Welcome to Downtown Fullerton

You want to know what’s going on in Downtown Fullerton? Check out this video and tell us what you think.

Downtown Fullerton: a culture of rape, vomit, urine, drunken mayhem. An annual budgetary money pit. The best worst kept secret in Orange County.

A toast to all my good ideas…

Before he drove off Glenwood Avenue smelling of liquor, former City manager, Joe Felz described downtown Fullerton as one of the things Fullerton residents should be proud of. His big success.

No, you are our worst enemy. We’ll be seeing more of this image.

Lobbyist-council person Jennifer Fitzgerald has aggressively supported the downtown culture, going so far as  to defend the unpermitted operation of the Slidebar by her pal Jeremy Popoff.

The Fullerton Police Department has also been a collaborator in the craziness “working with” the dysfunctional culture, following political orders and smelling lots of overtime, no doubt, and maybe even relishing the opportunity to crack a few 909 noggins once in a while.

And of course, the media has been utterly silent on the $1.5 million abuse of the City budget, the drunken violence, the sexual assaults, the broken laws, the mega bonanza for the subsidized, out-of-control bar owners.

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    1. Absolutely! Get two people to stand up – six minutes is plenty of time.

      I’d love to see the looks on their faces to see the scab finally come off in public.


  1. Wow, I thought the redevelopment money from the not so good old days was meant to eradicate blight in downtown Fullerton. The past civic leaders of Fullerton wanted to revitalize this area into bistros and intellectual salons, the natural outflow from its proximity to CSUF, that serve booze and nebulous appetizers. Instead they created wild, west saloons. I bet these ladies and gentlemen in above video are fighting over the nuances found in romantic poetry.

  2. From the article “The best worst kept secret in Orange County”
    The best worst kept secret is the one everyone knows about and no one talks about. Thank you FFFF for talking about it!!!

    1. Many people in Fullerton do not go downtown after 10:00 pm and they don’t know how terrible it is. It’s anarchy.

      1. Johnny until I moved here I didn’t realize how bad it is. Have a friend who met friends at a bar, walked by himself to his car, saw some guys beating a guy. My friend walked up to them and said ‘sons you don’t want to do that. Now just turn around and go home.’ Amazingly they did. My friend thought such fights were unusual not weekly occurrences.

  3. The video only shows tip of the iceberg. I live at Malden Station and have a ring side view. Beside the urine, vomit and violence, there is incredibly stupid dangerous behavior. Prancing alone the edge of the parking structure roof in a fools form of follow the leader. And the common
    occurrence of guys vomiting, urinating (and sometimes deficating) as they stumble towards
    their car and drive off.

    Watching this video gave me sympathy for the
    police. I am not a fan of the police but they did not create this situation. Fitzgerald and her ‘friends did. At the very least some liquor licenses should be pulled. And pull the ‘license to sell drugs’.

    1. To be fair the Police endorse and help fund Fitzgerald. They love this open air saloon because it means more overtime pay.

      1. Lonnie True. Still I won’t want to have to police those out of their minds fool. Sadly those knocked unconscious will have permanent brain damage.

      2. The cops would rather cruise around downtown checking out the ass instead of patrolling for break ins up in the hills, anyway.

      3. They also endorsed and funded the empty suit Silva. What did his wife do about this mess while she was on the council? He has been privy to this problem for years. He also never uttered a word.

  4. Jeez Louise, humanity at its ugliest. In what other “downtown” areas does this kind of thing happen so routinely? Only in Fullerton.

  5. To be fair, why is Bruce Whitaker’s picture not up here with the stacks of hundred dollar bills he took from Mr Lit himself? Why has Bruce Whitaker never uttered a word about this? Why did Bruce Whitaker not mention this issue Tuesday night after it was brought up when he had the chance?

    1. Anonymous attacking Whitaker rather than Fitzgerald? I assume you are a Fitzgerald supporter.

      1. I am not attacking anyone. I am asking a fair question. No one paying attention could support Fitzgerald but Bruce has supported Fitzgerald by his actions and inactions. So why does he not get the same level of scrutiny here?

  6. The solution is simple. A business improvement district tax will fix this. The cupcake stores and Ace hardware need to pay their fair share.

    When there is a fight,the police should determine where the last drink came from and make this establishment reponsible….last drink pays the bill.

  8. Revoke all liquor licenses for a year. Make Fullerton a dry city. Let Anaheim have the problem.

  9. I will see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel by recalling Fitzgerald. A recall campaign where everyone is united under the common goal & forget about any person or group taking credit for its success. Fullerton will be the winner

      1. Just a girl,
        A few people who read this blog have experience from the last recall. I have not done research but my initial educated guess is that about 10k validated signatures from registered voters are required-this is the easy part-. Funding for attorney fees & campaign expenses is the toughest challenge. Recall Fitzgerald!!!!!

