to be some similarities between him and the social democrats at the national level.

    I don’t see any conservative leaning local talent emerging…….

    1. Poor guy took a fat paycheck to take the helm of a sinking ship. He’s got plenty of spare time.

  4. This angle is certainly true. But what is missing is the fact that Fitzgerald had Flory completely bamboozled into doing whatever Fitz wanted. She needs Flory’s support for her scam operation, especially now that the senile Chaffee is gone.

    Silva is generally going along because he so dumb. The new guy doesn’t realize it yet, but he is making himself irrelevant. Now that Flory is on, Fitzgerald will only use him as a prop in her little play.

  5. Nothing about tonights meeting? Surprised there is no interest in the virtue signaling that will occur tonight vis a vis flying the LGBTQ flag.

    Should be good entertainment.

    1. It’s a done deal.

      Fitzgerald is the only person who would care, and now she has to suck up to her new BFF.

      1. Of course but watching folk show how virtuous and good (better than most everyone) they are is worth a gander.

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