Young Kim Gets Endorsement From Tarnished OC Law Enforcement

No there, there…

Young Kim, who last year managed to get herself unelected as our State Assemblywoman still lusts after political office, it seems. So now, unemployed, she is running for County Supervisor, a job she is no more qualified to hold than she was a seat in the State Legislature. Actually, a ling cod is more qualified to be a County Supervisor.

Yes, I am more qualified…

Her campaign, run by the proudly sleazy Dave Gilliard, just announced that Kim is endorsed by OCs two top law enforcement officials: DA Tony Rackauckas and the Sheriff, Sandra Hutchens. In days gone by these endorsements were no doubt a help to a campaign. Now? Probably not so much.

See that guy over there? He didn’t do anything wrong. He told me to say that.

Hutchens and Rackauckas are both embroiled in a several years-old scandal involving the illegal creation and deployment of a system of jailhouse snitches. The jail deputies have repeatedly lied about the existence of the system and its use, and the DA’s crew has not only known about it, but has prosecuted people based on it. And tellingly, the DA has charged no Deputy Sheriffs with perjury even as the evidence of their lies and their destruction of evidence has become irrefutable. The result of this crooked fiasco so far is that the Feds are investigating the County – which will, of course, lead nowhere. More problematic is the DA causing the release of murderers and other not nice people in order to keep a lid on the whole steaming pile.

I know, “public safety,” right?

Go ahead, punk. Make my day.

But loyal repuglican foot soldiers that they are, both the DA and Sheriff got on board the Young Kim Express as it was crawling out of the station, getting behind, they hope, the front runner who might eventually approve their budgets some warm June day at the County; and maybe willing to deploy the considerable resources of the County of Orange to run interference for their own criminal behavior.

9 Replies to “Young Kim Gets Endorsement From Tarnished OC Law Enforcement”

  1. Tony: “Think she’ll approve shredding more records?”

    Susan: “She doesn’t look like she has a spine.”

    Sandra: “Excellent. Approved.”

    1. She doesn’t have a spine or a clue. The only way that Young Kim was elected in tbe first place was the large bloc of political support that she receives from both the Korean and the Evangelical community looking to expand their sphere of influence to fatten their wallets.
      Pure and simple this woman is completely clueless about issues that effect the average resident in this district, otherwise you would see her community outreach expand to others who aren’t part of a church congregation and would display a willingness to debate opponents.

  2. While the success of asian women getting into offices has been undeniable, the lack of distinction will not be lost. The voters will reject placing a third one on the board of 5 Supes. Not to mention it would make 4 out of 5 being asian. She will be rejected. If not out of need for diversity, then out of fear of the asian hordes threatening the traditional white supremacist tradition of Orange County.

  3. It seems to me that Cisneros was more accessible than Transneros, at least Cisneros had a Fullerton office. I voted for Ling Ling Chang. At least Chang seems to be for medical freedom, unlike Transneros, who voted for mandatory vax laws. I don’t know where Cisneros stands on the issue.

    As for myself, late last year, my primary care doctor offered me the flu shot, a Covid shot and Prevnar 13. I accepted Prevnar 13 but I rejected the other two. On January 24, 2022 (a month before my 71st birthday) I tested positive for Covid. At the time I was experiencing an increase in back pain, then I
    experienced cold like symptoms a few days later, but I never lost my sense of smell or taste. Both of those symptoms resolved since then.

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