¡Chinga Tu Madre! Greetings From Anaheim!

The Happiest Place on Earth

The happy old post card read.

But news from Anaheim isn’t all that happy anymore what with the constant grifting of our lobbyist-council creature Jennifer “SparkyFitz” Fitzgerald’s boss, Curt Pringle; and then there’s all the trouble the City is having with their cops shooting people. To death. Sometimes in the back. Riots ensue.

I won’t bother sharing the litany of bad shootings by the Anaheim PD and the various white washes of our useless DA. But I do want to talk about the most recent incident of bad cop behavior. It’s not about an Anaheim cop, at least not directly, but some off-duty LAPD loser named Kevin Ferguson, who lives in Anaheim and who was having some sort of running feud with eighth graders cutting across his corner lot. Get off my lawn ya no good punks! Here’s a Voice of OC story that includes a video taken by a witness.

When you watch the video you see a grown man physically accosting a much smaller kid, and refusing to relinquish his grasp as he yanks the minor along. Finally some of the kid’s pals intervene knocking the dope over a hedge. At which point Ferguson pulls out a pistol from his pants and squeezes off a round.

Well, pretty soon the Anaheim cops show up and what do they do? Arrest the guy who has committed multiple felonies before our very eyes? Noooooo. They arrest the little kid and send him to juvenile hall. The off duty cop? He is politely escorted home with no charges as the whole assemblage of kids who witnessed the whole embarrassing affair are treated like criminals.

Later, at a press conference, the Chief of Police, Raoul Quezada admits his unhappiness at Ferguson’s behavior, but says there is no evidence that he did anything illegal, but that there is evidence that the kid committed a crime: a threat to “shoot” Ferguson, even though on the video we can clearly hear the kid deny he said that. But they believe the cop. Or at least they say they do.


What I see is a knee jerk defense of a fellow policeman at the cost of justice itself, and here is where the Anaheim incident becomes an object lesson, even if we didn’t need another one. We’ve seen how the “good” cops defend or ignore the crimes of their pals, and how the bad cops lie on the witness stand with impunity about crimes large and small.

Well, here’s a question I put to the idiots who defend Kevin Ferguson, and the Anaheim cops that let him walk: why did this creep shove a loaded pistol in his pants and go outside to confront 13 year old kids?  Please ponder the possible answers before responding..

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  1. Just.saw the video. Depressing and scary. Police, fireman and teachers once belonged to respectable professions. Now they are merely union goons. Wonder who these kids respect? Surely not the police.

  2. Funny how the cops uber alles folks talk about the “thug” children, one of whom looks to be about 34 inches tall.

    The only thug I saw was a grown up skinhead with sunglasses and packing heat. The only thing he was missing was an “88” tattoo on his forehead.

  3. Seriously, what kind of mindset does this adult possess that would stop and make sure to have a 38 tucked in his jeans when he confronts junior high school kids?

    1. I wonder if this officer has children?

      Would he confront them with a 38 tucked in his trousers?

      Golden rule would certainly be a good starting point for this officer.

      Treat other people’s children the same as you would your own.

      1. If he is living with his parents, it sounds like he is divorced and any children are either adult and/or in his ex-wife’s custody. He does rock that LAPD shaved head, doesn’t he?

  4. Title translated-fuck your mother-Travis you are indeed a vile piece of shit along with the rest of your bunch of cop hating groupies.

    1. Nobody here hates Police, just bad police behavior. Police get payed well. Too well to pull a gun on a 13yr old who says “I’ll sue you”. Even if he did say other than that, that is not an excuse to pull a gun when he didn’t brandish a gun (on his way home from school) 2. he was doing every thing in his power to deesculate a situation that the off duty was esculating and creating a dangerous situation for all standing around. Gross negligence of police policy going on here.The kids nearby were demonstation more maturity than the officer.

    2. Hah. No comment on the actions of Kevin Ferguson? Typical. Are you a “good” cop or a bad cop? Is thee a difference?

      Admit it. You’re just pissed off because 40 years of “cop as Hero” news and TV show bullshit hasn’t indoctrinated all of us.

    3. You cops sure use bad language. Did you listen to the mouth on that off-duty cop? Every other word a vulgarity. He kisses his mommy with that mouth!

      1. Travis is a complete douche putting words like that out as a title. Everyone knows what that means. Tell it to a cop and see what happens.

        1. “Tell it to a cop and see what happens.”

          You may get shot at. Then the cop will lie to the investigators about what happened and the DA will say you were “reaching for your waistband” or that Hero feared for his life.

          Is that what you really meant to say?

        2. The cop in the video is complete douche. Did you hear the mouth on Skinhead? No better than the little kid he was jerking around. So much for the so-called “higher standard.”

          By the way:

          ¡chinga tu madre!

        3. Travis? Who is this Travis you mention? There is no one named Travis associated with this post.

          Do you have reading comprehension issues, on top of those anger management problems?

    4. Says the individual who isn’t brave enough to use his/her/its name or a variation thereof. “Anonymous” is lame.

  5. hmmm….Police have more training in use of force than they do in deesculation technique. No doubt this retired cop relied on the only desculation technique he understood.. use of force. If you really have to pull a Barney Fife I would recoment only carring one bullet so nobody will get hurt after the warning shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJNCaX5AiIA I going to pull a Barney Fife? … Wearing sunglasses when using a gun ? https://i.imgsafe.org/3d154e6af2.jpg

  6. There has been an lot of support for get Mr. Armed and Dangerous Get Off My Lawn based on the idea that “there is more to the story.” They don’t even bother to allege the video is doctored somehow. The implication is that we can’t trust our own eyes and brain. This is extremely dangerous from an intellectual standpoint because it is the perfect strategy for everything from advertisers to political and religious hustlers.

    But it’s funny. These same people almost never apply the “we weren’t there, we can’t know, let justice run its course” philosophy to the people the cops arrest and the DA prosecutes.

  7. Having a five year relationship with a cop for five years, I learned from him that you don’t take the law into your own hands. Hey, call the cops if renegade teens constantly trespass on your property. Saw a video of one of the not an honor roll student teen who trespassed and confronted Ferguson. If the teen had been a grown man the public’s sympathy would not be with him. Odd how the teen’s father quick to tell the media his son victimized by Ferguson. Where was daddy when it came to teaching his son civility, respect for others property? And who told this not an honor roll teen he could sue this cop if he continued to provoke him? Ferguson simply should have called the cops on the trespassing teens.

    1. Do you know how many times I have called the police for kids trespassing? Many. You know how often they respond? Never.

      1. Got your point and no matter what century or place, teen boys like to roam in packs creating juvenile petty crimes, trespassing being one of them. If the police refuse to respond to teen agers constantly invading your privacy with their trespassing, then seek satisfaction through the legal system. If teens’ parents have to pay for their kids actions, maybe they will be better parents and teach his or her child civility.

  8. Is the kids still in juvenile hall or has he been released? Do the parents need help with legal representation? Is there a GoFundMe page started to help raise funds to do this? What steps can be take against Ferguson?

  9. Seriously!?! A group of children walking home from Jr. High spread out from the sidewalk onto the front lawn are committing a crime? Southern CA truly is the land of fences. Been told that people in 1930s Germany got upset about such things – wouldn’t walk on the grass but would exterminate people who annoyed

    1. It’s funny. The alleged crime of the kid occurred before any of the videos were taken and is prosecuted. The crimes of the cop are in full view and are dismissed. Um…

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