Cicinelli Got $1K to Hide Out in Arizona

Back in 2012, after Fullerton Officers beat Kelly Thomas to death. In the aftermath, that is still ongoing today as former Officers Cicinelli and Wolfe continue to fight their terminations, the Cicinelli family asked for close to $1k in order to hide out in his parent’s house in Arizona.


Cincinelli Living Expenses


“We have recently been asked by one of our police officers involved in
the Kelly Thomas incident if the possibility still exists for
reimbursement of extra living expenses incurred in August following the
publication of their home addresses on a local blog.  I believe I had
conversations with Alan about this expense being reimbursable under this
policy.  As I recalled, our discussion was that certain expenses would
be allowable if they met the “reasonableness” test and clearly were
additional living expenses.
At the time, none of the officers asked for reimbursement.  We now have
one indicating that he did incur additional expenses in the weeks
following the publication of his home address when he relocated his
family.  He originally was inclined to not seek reimbursement, but now
wishes to do so.
Please advise whether you are in a position to consider such a claim
and, if so, what you will need to review to evaluate whether any
expenses are reimburseable.”
This request was received by Human Resources Director Gretchen Beatty, who we figured should have laughed it off, and then paid out to Cicinelli.
Cincinelli Living Expenses Approved
“We will reimburse the expense.  Can you just confirm that the amount being sought is 969.31 and the check should be made payable to Jay Cincinelli and mailed to [redacted].”
The excuse was that somebody doxed Cicinelli but the truth is that somebody ran a public Google search and posted comments around the internet of information readily found on said internet. Hardly an excuse to shell out more money to a guy who just smashed somebody’s face in.
Or as one City Staffer put it:
Jason Rosanne
“Maybe he should have thought about all this before he beat a man to death…..”

21 Replies to “Cicinelli Got $1K to Hide Out in Arizona”

  1. The sigline on this email from the city should be: “We’re losers.”
    Yes, you’re right. We never should have hired this guy. Or the others. Actually, a lot of others. The saga continues.

  2. Under Felz, none of these emails would have never been made public. But under Domer, this email and many more have been released in compliance with the records request. This is teammates, albeit severely delayed. Keep digging, there is much much more to be learned.

  3. He never relocated, I saw him while he was out on bail living around the corner from my house at what I believe was his Aunts place. I lived at 917 N Ford at the time. It was only a block away. I kept it quiet because there were kids living at the house. He was outside washing his jet ski. We had an awkward moment when I tooted him and stopped to take a 2nd look.

    1. Do you know if that officer still lives at that location. Have you heard any thing further about him?…Thank You..curious as to what these two murderers are up to these days…

  4. Just wait till he walks away with millions from the current law suit he will win from the city!!! The city screwed up and should have never fired him. At least he will be a millionaire!!

    1. Gennaco feels differently.

      Anyone who laughs about beating a person’s face in with a taser does not belong on the street, let alone wearing a badge.

      This is straight up basic common sense. Anyone advocating anything else has serious, and I mean serious, moral defects.

    2. He should get exactly $0.00. What he did was wrong and inexcusible. He murdered someone. Furthermore, even the Fullerton PD’s own medical standards state that he should have NEVER been hired in the first place. He only had one working eye. That alone is a medical disqualification! How did he ever get hired in the first place???

  5. Wow 8 years later and this Is the great reporting! FFFF is like Al Bundy always talking about scoring 4 touchdowns that one time in high school KT is so 2011! It’s time to move
    on FFFF. Ron Thomas sure has! So where is that homeless shelter located that Ron Thomas said he was going to build? Exactly!!!!

    1. Personally, I’ll be happy when every crooked, lying, abusive, thieving, perverted FPD cop has been exposed – from top to bottom.

      Then we’ll have to replace them all with the next batch.

    2. ” It’s time to move on FFFF.”
      You DO realize that if we don’t REMEMBER history…we will be doomed to REPEAT it, right? Or have you forgotten that already?

  6. I searched for Kelly Thomas death after watching George Floyd death. These are some killer cops that are trained to kill. Both Floyd and Kelly cooperated before their murdered. I believe that these killings are also hate crimes. Rest in Peace: Kelly Thomas and George Floyd.

    1. You are right. But, Kelly Thomas lived in Orange County, it was ok. Trying to get justice against the police in Orange County…well…let’s just say it’s easier for a camel to get thru the eye of a needle! That entire jury at the trial decided from the word go that they were going to let those pigs off scot free!

  7. It’s been nine years and counting, and it seems most, if not all PDs are hiring narcissistic drones, fresh out of the military or just out of an online course, where they finally received their Good Enough Diploma!

    I can’t help but think of a Recruiting Sergeant’s line from a movie I saw, when young recruits are in line ready to join the Mobile Infantry: “Fresh meat for the grinder, eh?”

    That, I believe, is the mentality of all PD’s everywhere… they don’t need leaders — they just need drones who can do everything and anything to bring revenue to their department.

    These are Indoctrinated Revenue Collectors. And MANY of them, come in to the police force with a MAJOR chip on their shoulder, with something to prove; which likely stems from being picked on as a kid, about your wandering eye, and not knowing how to stand up for yourself, whether it be intellectually, or physically.

    This is Badge Power.

    Weak-minded individuals should NOT have this kind of advantage over civilians… however, these PD’s DGAF about civilians or our rights as civilians.

    You wannabe LEOs have got another thing coming! People are finally educating themselves with our Constitutional Rights!

    With the increasing takeover of personal video recorders; we’ve come a LONG way from Rodney King, so you MFs better hold yourselves accountable from now on… or we’re going to gladly do it for you!

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