Fullerton to Build DTF Love Shack Hotel

In the continuing stream of solutions to questions no one asked, one of the last actions taken by the current lame duck City Council tomorrow will be the approval of an “exclusive negotiating agreement” to build a boutique hotel in the Fullerton Transportation Center.

As everyone knows, Downtown Fullerton needs three things to be more successful:

  1. Less Parking
  2. More alcohol
  3. More places to have sex

Well, here we go! A triple threat project that eliminates 200 parking spaces, probably includes at least one bar, and will be within stumbling distance for hundreds of coeds each weekend who find the alley behind Zings too piss soaked to properly canoodle.

No word if the proposed Love Shack will have vibrating mattresses, but being immediately adjacent to  one of the busiest freight rail corridors in the country ought to provide plenty of stimulation.

We think the BNSF 2:30AM heading out to Albuquerque will be particularly popular with those who are DTF.

Choo-Choo. All aboard!

18 Replies to “Fullerton to Build DTF Love Shack Hotel”

    1. East side of the station. Parking lot NE of the old loading dock.

      Draw an arrow pointing left in the picture above.

      1. P.S. Mr. Fish, this is just a short term plan by the clueless Daumer to get ground lease revenue. A hotel? For who? All those tony 909ers who come to Fullerton to get wasted?

        Nothing fails as long and as painfully as a failed hotel. But I guess it could ultimately serve as a homeless shelter – with room service!

        1. That is I am sure the exact plan. Once this fails or maybe they will be naming the new PSH’s so people won’t know what they are lol!

  1. Put that hotel somewhere nicer – like the parking lot of the courthouse!
    Oh, wrong neighborhood… wouldn’t want to inconvenience THAT group.

  2. This property is in District 5!

    Why does Domer want to lock up a vote on this property before residents in the community get their say?

  3. Fish, why would the CC give a deal for City property to an unsolicited “developer” without some sort of RFQ/RFP? That seems just wrong. Normally I would blame Fitzgerald. Would I be wrong here?

    1. God only knows, but the city and a developer huddling up to hatch a project rather than taking public bids doesn’t exactly scream transparent and honest.

      Anyone care to provide an example of an exclusive negotiating agreement that went well for Fullerton?

  4. Well, the council did the right thing and voted no. The sense of the majority was to issue an RFQ for developers to get the best ideas. But oh, did Fitzpringle and Chaffee fight for this “unsolicited” proposal. She even declared that the council had approved the idea in closed session! That’s wrong on two counts: first to try to blackmail your colleagues, and second because this item NEVER should have been on the closed session calendar to begin with. Just another casual violation of the Brown Act. It was soooooo clear that Fitzy was working on behalf of that “developer” who has never developed anything.

  5. This is coming back to the City Council Tuesday Nov. 19
    BTW – this thing is on the regular agenda for the Tuesday Fullerton City Council meeting, item #13. People can come to the regular city council meeting at 630pm to comment on it (maybe closer to 7pm when it comes up)
    Take a look: https://summerofthepeople.org/event/fullerton-city-council-meeting-4/
    Full Agenda PDF FILE is on city website
    more PDFs on the city website
    Legislation Text Legislation Details Legislation Details (With Text)

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