Bob Dunn – Killing of Kelly Thomas a “deep wound” – to the Fullerton Police Department

You have got to be kidding me.

Friday’s edition of the Orange County Register has a puff piece on how much progress Fullerton’s Police Department made in dealing with the homeless population. I can’t comment on the quality of the article, however, because I was unable to make it past this quote from Bob Dunn in the very first paragraph:

“Eight years have passed since the fatal beating of a homeless, schizophrenic Kelly Thomas by Fullerton police, but the tragedy remains a “deep wound” in the department’s psyche, says the city’s new police chief.”

Since our Police Chief is apparently unfamiliar with the meaning of the word “perspective”, allow me to provide some.

Kelly Thomas was a troubled individual, but he was a human being, and on July 5, 2011 he was essentially tortured to death in full view of hundreds of witnesses, all while apologizing and begging for his father. THAT is tragedy of Kelly Thomas, not the psychic boo boos the Police Department may have suffered.

Some things never change.

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  1. Yah, Saavedra was a decent reporter at one time. This chickenshit narrative is nauseating.

    The swine haven’t murdered a sick, homeless man in 8 years! Hallelujah!

    Yet, in the meantime a hundred cop crimes against the people of Fullerton have been whitewashed whenever legally possible.

    Dunn was the apologist for Anaheim PD murders. Now he belongs to us.

  2. Aw. The FPD is the real victim with it’s terrible “wound.”

    And what caused this alleged wound? The fact that they got caught? The fact that they had to sacrifice three of their porcine brothers? The fact that they got a world-wide bad bad rap?

    I think they should all get another raise and a big attaboy!

  3. Listen you losers! First, find a life and live it. 2nd. Shut the f#$k up until you give Chief Dunn his due opportunity to make the FPD a better department for all of us. He has made many changes internally that have brought a new vitality to this beleaguered department.

    Likely most of you have issues with your interaction with FPD because you’ve done something wrong… Get over it. Be a better person…

    BTW, if you think you can do a better job, go for it!!

    Tired of all you trash talker that don’t do shit – but spew your hyperbole.

    1. Hey, look! Cop troll at 7:39AM with simpleton insults and threats.

      Who wins the poll for predicting when idiocy arrived this time? I had “Next time call a drug dealer when you need help” at 10:00.

    2. “He has made many changes internally that have brought a new vitality to this beleaguered department.”

      Oddly enough, that’s what Chief Danny Boy said. And yet nothing ever really changes.

    3. Thank you. fair point. most of the Bully cops seem to have left the department by now. Not sure about the misconduct within the department thought. The biggest morale depressors now seem to be over dissatisfaction with pay which is less than other departments but seems like quite a bit when you consider the paycheck can double after adding up other factors such as overtime working the dui checkpoints,

    4. Typical Hero diversion. Hughes was a reformer. The last drunk pugilist was a reformer. Dunn is a reformer. And yet nothing ever gets reformed. Not even the verbal gas changes.

      When the perjury, theft, battery, pick-pocketry, sex assault, sexcapades, and tom-peepery stop get back to us.

  4. Curious to know what you consider hyperbole. Was it the outrageous comment that Kelly Thomas was a human being? Perhaps it was the reckless and over the top notion that the pain Kelly Thomas suffered at the hands of those FPD officers was somehow more significant than what the officers have suffered? Perish the thought. However could I have been so thoughtless. Here, let me give you a free parking spot by City Hall for a month, Hero.

  5. So the only hyperbole in my article is something that is not even remotely close to anything that I actually wrote. Which means you clearly don’t know what the word “hyperbole” even means. Also pretty clear you don’t know what the word “projection” means.

  6. This is off topic….but….how does one go about reviewing current CUPs on any business/address? I can’t find anything online. I’m sure someone here can point me in the right direction. Thank you.

    Sorry for being off topic.

  7. Please do an article on Ron Thomas and all the good will and work toward homelessness that he has done with the millions he received! He said he was going on to open shelters and donate towards mental health, please let us know how that is going? That would really make all of us feel really good to know that he is such a good man and a man of his word and that he really cares about his son Kelly! Thank you!

  8. It was common knowledge that Ron hadn’t seen Kelly in like 10 years prior to July 5, 2011. Wanted nothing to do with the kid. Then all of a sudden, he is the self appointed World’s Greatest Dad after Kelly’s death. He is also on record as saying he as never going to settle out of court because he wanted to see the cops who murdered his son take the stand in the civil trial. Then somebody said something about $4.9 million, and for some reason, Ron changed his mind.

  9. Ron Thomas is a shitbag. Fullerton made him rich because their corrupt police murdered his son. Good job, FPD.

  10. Word is Ron Thomas bailed on SoCal and is living la dolce vita in Arizona on the River. And we paid for it.

    And NO justice for Kelly. Just ice for Ron. See what I did there?

    1. Change for Justice… Kelly standing up to bully’s caused not just city “spare change” but good change to happen.

  11. It wasn’t a wound, it was anger – at being exposed. And any injury was self-inflicted. The cops NEVER EVEN MADE A PUBLIC APOLOGY. Of course not Hero = Deserve. Even if hero is Criminal.

  12. Late to the comments but up on the narrative. Who, if any, are the top investigative reports in OC? Are they all afraid of Fullerton’s retaliation? Asking for a friend (aren’t we all)

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