Good Bye and Good Riddance

Ed Royce, holding forth to a mesmerized audience. (Image pilfered from Voice of OC)

The Voice of OC is reporting that our congresscritter, Ed Royce has had enough congresscrittering and is quitting his seat next January. This will be seen a great news for the Democrats who were targeting this seat due to a recent increase in their own party’s registration, and who believe that the S.S. Trumptanic vortex will suck all sorts of Republicans down to Davey Jones’ Locker.

I don’t know about that, but I do know it will be wonderful to get shed of Ed. Set aside Royce’s dutiful loyalty to our new, budget-busting  security state and his willingness to vote for tax bills he hadn’t read. Instead let’s focus on his dismal record meddling in the local political affairs of Fullerton.

For almost 25 years he has backed city council (and Legislature) candidates of the worst Republican stripe – dimwitted and vapid RINOs like Pat McKinley Leland Wilson, Julie Sa and Mike Clesceri; creepy slouches like Larry Bennett; sleepy nincompoops like Don Bankhead; a useless carpetbagtress like Linda Ackerman;  and let’s never forget: Dick Jones, Doc HeeHaw, the clownish donkey from Galveston who seemed to take joy in bullying his constituents and braying utter nonsense. Royce could not have cared less about sticking us with this parade of non-entities. He obviously didn’t care if Fullerton developed no new generation of real conservative leadership. What mattered was to elect hollow shelled Republicans that posed no threat to him, and to keep potential Democrat challengers from becoming potential in the first place.

Well, so long, Ed.

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  1. It’s true. Royce was so focused on building up U.S. war enterprise and playing saber-rattling games in D.C. that he forgot to find good Republicans to lead the next generation.

  2. Royce was actually afraid of people like Molly McClanahan and Jan Flory. Pathetic little weasel.

  3. Is his wife going to support him? From the White House: Marie Royce of California, to be an Assistant Secretary of State (Educational and Cultural Affairs). Ms. Royce, a businesswoman and former professor, has been the CEO and Principal of Marie Royce, LLC in Fullerton, California since 2016. She has more than 30 years of experience in the private sector with Fortune 500 companies and as a small business owner, creating and launching start-ups and new initiatives and serving as a key business liaison to 80 countries. As a former educator and full-time university professor, Ms. Royce led an international grant program between two universities. She is a private sector appointee on the Advisory Committee on International Communications and Information Policy (ACICIP) at the Department of State and has served on two U.S. Cultural Exchange Boards. She served as an American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) delegate to Hungary & Poland. Ms. Royce earned a B.S. and B.A. at California State Polytechnic University and an M.B.A. at Georgetown University. She speaks Spanish.

    OR – will her nomination be withdrawn if Ed can’t benefit DJT?

            1. Yeah sure. It was you who tried to frame Norby for a spousal abuse rap that the DA just laughed at. And you were the ones who leaked Norby’s arrest to the media. If I were you I’d focus on the spousal abuse perpetrated by your brethren. But of course that would imply you wanted a clean house.

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