Wayne’s Small World

An unhappy customer left a comment yesterday on Facebook about a post FFFF ran regarding new signs at the depot that are not only physically obtrusive, but are also based on erroneous or outright fraudulent Municipal Code citations. These facts would bother a normal citizen, but not a gentleman named Wayne Elms who perceived something “outstanding” about these signs and something wrong with “lifeless losers” who would take exception to being lied to by their own government. Here’s a snapshot:


Naturally, a little investigation reveals that Wayne Elms may not be a normal citizen at all, but rather a highly compensated City employee whose function could be easily contracted out if the City were really interested in a balanced budget. Here’s what the eloquent Stanley Wayne costs us every year:

When FFFF asked the slippery Elms if he had anything to do with the installation of the fraudulent signs, he decided to delete his own comment.

8 Replies to “Wayne’s Small World”

  1. Wayne writes: “The ones who need help are the lifeless losers who have nothing else to do but write this crap”

    Pretty sure he’s talking about the City employee who wrote the sign text. Probably himself.

    1. Yes, we love it! And I bet dear Wayne didn’t see that coming! He’s probably reading this, as we speak, on city time while sitting in his truck getting ready to take a nap.

      1. This signage has to go!The placing of this signage should certainly be addressed by the council and explained as why they were placed at every entrance & what event may have triggered the need for this action in such a public reletavly problem free area. I wish Wayne would fix the rusted out handycap pole and sign that has been laying on the ground by the dumpster at the train station for over a year. This problem has been reported twice on the MyFullerton app.

  2. It’s nice of Wayne to illustrate the contempt city employees have for members of the public who try to hold them to a minimum standard.

  3. It costs us $115,000 a year for a guy with no college degree to tell gardeners where to go mow the grass.

    Great. Maybe Gretchen can tell us how marvelous it all is.

  4. FMC Title 17 does not exist. I repeat… it does not exist. How could a sign that cites a non-existent section of law be “outstanding” or “great work?” We’re dealing with a special class of idiot here.

  5. Connecting the dots on this sign shows a homeless person. And I thought Fullerton PD had murdered all those pesky, homeless persons who wandered around Fullerton train station and Fullerton downtown bars. This sign puts people on notice that they no longer have the right to wander around the train station and its surrounding area . Wow, and all this time I believed the Constitution was the law of the land that protected an individual’s right to pursue happiness by taking a stroll past the train station.

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