Friends for Ferguson Family’s Future

Many of you have asked how to help our named bloggers sued by the City of Fullerton for doing nothing more than telling the truth. In addition to being absurd, the City of Fullerton also decided to be cruel and named one of our blogger’s employers in their ridiculous lawsuit without cause or merit, which resulted in said blogger’s unemployment. It’s likely the city’s onslaught will continue for months if not years.

The First Amendment exists to prevent this exact occurrence: Government using its considerable resources to destroy the life of individuals who criticize those in power. Here we are in 2019 watching it happen. Joshua Ferguson and his wife have three children. As a result of the city refusing to accept responsibility for its actions and instead accusing Ferguson of being a criminal; rent payments, Christmas, and the basic necessities of life are all under serious duress.

Fellow Fullerton Friend and Fullerton Parks and Recreation Commissioner Erik Wehn established a fundraising page for Joshua Ferguson this morning. We encourage all of you who value speaking truth to power and our fundamental American liberties to donate to the Ferguson cause. I don’t have to tell those of you who know this particular family that the Fergusons value their own hard work and being put in a position to accept charity is extremely difficult, but desperate times call for corresponding measures.

Joshua Ferguson has taken on corruption in the city of Fullerton and needs your help!

Last week Joshua Ferguson announced he had filed suit to get access to documents Fullerton is legally required to produce (thanks to CA Senate Bill 1421) concerning police lying, cheating, stealing, molesting, and beating of people. Guess what he received a week later as a direct consequence of standing up to the entrenched and belligerent interests at city hall? A retaliatory, anti-First Amendment lawsuit including Joshua and his employer, who had no involvement in what the suit alleges.

Not wanting to cause harm to his employer of ten years, Joshua resigned.

Now Joshua has a very expensive fight ahead of him and a family to feed.

Out of concern for his family, Joshua hesitated to take this fight on, but he wants his three kids to learn to stand up for what’s right, no matter the risk.

Now it’s our turn to do our part, uphold that principle, and remind others that if you fight the good fight you won’t be alone.

Please consider donating what you can to help Joshua fight the culture of corruption in Fullerton.

Erik Wehn

We often take for granted the cost of defending our right to free speech. It’s hard to miss the young men and women fighting for our country, but it’s easy to miss the patriot at the podium during a town council meeting who gets abused by the state for exercising a fundamental right.

Not all of us are brave enough to stake a personal cost in the fight for freedom. Joshua’s wife and three kids will personally bear this burden for us, the very least we can do is lighten the load.

Donate, help Ferguson fight back, and share widely.

60 Replies to “Friends for Ferguson Family’s Future”

  1. I am glad to see Joshua standing for what is right and seeking to get the facts! Unfortunately our beautiful city seems to be mismanaged have the worst road conditions in the county! Time that politicians be held accountable!

  2. “The First Amendment is first for a reason. Second Amendment is just in case the First one doesn’t work out.”
    Dave Chappelle

  3. Fullerton = Orange County’s Chicago
    Where politicians and public employee unions make the rules, break the laws and crush anyone who dares to call bullshit on their antics.

    The Dark cannot abide the Light for the Light kills the Darkness. Fullerton is a dark city filled run by politicians and employees with dark souls, hollow minds and cold, selfish hearts.

  4. Lower court usually rule many cases wrong , until you follow up and go to the appeal court!.
    In lower court cases many people get discourage and end every there.
    Lower court decision are like nothing , like publish a case in a cheap newspaper.
    It’s like the Police reports they do nothing until you follow up , same thing in court, so don’t get discouraged. Appeal your case dude.

    1. Yes, they did. Apparently, he used the computers at work. The city pressed charges against his fellow co-workers, knowing that they had nothing to do with the case. However, I’m betting they did so in order to pressure the business into giving them full access to all of their digital files. In the meanwhile, the city attorney gets more billable hours. That’s just a super creepy move, like what you’d imagine they’d do in a dictatorship. Which, I guess… if the shoe fits, since the city council approved the lawsuit.

      1. I would say these bloggers should each get two attorneys. The first for the civil and the second more important for the criminal case which is sure to come I want to remind all that this a federal court case in which the judge is likely to refer to federal prosecutor. Sweet dreams

        1. Hey Joshua Your going to jail and likely when you get out you’ll never work in anything requiring a computer ever again. Stupid!!!