  10. Look, all the retards already seem to be in a concentrated location so what we need to do is:
    1. Build an arena around downtown
    2. Charge to watch the retards kill each other
    3. ???
    4. Profit

  11. When the weekend comes I do not go out of my house at night because I live in downtown foolertun.
    These wicked drunks park on my street to go to the bars and come back at 1,2 or 3 in the morning. I hear screaming. I see fighting, men against men, women against women, men against women. I have caught people having sex in the alley and I always have to clean up bottles of alcohol that have been left in my front yard. I have spoken at city council before, they know what is going on. They do not care. Jennifer Fitzgerald is a disgusting lobbyist. She loves working for Pringle and loves the slidebar. That is why slidebar is allowed to break the law every night of the week. She does not represent the people of this city and never will. Recall that scumbag and I think we should recall Greg Cborn. He has become as much of a crony as she is. The BS he pulled at last city council meeting made me ill. Do you even listen to the people Greg? Nobody wants that apartment built and you decide to pick and choose what to approve and what not to about the plan? IT WAS A YES OR NO VOTE!!!!! The city attorney should have stopped that and made it a yes or no. Then there is that creepy Haluzer, that hag has got to go.

    1. Bruce needs to be recalled too. Greg didnt take contributions from Jeremy but Bruce did TWICE, and of course not a word from Bruce Tuesday night as usual when Halluza and Fitzgerald double teamed Tony and flat out got away with it,

        1. What makes you think I am Barry? Is it because I have read what he has written and tend to agree with what he has to say? Where was Tony’s rabble during the election when we had the chance to keep this Napoleonic man hating con off the dais? Why was Tony’s rabble silent until the day after she was re elected? I would like an answer.

          1. It hardly matters if you are Barry or someone else. You all spent four years making noise and accomplished nothing. Time to look in the mirror and think about your life real hard. Meanwhile, it looks like FFFF is going to show you how it’s done, again.

            1. Where was Tony’s rabble during the election when we had the chance to keep this Napoleonic man hating con off the dais? Why was Tony’s rabble silent until the day after she was re elected? I would like an answer. Yes how it is done by protecting the status quo by acting like you are trying to get things done AFTER THE ELECTION. Answer the questions. If anyone needs to look in the mirror, I would say Thompson and Tony need to look in the mirror. They both burned Barry, and protected Fitzgerald the first time, went AWOL the second time, trashed both of their marriages and collectively flushed 500 grand down the toilet and for what? Show us how it is done please.

              1. These questions are very relevant. It would have been so much easier to keep Jennifer from getting elected the first time and the second time instead of trying to recall her after the fact. Something is very fishy with this whole thing. I think this has much to do with acting like you are trying to get things done and providing a platform to groom the next generation of plants to keep the status quo in place. The way this site steers clear of the larger issues, and steers clear of Bruce is a huge red flag.

          2. “What makes you think I am Barry? Is it because I have read what he has written and tend to agree with what he has to say?

            Yes. Nobody else does.

            “when we had the chance…”

            “We?” You got a mouse in your pocket?

  12. The short term solution is EASY.

    Declare a public emergency and pass an emergency ordinance:

    1. Keep the kitchens open ’til the bars close.

    2. Close the bars at midnight.

    Even knuckleheads like Sebourn and Whitaker ought to be able to figure that out.

    1. Bruce took the bar owner’s money during the election season and approved bar owners’ map8a. Bruce is far beyond just a knucklehead. Too bad Tony, Travis, and the rest of Bruce’s ass kissers refuse to call him what he is. That is why Fullerton is being destroyed because of them.

      1. The approval of Map 8a (allegedy drawn by the douchebag Popoff) is enough all by itself to warrant a recall. Yes they all supported it, but Fitzgerald actually wrote the ballot statement for it.

        1. Bruce did nothing to stop it. Now here we are. Bruce needs to go. He is a fraud. Fitzgerald needs to go. She is a devil.

          1. Barry, be Fullerton smart. More than one recall at once makes a central focal point vanish. Because you are attempting to accomplish and direct attention to too much, you end up achieving too little or nothing. Fitzgerald brings over to the City’s table more lobbyist projects than anyone else. If there is a City-ship captain, her name is J. Fitzgerald. Many Fullerton residents who don’t follow FFFF or your blog can not wait to see her go. An effective recall will show all City management that Fullerton will not go along with taking the current path. Set aside personal egos and join the single common goal to recall J. Fitzgerald

            1. I am not Barry, for the fifth time. I would be ecstatic if the voters would get behind a recall. This is not realistic however. Bruce has prostrated himself at the feet of Fitzgerald for four years. He bears the sole responsibility for her re election and thus needs to be removed from office. Bruce is a fraud. Barry laid this whole saga out with utter precision on the Informer and did so repeatedly.
              She was elected with a massive majority of votes. Recalling her will be akin to uprooting the tree across from City Hall with a pair of tweezers. Bruce remained silent on far too many issues that would have clearly impacted the election results if he had the interests of the residents at heart. Instead he chose the path of political self preservation at the expense of us all. Bruce is a fraud and is responsible for every bad deal that is struck by this council..

