Ready to Bring Back Josh?

Now that the 2018 General Election is about to be certified (Tuesday in Orange County), let’s start annoying ourselves with predictions of 2020.

I have one for you —

Despite being recalled, by a wide margin, Josh Newman is going to be back in the running for State Senate and he’s going to win. Big.

What makes me say this? Let us look at the evidence:

First we have Exhibit A: LinkedIn

“In Exile”

Then we have Exhibit B, the cringeworthy website

Bring Back Josh Newman

We could dive into financials and campaign committees but from the above info alone it should be clear that he’s running again in 2020. Now why do I think he’ll beat Ling Ling Chang?

Because the CAGOP just got their collective asses handed to them here in 2018 and they won’t learn a damn thing from it. If the OCGOP can’t keep Royce’s seat, let alone the 4th OC Supervisor’s seat, they’re doomed in an overlapping State Senate race that they lost in 2016.

To make things worse, Ling Ling will be running by herself in 2020.  No anti-tax recall wave to ride.  No S.S. Royce liner to float behind.

It’ll be the same Ling Ling Chang who didn’t have pro-herself or pro-recall signs up until late May, AFTER absentees started dropping in the recall election, and even then she simply ripped off my idea of using Newman’s campaign against him.

VoteYesVoteJosh L2ChandRipoff

To make matters more infuriating, while CA voters were too stupid to read their ballots, opting to let themselves get duped by Attorney General Becerra into keeping the gas tax, across the pond the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys in France are burning Paris down over high taxes and specifically gas taxes.

Congrats CA. We’re now officially more socialist than France and we’re set to reward a guy that got booted over the very issues lighting France aflame because the CAGOP and OCGOP will be too incompetent to fight back.

What’s worse is Senator In-Exile Newman is actually right about how silly his voters really are.

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” ― H.L. Mencken

Bring back Josh Newman, a guy who got thrown out of office by sixteen points, not because our collective beliefs have changed, but because two years have passed and we never really understood what we wanted or what was happening anyway.

I’d like to be able to posit an answer to this problem but I’m not sure one exists.

Good grief.

24 Replies to “Ready to Bring Back Josh?”

  1. While their effort was lame, there really was nothing the GOP could have done to win. Changing demographics have forever turned California and North Orange County into permanent Democrat strongholds.
    It’s only going to get worse.

    1. The is the exact excuse the GOP always uses. Boo Hoo Changing Demographics. It’s racist tripe. The idea that brown people won’t vote for good ideas is ridiculous on it’s face and is only taken seriously by people supporting candidates with no ideas.

      Every single OCGOP race came down to “Vote for Me Because I’m not a (D)”. Maybe an idea people can get behind would sway the electorate more than this soft bigotry of low expectations.

  2. Remember, Newman abused his power as a Senator to rewrite the recall rules in the middle of his own recall. That was absolutely unethical and corrupt behavior and he will never live it down.

      1. You could have stopped at “To make things worse, Ling Ling will be running…”

        She deserves to twist in the wind, though don’t take that as any sort of endorsement of Old Newman. At least Ling Ling will always have Harvard.

  3. Could someone please clarify if this is the same Joshua Ferguson who is an ardent supporter of wealth redistribution and affordable housing?

  4. Could someone please confirm if this is the same Anonymous who acts as a sock puppet for “Joey “Flats” Inebriano and crazy forced sterilization conspiracies?

    1. Ooo here we go again. Why does everyone that questions anything result in a circle jerk back to Joe. What the hell does this have to do with him. Joshua Ferguson is a socialist

    1. Actually Joshua I think whoever is running this blog is just as much an enemy of free speech as you are of capitalism. Your response remains as my comment is deleted. That’s rich, really rich. Way too much paranoia here for anyone’s own good. The mere hint of any criticism of this blogs perceived party line invokes delusions of Joe under every Rock and behind every corner.

      1. No, the real problem is you’re a moron and can’t remember where you posted on what comment.

        Look shit for brains, you have your own haunt. Stay there.

      2. The 1st Amendment is a protection against the government you fool. It has nothing, zero, zip, nada, zilch, bupkis to do with the ability to comment on a privately owned blog on a privately owned server. So either point to your evidence that the people running this blog are trying to use the government to silence you or stop crying about things you clearly don’t understand.

        Also. Enemy of Capitalism? Go on… Oh wait. You probably don’t know what that word means any more than you know what the 1st Amendment is about and covers.

  5. It won’t matter if Ling ling wins or not. It will remain a 2/3 Dem majority in both houses because the Orange One will be on the ballot in 2020.

  6. The Orange one being in. The ballot won’t matter in California. OCGOP got beat because of absentee ballots. Check the numbers. Absentee ballots brought in late swing the seats in california. No blue wave? California will fix that.

    1. Mexicans are brown. La Raza is their term. They speak Spanish – the language of the Caucasian invaders from Europe.

      Since you are a man of “Spanish descent,” I find your invasion and decimation of Mexico’s indigenous population not only insulting, but downright evil.

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