No, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

The other day I discovered this notice from the City. It’s a class for citizens to help their fiscal literacy. And unlike the proverbial lunch, it’s free!

Expert advice from the experts…

So let’s get this straight. The City of Fullerton, which has been incapable of balancing its budget for at least four years, and that has dipped into reserved funds to the tune of $45,000,000, and that is a couple years from insolvency, is promoting financial empowerment and estate literacy to the citizenry! How funny and unintentionally ironic.

I wonder if this free class will be promoting the benefits of a new sales or utility tax to pay all the salaries and benefits of those experts in City Hall who have dug us into this hole.

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  1. The course on October 26th will be taught by Jennifer Fitzgerald. It’s entitled: “Balancing the Family Budget; or, How to Keep the Old Man From Discovering the Bad News.”

  2. No doubt, this is simply going to be a group of hungry sharks eager to sell their investment products to naive and unsuspecting people, and the city is sponsoring the whole thing. Sad!

    1. I thought about that, too. “Local financial professionals” working for free. Sponsored by the City. Is that even legal?

      1. How dare you, sir!

        All presentations are conducted by knowledgable local attorneys and wealth advisors. No sales or solicitations will be made.

      1. 1000 that could easily go to 1,000,000 within the blink of – – “there’s a homeless guy – who, who looks like Jesus, that’s (pause) trying on car door handles”.

        1. Yes, FFFF seems to explode depending on the magnitude of the government screw-up at hand. It’s only a matter of time before the next critical moment occurs and my favorite site gets swarmed.

          1. I think this site would love nothing more than to fade away into obscurity.

            As soon as government stops sucking, maybe that will happen.

  3. A better course is “Teaching Fullerton residents to discern when their water and trash bill, property taxes, city sales tax used to pad Fullerton police and firefighters salaries and pensions, squandered on shoddy, gimmick structures ( Hillcrest Park stairs, duplicating elevators at Fullerton train station,) and fund propaganda like “Back The Badge”.”

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