Photo Fun: SparkyFitz’s $1.6 Mil Stairs to Nowhere

Being a political creature means keeping your happy face on – even when your happy speech is done. On Saturday our lobbyist-councilperson Jennifer Fitzgerald happily talked up her moronic wooden stairs that don’t do anything – $1,600,000 worth of nothing. She was soooo excited (twice). Even her pal Jan Flory was there to help put a shine on this smoking road apple. But when her talk was done, Fitzy sure looked grim walking away from this monumental misadventure in government waste.

Quick, get clear of the impending collapse…

Maybe the enormity of the waste actually set in? Shame? Guilt? Anger?

10 Replies to “Photo Fun: SparkyFitz’s $1.6 Mil Stairs to Nowhere”

  1. Couldn’t get away from that mike fast enough. Can’t blame her. Oh, wait, yes we can.

  2. The hardware on those stairs look pretty rinky-dink. I wonder what sort of live load that thing was designed to handle.

    1. I wouldn’t worry about it. There will never be more than one person at a time on those steps.

  3. Shame? No. Guilt? Of course not. Anger? Well, yes – probably because FFFF has actually called her out on this embarrassment.

  4. Remember the first video? She went to Hugo Curiel and told him she was going to speak. Apparently Doug wasn’t excited enough for her?

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