        1. It’s not computer fraud, some city employee(s) did not know how to do their job correctly and exposed files. The height of “IT” stupidity.

    2. Ferguson’s employers were not named in the suit. His co-worker was named because Ferguson downloaded documents through the coworker’s drop box. Co-worker has since been dismissed. And Ferguson is unemployed because he quit his job. He was not fired.

    1. Yes, Karma is a bitch.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think the taxpayer did anything bad enough to justify the shit dumping they’re gonna have to pay for.

      1. And if Ferguson loses, do we still blame the city for the costs, or will someone associated with this blog step up and take responsibility for what they post?

        1. You mean the sort of responsibility the FPOA took when when we had tp pay Ron Thomas millions of dollars? You mean like the time FPOA ponied up because their pervy member Albert Rincon molested women in his patrol car? That kind of responsibility? Or like the responsibility the City took for building a pile of crappy firewood in Hillcrest Park and calling it the Pinewood Stairs.

          Little help?

          1. The City has been paying and continues to pay its dues. In some cases justly, in some cases not. EVERYONE responsible is going to pay one way or the other. deflecting and pointing fingers isn’t going to change that.

        2. Dude just lost a job. Pretty sure that’s him paying the cost you brainless hack.

          That’s the problem with you people. You don’t think. You just see the people on the side of the line you don’t like and throw everything about the issue to the sideline. Your team is what matters and they can do no wrong.

          1. Yes, and no City employee committing malfeasance will ever lose their job. That would set a horrible precedent.

            1. “Both ways”

              You mean the corruption and incompetence of Dumb and Dumber, the crooked Fitzgerald and the drunk Flory vs. law-abiding and diligent citizens?

              Yeah, false comparison. This isn’t he said she said. This is good vs. entrenched corruption.

          2. Actually, he didn’t “lose” anything. He QUIT. There’s HUGE difference between being fired from a job. and quitting.

        3. No, you blame the city for pressing a frivolous lawsuit, since they were the ones who provided the password to him in order to access public records. You blame them for being stupid enough to put things on a Dropbox File, when in reality, I’m sure North Korea, China, and Russia have been going through them for ages.

            1. Actually, a better analogy would be if Person A physically handed the keys to Person B and said “Why don’t you take her for a spin” and then when Person B returned the car Person A claimed he stole the car and went on an unauthorized joyride.

              1. I like that. here’s another one: the owner of a cornfield invites you to wander around; then somehow claims that you are tresspassing when you move into some unmarked row of corn. Suddenly you are an unethical thief (at least that’s what Domer says, and he should know – he pulls down $230,000 a year plus massive benefits to toady to Fitzflory as they Fuck Up Fuillerton).

        4. Oh but the sleepless nights josh friends and family will endure is well worth it and the beautiful thing is josh and friends broke the law and they knew it

    1. They can push all they want. The taxpayers are going to lose because of a crooked and incompetent cop department. Again.

  5. So let’s get this straight. He is suing the city for not getting information that he wanted, but yet the city turns around and gives him a password to sensitive information. I’m all for the truth and actually appreciate some of the work of this blog, but if Josh did something illegal to get the info that he published that will forever take away the credible work that is done to expose issues in the city. He is no better than those he accuses if the claims of the city are in fact true., that would just be sad. Additionally, how is this city ever going to bring on good and honest employees when they see how the community can go after city employees based on a hunch or rumors. I think we all need to think about how we are going to recruit and hold on to good staff. We have had amazing employees leave our city simply because of the environment. This doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye, it just maybe gives us something to think about. Josh I hope none of this is accurate but if it is you will have seriously let all of us down. Something tells me you should expect lawsuits from the ex-employees who’s personal information was posted. That just wasn’t a wise move. You know a lot about the city and you know employee records and information are off-limits. We fight hard when we feel the city is spending money on BS stuff, but this one has potential to be huge. I’m sure the ex-employees ate preparing their lawsuits against you and the city. I hate to see this destroy you financially, but sometimes lines get crossed and you may have done just that. I certainly hope not though.

    1. “…We fight hard when we feel the city is spending money on BS stuff, ”

      We? You and the mouse in your pocket? Fuck off.

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