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One of our Friends has notified FFFF that Fullerton councilman and State Senate Recall candidate Bruce Whitaker has a website dedicated to his Senate run which is supposed to happen in 2018 – if the Democrats in the legislature quit stalling and stop making up new rules as they see fit.

You can access the new venture through the old address www.brucewhitaker.com or you can go directly, here:  www.visualyft.com/bruce.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

49 Replies to “Whitaker’s Website”

    1. I think that must be Linda’s favorite color.

      But why is there a picture of Nancy Sinatra on a motorcycle?

      1. Even more important and dangerous is the posting of old endorsements for a new position.

        Who is advising this Buffon?

  1. “I will set up an infrastructure for government accountability and transparency wherever I can, just as I have with Fullerton.”

    I feel weird about this.

    1. Yeah, that’s pretty damn bad. I guess he means he wasn’t able to in Fullerton although gosh, he wanted to, but those other four kept getting in the way. So what are his odds in Sacto? Zilch.

  2. As to: The California Taxpayer vs. The Political Elite. Is he jumping on the DJT/Tea Party bandwagon? That’s a losing effort… He should note this apocryphal ((of a story or statement) of doubtful authenticity, although widely circulated as being true) from WWII’s Admiral Yamamoto: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” I have also seen it as “tiger” rather than “giant”. That “giant (or tiger)” is on the move. He would do better to recognize the movement… I won’t be voting for him.

  3. Are we voting for Linda? Why is there an entire page dedicated to her?

    Why is he not using his own domain? Is he campaign that broke?

    Has he really not had a job since Norby’s failed run? Being on city council isn’t a real job.

    Seems like this campaign is less about the people and more about Bruce trying to get his garunteed retirement from the state especially since he must be living off of his 401k.

    This guy is the laziest political hack I have ever seen

  4. That’s one embarrassing site. Especially the page about Linda! And especially the motorcycle picture. Wonder who in the world thought that was a good idea. And the purplish pictures? The whole thing looks second rate.

  5. I checked his “LinkedIn” info; it begins in 2003 with his government experience and nothing mentioned about his “private” experience. He has a lot of gun supporters. And, how does one modeling as a side job as part of a regular job (e.g., clothing sales) make one a “professional” model? Heidi Klum, Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters, Cindy Crawford are/were all “professional” models and earned the money for that.

    1. And who cares whom Linda votes for, and why? The whole Linda thing seems weird. It reminds me of what the Clintons said in 1992: you get two for the price of one.

  6. I think this website signals that Whitaker is not interested in running a serious campaign.

    “Bruce’s Solution: Do everything I can to increase efficiency.”

    1. “Do everything I can to increase efficiency.”

      God not a single idea? Really? Might as well vote for Ling Ling Whatshername.

  7. Whoa, dear readers. Can’t we be a little more positive? Bruce would certainly oppose new taxes like the ones that Josh Newman blithely approved.

    1. So what’s the topic, Whitaker’s crappy attempt at a website or his conservative accomplishments that might portend well for a representative in Sacramento?

      If it’s the website, it really could have used some serious review by an impartial critic – it’s hard to believe that it got any, and it’s pretty obvious the wife is the shot caller. bad signs, both.

      As for the record, the only thing that Whitaker has done as a councilman is to be on the losing end of budget votes – free votes, really because they majority vote was always in the bag. We have had NO transparency, crappy, over-dense development (check out Harbor Blvd at Ash for another gag) and worst of all NO accountability for the messes we’ve seen on these pages – like the stairs to nowhere, the laguna Lake fiasco, the stupid bridge at the depot, millions wasted in downtown Fullerton to appease the booze lobby, a fucked up city districts map approved to appease the booze lobby. Then there’s the problems of the roads – the worst in OC. The list goes on and on and on – all while Bruce Whitaker sat there quiet as a mouse. He hasn’t been a voice for accountable government. Worse, he hasn’t even tried.