              1. Bruce may be a libertarian at heart, however his party affiliation has, and always be the manner in which his vote is cast, and that is as a Republican, which is also the same party as Jennifer Fitzgerald,hence the alliance.

                1. Bruce is a fraud, the following summation excepted from the informer-

                  Bruce voted for map 8a, the bar owners map, Bruce took campaign money from Jeremy Popov, Bruce fired Barry for uncovering a 5 million dollar shortfall with the golf contract, Bruce voted to make Jennifer mayor, Bruce voted for a SCAG senior planner to be on the planning commission. Bruce recruited, ran and endorsed a plant to split the vote in the last election. Bruce refused to address many more instances of corruption over several years well documented by Barry. Bruce is no libertarian, Bruce is bad for Fullerton. Bruce needs to be removed from office. Bruce is a fraud and is responsible for every bad deal that is struck by this council in its present form.

                2. “Bruce voted for a SCAG senior planner to be on the planning commission. ”

                  Don’t forget about insidious UN plans.

                3. Bruce is responsible for all those chemtrails that have messed up Joe’s noggin. Bruce clubs baby seals, too.

                4. Nipsey are you saying that you don’t believe that Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald are NOT Republicans, or just being facetious?

                1. Whatever your smoking that would make you think that my name is Barry, is also probably the source of your “Baranoia”.

                  Just sayin.

  13. Fullerton is under attack. Every neighborhood is. Downtown has turned into a Tijuana style binge drinking and brawling hub. 600 W Commonwealth will be a crowded 3-story apartment complex. Berkley a 4,000+ stadium next to another stadium. Raymond Ave one more mammoth just north of other apartments . Properties and land like Coyote Hills are bought and sold to enrich the lobbyist clients at the taxpayers’ loss. Recall Fitzgerald and send this message to other council members: enough is enough!

    1. Fullerton Streets- that dude sat next to me on the aisle seat the whole time we were speaking against the Red Oak project… he was going to be approved/sworn in later In the night’s agenda, but first had to sit through the dog and pony show that was called a City Council meeting. Strangely enough, he was a pretty likable fellow from what little we did say to each other, and I wished him good luck with his new bosses.

      Yeah, and recall Jennifer Fitzgerald. Let me know if any of you bloggers out there know WordPress- I have a nice little site already built regarding that, and if you are not just full of hot air and actually want to effect change, let’s ramp up the recall site with all of Fitzpringle’s misdeeds and prove her allegiance to her Anaheim lobbyist bosses, not Fullerton’s residents. Let the people of Fullerton decide if she’s worth keeping around or should be shown the exit door…

  14. They all take slidebar money and go there for “dinning and entertainment”. None of them should be allowed to make any decisions about slidebar. The police get money from them also, that is why nothing is done. I think a lawsuit to shut slidebar down is in order. I also think there needs to be a lawsuit against the city and the FPD for allowing it to go on.

  15. Fitzgerald is so evil she drips sulfur. Meanwhile anonymous tries to distract by rattling on about how bad everyone else is. Don’t think anon truly wants to fix Fullerton’s problems.

    1. It’s time to leave, you are correct.
      Anonymous needs to get out of the past and into the now. Why should it be one persons responsibility to fund and organize every recall? Must be nice to sit at home in front of a computer ranting and hating. Why not help.
      The People need to get involved this time so that you can really understand how much money and time it takes.
      A go fund me page to help with the costs would be helpful, do some research about Fitz dealings with Pringle, make some signs. Anything!

  16. The police strategy in the recent years is different. Instead of detaining those involved in fights they try to keep them moving and on thier way home. They tend try to get to involved unless one party wants to press charges against another.After all the violence is against themselves ( the club crowd ) The club bouncers all seem to be organized working with the police and use preventive measures to resolve problems before they start and move into the parking lots at closing time trying to get people to go to their cars and leave instead of congregating in the lots. A lot of the fights in the video are out away from the clubs on the street.Most of the residents are in bed by this time and what they don’t know can’t hurt them..? the town is all cleaned up and sidewalks sprayed down by morning. It seems there should be a better way for young people to have fun other than drinking alcohol.

  17. whoever said that this is just the tip of the iceberg is right. i have tons of footage myself. The community at large, the bar owners, the chamber and the police like to blame all the ills of downtown on the homeless. I have seen these drunks attack the homeless, I have stood in the middle of it trying to protect a sleeping homeless person. No one gives a fuck. The city continues to target homeless people by removing benches, issuing camping tickets and generally harassing them, instead of those that actually make downtown fullerton virtually unlivable. If downtown had it’s own district people that suffer from this non stop spring break could make a difference. Fitz and the bar owners made sure that could not happen.

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