Happy Bastille Day!

303 West Commonwealth

Dear Fullerton humans: 228 Years ago, an angry Parisian mob stormed The Bastille – traditional home for political prisoners and symbol of the hated Ancien Regime. It was empty, but that’s beside the point.

A chemical bond

Our Bastille is not empty. And while I admonish a more reasoned revolution that doesn’t end in a Reign of Terror, a dictatorship, and an emperor, I do believe it is appropriate to recognize that our own ancient regime in Fullerton continues to look a lot like the decrepit and dysfunctional Bourbon dynasty en France.

I didn’t do it!

And so: salut, and bon voyage, etc.

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  1. great blog, there was one prisoner inside the Bastille when France’s freedom fighters for liberty, fraternity and equality stormed it. His name was Marquis de Sade.
    In keeping with the tradition of political power concentrated in the hands of a few fools, France’s King Louis 16th was more worried about the corrupting influence of this weirdo on society, then he was with his country’s economic crisis caused by ill-fought wars, suppression of free enterprise and the middle class with excessive taxation.
    History repeats itself in our city council that seeks to increase taxes on Fullerton’s businesses so they may inflict their personal vision of a better Fullerton by using our taxes to tear down and rebuild downtown. Correct me if I’m wrong, it was Louis 16th and Marie Antoinette who wasted France’s revenue rebuilding Versailles into their personal slice of paradise.
    Fullertonites don’t need a guillotine to restore sanity to our city’s government, we only need to vote them out

    1. In truth the Bastille held seven prisoners on that July 14th evening, a total which did not include the Marquis de Sade who had been moved to an insane asylum just days earlier on July 4th. No doubt Sade longed to be mythologized as among those freed by the historic crowd, much in the way Senator Newman longs to be fabled as a veterans advocate by the hype surrounding his pseudo nonprofit.

  2. But now, one year later, the average age of the city council has been driven to new, almost comical heights of antiquity. Pat McPension is in his seventies, right?

    I wonder how The Three Dithering Old Ladies are handling the latest police crisis.

    1. If Whitaker doesn’t do something soon you can make that four dithering old ladies. Where’s the outrage?

  3. Let’s not forget that the original motto was “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity — or Death.” Our Founding Fathers hated that and set up our government as a more reasoned alternative.

    We need some people to get trained and then to take over the GOP at the local level and get some decent candidates. (The Dems are beyond help.) The fiscal insanity led to the BK of France and then to Napoleon. Let’s not repeat that in Fullerton.

  4. Whacha’all worryin’ ya’selves for? Coyote Hills has been decided ONCE AN’ FOR ALL! Someone call Ed an’ tell him AH AM DONE! “Free at last, free at last…” An’ why ya’all got ‘ta bring the French in to it for Pete’s sake?!

  5. I long for the good old days of the Revolution. Terror is nothing more than speedy, severe and inflexible justice. Is the FPD hiring? I think that I am their kind of guy.

  6. We soon will have our own Bastille Day if all levels of government continue to approve to fund the plethora of useless government funded agencies, departments and commissions. Our very own city council should look back not in anger but in eagerness to see municipal government was needed to ensure the city’s infrastructure remain intact for its residents, How is it our current parks and recreation has sidled off into mental health care?

  7. I remember this post from July 2011 – the week after the cops beat Kelly Thomas to death. Then it featured Bankhead and Jones as the dithering superannuated clowns propped up to protect the corruption. Fitzgerald does indeed represent a vestige of the Old Guard Pull Up The Drawbridge routine, but with no pretense even that the City is not for sale.

    Which will fall first, the Culture of Corruption or the rickety $1.6 million wooden stairs to nowhere? I know Fullerton. I’m betting on the stairs.

    1. If this comment was directed at me I’ll have you know that even though I am a boy dog, I am trying real hard up here in doggie heaven to gt in touch with my feminine side. So maybe that accounts for it.

  8. Really old post..nothing new to report?
    Newman and the super majority of State Senators are voting one tax after another in against all taxpayers..

    1. the super majority of laziness who voted in Newman will now have to pay more , keep less ,and work harder to pay for their pipe dream . Its just so painful to watch the progression of the savage mind who lives from lottery ticket to lottery ticket, and the skilled deception of their leader who merely laughs at the ignorance of the masses but keeps a watchful eye, warning eye on those who know the better knowing full well that thier crimes against humanity will eventually require reckoning.

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