      1. The latest is when that airport director got up and said he had a waiver from the FAA when in reality he had JUST THE FREAKING OPPOSITE! How ’bout it bruce? Time for some good old fashioned accountability?

  8. If all we need in Sac is a no vote to taxes Bruce does a good job at that, however the seat is about a super majority and will have an incredibly well funded democrat and Josh Newman running. Linda needs to let someone else run the show. This website spends more time giving her credit for taking crappy photos then is does to get Bruce money to beat the democrats! This campaign doesn’t know why it is running.

  9. One gets the feeling that Bruce is operating in a sort of vacuum and doesn’t talk to anybody but his wife.

    1. I’m wondering which is worse: Linda bragging about her photography “show” or the fact that there was a show at all – hosted, one presumes, by a foundation heavily reliant on the City Council that her husband is on.

      1. How about that art show at the Fox? Have they ever participated in the art walk before?? Somehow the fox managed to host the mayor’s wife because that doesn’t stink of nepotism and political favors.

        1. Yes October was their first Art Walk at the Fox. To keep their, non profit, tax exempt status they must have a certain amount of events at the Fox.

          1. And it didn’t occur to anybody that perhaps the very first time the Fox foundation opted to participate in the years old Art Walk that perhaps they should have picked somebody other than the then Mayor’s wife?

  10. This is a marketing website designed to appeal to middle-of-the-road (purple) voters. Most of Whitaker’s real accomplishments are too extreme to mention.

      1. I guess we’re supposed to trust he has accomplishments? That’s an odd campaign strategy if I ever saw one.

  11. Wow
    Policy adviser for Chris Norby ?
    Resulting in what great policies ?
    Reformed the FPD ?
    Reformed into what ?

    1. FPD hasn’t murdered anybody lately – at least that we know about. So I guess that’s a kind of reform.

  12. This site is hilarious. You can spend hours of fun picking this train wreck apart. Maybe they should go out and look at some real candidate’s websites. I’ve never seen a bio on a spouse like this before, I mean WHO CARES?! It should be embarrassing to them actually, like they are some big power couple. He’s an idiot for letting her run this thing…

    “Her first job, at 11, was with a children’s clothing store in Fullerton.” — 11??? What kind of job was this?

    “As a teenager, she worked as a model but simultaneously, worked as a secretary for a custom drapery business”– You mean she answered the phone a few times a day

    “She worked as an acid peel specialist for a dermatologist, and then as a skin care specialist and esthetician” — Not sure where to go with this BS, how does this apply to Public Service?

    “Linda also enjoyed a stint as a wine consultant, importing wines from 15 different countries” — I bought wines from six different countries last week at BevMo and recommended them to friends, so I will now put my stint as a Wine Consultant on my resume.

    “As Bruce’s political career took off, Linda became his right hand, campaign manager, treasurer, scheduler, social media director and photographer” — Took Off? When??? He worked as a lowly staff person to an Assemblyman who no doubt never listened to him about anything and now he is a useless council person (VERY IMPORTANT) in a medium sized city who has done nothing but cut ribbons with Linda. Neither of them even have REAL JOBS!

    1. and whats a real candidate in your opinion … someone who looks and acts intelligent? maybe you fit the mold. … don’t deprive us.

  13. I hear FPD’s own Sgt. Chris Wren (promoted by Hughes), AKA LAPD crash killer, FPD K-9 Killer and convicted kid slapper friend to Crum and Siko got walked out of FPD pending his termination. What could it be this time?

      1. Chris shouldn’t be dipping his pen in company ink bcuz his wife might find out and he’ll have to threaten them both…. ruh roh

  14. If the Bruce Whitaker Campaign couldn’t be worse, they are gather signatures at Del Taco off of Euclid and Rosecrans. Why pick one of the least frequented locations in all of Fullerton? Also one of the most difficult parking lots to manage.

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