Transparency 101

As many Friends now know, the City of Fullerton has decided to move on from bullying language to actually sue FFFF. Here’s a summation from The Voice of OC.

Ken Domer
Domer. So much less there than meets the eye.

The City has also posted a ponderous press release on its website, written in the high dudgeon of a bureaucrat whom you suspect already realizes that diverting attention from his own bungling by blaming somebody else, may be harder to pull off than he had hoped. Here’s our $230,000 per year City Manager Ken Domer trying desperately to seize some sort of high moral ground:

“The City was forced into taking legal action to protect the privacy of current and former employees and the public, and to ensure compliance with applicable law to include the California Public Records Act,” stated Fullerton City Manager, Ken Domer. “We are working aggressively on behalf of those affected and took immediate actions to put in place a more secure information technology environment. These actions support our philosophy of transparent access to information while protecting confidential information from the unethical and illegal actions of a few.”

Now I don’t know about you, Friends, but I find the words “unethical” and “illegal” to be pretty funny tumbling out of the mouth of Domer, whose only aim in his short tenure in Fullerton seems to have been to fight a rear-guard action against transparency. Domer’s self-righteous indignation is comical coming from the lackey of serial liars on the City Council – people like Jan Flory who is, and always has been, dangerously allergic to the truth; like Jennifer Fitzgerald who has not yet seen an ethical barrier she couldn’t sidestep; and like Doug “Bud” Chaffee who was complicit in his wife’s phony carpetbagging address and stealing campaign signs she didn’t like.

The budget is balanced and the cops are tip-top. Or else.

We need only reflect on the way the City has bent over backwards to cover-up the scandal of Wild Ride Joe Felz to know that what Domer is peddling about is utter bullshit.

And as further proof (if we needed any), let us pause for a moment to consider the following snippet from Domer’s press release:

Based on evidence uncovered in our internal investigation and direction from the City Council, the City Attorney’s Office has now filed a complaint in Superior Court seeking a temporary restraining order against the involved Blog and its contributors.

Say what? Direction from the City Council? When O’ when did that ever occur? The issue of whether or not to take FFFF to court has never been publicly agendized and never voted on by the City Council. The subject has never been discussed by our marble-mouthed City Attorney, Dick Jones reporting out of Closed Session.

Domer says he has a “philosophy” of transparent access to information. His actions give us a crystal-clear view of what that philosophy really is: stall, hide, deceive, misrepresent, and ass-cover.


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  1. I never thought much of you or your blog until this issue. I wish you well. The law is on your side. Keep up the good work and fight the good fight.

    1. I know. Even an idiot savant has some savant. Domer is just an empty banana skin making a quarter mil a year.

  2. I don’t see what the big deal is. According to this City’s press release that I piblished verbatim, the request to go through each and every computer owned by each defendant for the last 35 years was narrowly tailored to protect their first amendment rights.

    1. “…was narrowly tailored to protect their first amendment rights.”

      “Their”, as in the City, or “Their”, as in everyone else? I assume you mean the former.

  3. According to Attorney of Furguson “the city provided Ferguson with a link to the Dropbox account during a records request and was provided a password “….
    Was action on the city’s part against protocol? was it a special favor?
    Was there any special instructions given in regards to how to access the account?
    Could the link be shared with the general public? If not wouldn’t the documents also be classified?

    1. These are all great questions to ask the City Attorney, since they’re the ones prosecuting this case and have the burden of proof. And since they’re the ones writing checks that the taxpayers will have to cash when this all blows up in their face.

      Try this email:

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