Gas Tax Trough Slurpers Support Newman

It’s just a few cents a gallon. Suck it up!

A Friend just forwarded me a press release from Josh Newman’s campaign to get back his old job – the one he got recalled from after gas taxing his constituents, rich and poor alike, in order to support the State’s featherbedded transportation bureaucracy and infrastructure lobbyists.

The gas tax was nothing other than a free-up of state resources to help support the ridiculous High Speed Rail boondoggle that has made Californias a laughing stock.

And right on cue, these same special interests have rewarded Newman with their endorsements.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — In another indication of his wide-ranging support from working men and women in the rematch race to represent California’s 29th State Senate District, today U.S. Army veteran, businessman and former State Senator Josh Newman secured endorsements from Ironworkers Local 433 and the Professional Engineers in California Government.

Both unions released statements following the announced endorsements:

“Courage, integrity and doing the right thing matters. That’s why we’re pleased to give Josh Newman our enthusiastic support in his 2020 rematch campaign. Josh is a political rarity – in the face of adversity – he bravely stood up for the people and did the right thing time and again. We know Josh will be a fierce and outspoken leader for working families and a pro-middle class agenda in the State Senate. We look forward to helping him win this race.”
-Ironworkers Local 433 Business Agent Paul Moreno

“The Professional Engineers in California Government (PECG) is pleased to announce our endorsement of Josh Newman for State Senate District 29. Josh has worked to create and protect good-paying jobs; invest in infrastructure, and education; safeguard collective bargaining, organizing in the workplace and retirement benefits; expand access to healthcare; and all the while, grow and strengthen our middle-class economy. We support Josh Newman for Senate because we support fierce defenders of our working families.”
-Professional Engineers in California Government President Cathrina Barros

The signal is loud and clear: Newman supports bureaucrats and boondoggles above the public – so much so that he was and will be willing to load the burden of regressive taxes on the very constituents the liberal Democrats are always bleating so loudly about – poor minority folks.


48 Replies to “Gas Tax Trough Slurpers Support Newman”

  1. Courage and integrity?

    How about tone-deaf party lackydom. I voted for newman because I though Suckee was going to be a Deleon stooge. Guess it didn’t really matter after all.

  2. Newman stole a few hundred dollars a year from my family with that stupid gas tax, and the roads are still shitty. He is a fraud and a liar.

    1. “and the roads are still shitty”

      The road work is being done. How do you think this works?

      1. And up goes the cost of fuel, transporting fuel, transporting food, etc. all of which hurts poor people the most. Or don’t you care about the downtrodden. Some lefty you are.

        1. You’re ignoring that there are opportunity costs to not doing the infrastructure improvements. If we lose industry / jobs because the roads suck, that impacts workers. And damaging commercial vehicles goes into the price of goods. Damaging consumer vehicles results in repair expense.

          Meanwhile increasing the price of burning fossil fuels is beneficial to air quality and addressing climate change. Whatever you tax, you get less of.

          And any way you look at it, Josh Newman voted for the gas tax, but ultimately so did all of California since the ballot initiative failed.

              1. That’s exactly what did it in. plus union money pouring in ti keep union workers on the payroll. Never mind the boondoggles, waste and the outright fraud of HSR.

                1. “That’s exactly what did it in.”

                  That’s a crock of shit. Here’s the ballot info:

                  “Eliminates Recently Enacted Road Repair and Transportation Funding by Repealing Revenues Dedicated for those Purposes. Requires any Measure to Enact Certain Vehicle Fuel Taxes and Vehicle Fees be Submitted to and Approved by the Electorate. Initiative Constitutional Amendment”

                  The ballot summary:
                  “Repeals a 2017 transportation law’s tax and fee provisions that pay for repairs and improvements to local roads, state highways, and public transportation.
                  Requires the Legislature to submit any measure enacting specified taxes or fees on gas or diesel fuel, or on the privilege to operate a vehicle on public highways, to the electorate for approval.”

                  If your voters were too stupid to understand that, that’s your problem.

                  Further, the vote wasn’t even close. 56.82% against, to 43.18% for.

                  Face it… you lost. On the merits. If you want to blame someone, blame Trump for turning out Orange County voters.

