Old Hornet Rejects New Tax

Here’s a fellow named Skip Davis who gives our “honorable” City Council an earful about the proposal to create a new property tax in downtown Fullerton to pay for the mess created by City politicians in the first place: the Culture of Booze.

It was fun to watch ol’ Skip unload on the notion of a Bizness Improvement District with its attendant tax, a tax generally aimed at people completely innocent of the mayhem that our City Council caused and their cops can’t control. But Skip makes a salient point: why is his retirement income so easy for the government to lay its hands on when the Heroes in the back of the room have completely sacrosanct (and massive) pensions.

9 Replies to “Old Hornet Rejects New Tax”

  1. How much time and money has already been put into this stupid idea?

    Now that I think about it, chasing improbable boondoggles is probably the best use of Haluza’s time.

    1. Yes, but you have to make sure none of the stupid ideas gets traction. And that takes constant vigilance.

      Fullerton’s history is littered with terrible Redevelopment ideas from Terry Galvin that came to fruition.

  2. That guy is my Hero. Long live Skip. Skip for Mayor. He scared the shit out of them. That was better than a recall.

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