                  And high speed rail has absolutely nothing to do with it. The gas tax money does not go to HSR. The best you can do is the “money is fungible” argument. But any way you look at it, the gas tax doesn’t go to HSR.

                2. “And Trump is your President.”

                  Yes he’s president, but We The People cut off his legislative nuggies in 2018.

                  January 2021 we escort him off the premises.

                3. “You missed a nut.”

                  Not all seats are up in the senate every 2 years. They rotate. And it was a map historically favorable to Republicans.

                  But it doesn’t matter relative to my comment. Trump can’t pass any legislation unless Democrats agree because it has to pass the House.

                4. “Face it… you lost. On the merits”

                  That’s a lie and you know it. Of course money is fungible. And oddly enough Gas Tax Josh’s gas was eerily similar to the amount necessary to keep HSR going. Of course the gas tax won’t go to HSR, but it was meant to free up money that can.

                  You’re worse than just a liar. You’re a bore.

                5. The purpose of the vote was to decide whether to rescind the $0.12/per gallon gas tax and the increased car registration fee. Try to find that on your gamed ballot statement or information. The crooked state politicians intentionally concealed it from the voters – which is the reason it lost.

                  Only a certified moron would vote to pay higher taxes in one of the most heavily taxed states in the nation.

  3. Incompetence is protected by herd immunity better known as unionising.

    “Professionals” do not unionize.

    1. Well, that’s a really good point. Of course government “professionals” are all unionized. And that’s theworst part of the government monopoly, and why government costs so much.

      1. Who ever heard of a doctor or lawyer union? Engineers? Teachers? Paper Pushers? Of course, when the taxpayer foots the bill.

  4. What a bunch of hooey..”Josh has worked to create and protect good-paying jobs; invest in infrastructure, and education; safeguard collective bargaining, organizing in the workplace and retirement benefits; expand access to healthcare; and all the while, grow and strengthen our middle-class economy ” lies lies and more lies. Send him back to San Francisco..the Mayor might need him again.

  5. Transportation related unions are for infrastructure work?

    Who knew?

    Not seeing the problem.

          1. “We posted your comments when you were using an alias just a few days ago.”

            Yes, you posted my comments, AND you published my name in the comments thus breaching any implied promise of anonymity you made by creating a comment system that allows anonymous posts.

            In other words, you can do what you want, I no longer trust you.

    1. Oh, gee, I dunno. How about lowering the cost of infrastructure by getting rid of CalTRANS’ unionized engineers? And let’s quit feeding the bureaucracy that let California’s infrastructure go to hell.

      1. Workers have a right to collectively bargain. It’s the law. Why wouldn’t they? It goes to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly.

        1. Government workers have a monopoly. They don’t organize against capital they organize against the interests of the taxpayer. That’s why they are grossly over compensated and impossible to fire.

          1. I disagree. You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. It’s the same for collective bargaining against the government or a private employer. They want your labor, you collectively bargain to fairly determine the value of that labor. Otherwise there’s a significant power imbalance. Why should workers give up that power? And not giving up that power means supporting politicians that won’t take it away.

            The countervailing force against public worker unions as that the government always has the option of contracting out any work with a competitive bid.

            Of course all of this is a couple of levels of indirection away from the gas tax. The infrastructure work is needed, and California can’t wait for Infrastructure Week to come to DC.

    2. Imagine making a comment this dumb, using your real name to do it, all while having a name that sounds like a substance that comes out of a pig snout.

  6. since ling ling won’t run a real campaign someone should convince the dude behind those vote yes vote josh signs to try and kneecap newman again

    1. “the dude behind those vote yes vote josh signs”

      You know that’s FFFF’s own Josh Dude, right?

  7. He’s the ultimate union stooge! PECG is nothing more than CalTrans engineers who couldn’t hack it in private practice.

  8. The Council meeting last night to review and make a decision on the mess called Rancho La Paz was one of the biggest disappointments of my life! After months of speaking at most of their meetings, I was foolish enough to think they were listening attentively to our problem of obscene rent hikes and were prepared to pass a temporary moratorium on any increases giving us time to wait out the State’s decision on rent stabilization. One cannot but think that Mr. John Saunders got to them – so much for trust in one’s council members. We vote too!

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