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  1. I guess all of those “No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service” signs forced those poor young lads out into the streets.

    1. Why should we risk it protecting you ungrateful pot smoking pinheads when we can just patrol the southwest after hours answering false commercial burglary alarms? More places to eat over there too. Yummy.

  2. Playing drums in the street and passing around a bottle of liquor? Where are the damn police? Probably hiding out behind the Slidebar.

    1. You should know that the Slidebar is now advertising at the local high school, Sunny Hills.

      They have a sign up on the fence right next to where you pull up to drop your children off for school.

  3. Fullerton…we’re close to Disneyland but the tourists won’t come near us.

    Well done Fullerton city council…past and present.

  4. this is the dumbest most useless blog post on this site yet. it might even be fucking racist. Fuck you!

    I helped build the fullerton art walk, an art walk in a community which largely does not give two shits about art and was still named best art walk in Orange County. it;s also one of the only art walks in the country that decided to not ask for anything from the city. it is a completely independent event. it asked for no permission and it wants no special favors. We do what we fucking want and we are free to tell guys like Joe Feltz that they are corrupt because we needed nothing from him.

    As for this video. I think Bushala would agree that the drummer was pretty good. Consistent, he kept the sticks light, nothing wrong with that.. As for the rest of it, who cares. Do the blacks scare you fuckers? if none of you have ever partied after hours at a friends when you were young, you are probably some anal, dork, half virgin, who married the first girl dumb enough to sleep with you. This was an after hours party, and we don’t even know were it took place. I resent the implication that his had anything to do with the art culture in Fullerton, which is, by the way, rather impressive. Have any of you even been to fucking art walk? Have you been to one of an my art exhibits. If not, fuck you. I’d argue that when I was showing art in fullerton, I put on display some of the best and most respected artists in Orange County. I would argue that my art show addressing the murder of Kelly Thomas brought more attention to this crime than anything after the initial post of this beaten face. Did you attend that? I would argue that local theaters like Stages and The Maverick can compete with any community theater in the country. Fullerton has an amazing list of talented actors, directors and writers, Do any of you go to their shows? Do any of you support them? you fucking should.

    And if any of you ever had the inclination to go to a poetry reading at Max Blooms, I believe two of them take place each moth, you would hear some amazing talent. And if any of you had a fucking heart and fucking soul, you would listen to those words and you would be moved by them. Moved to action, or perhaps moved to tears.

    i am very left of center but I most often agree with the goals of this blog, and those of you who write for this blog. i believe that FFFF is the only party with any influence in the city that exposes self serving politicians and institutions. I have been very public about my support of tony, travis bruce and FFFF. But this post is bullshit and it reveals so much abut the ignorance of many of you. You clearly know nothing about art, and art is a subject you should shut the fuck up on. The fullerton art walk is 100% independent of the city. We bring business to the city, local retailers and restaurants benefit and we ask for fucking nothing in return.

    One more thing. i may be an art fag, but I’m an art fag that can kick your ass.

    1. “One more thing. i may be an art fag, but I’m an art fag that can kick your ass.”

      I’ve seen you. You couldn’t kick you way out of a wet paper sack.

      As for your being an “art fag,” well you know best about that. Also using the word “fuck” a lot doesn’t make you anything but semi-literate.

      1. Take a shot at me. I will add you to the list of tools that though i could not fight. I grew up in Glasgow, I got in a fight every fucking day, and I’ll ruin you. For fucking real.

        1. You may think that bleached fright wig is scary. It isn’t.

          Recommendation: stop using the word “fuck.” It really makes you appear like an uneducated cretin. Oh. Right.

      1. Hey, what about a belch competition on Santa Fe? We can call it performance art and get it written up in The Observer as a new cultural expression in Downtown Fullerton. Authentic folk art!

    2. Please remind what is so “artistic” about drunk people yelling threats and obscenities and offensive language at each other on a public street?

      I know that you dont have any children however many of us do.

      Take your accusations of racism at the “artists” whose every other word is offensive to the rest of the human race that frowns on the use of the word ” nigger”.

      My self included.

      I sincerely hope that you work on your own self, and please stop your excessive drinking.

      1. Art is not inoffensive. It’s expressive. Real successful art isn’t universally lauded. Real successful art prompts discussion.

        In short, you aren’t required to like art. The question at hand is whose rights are being violated in the video.

        The answer is unequivocal. No one. So get off your high horse of censorship.

        While no one has any interest in outing anyone on this blog, perhaps you shouldn’t be casting stones.

    3. LOL. Who’s ass can you kick exactly? My lil sister?…..don’t even bother responding, everyone knows youre a pussy and couldn’t really kick anyone’s ass.

  5. Well said, Bax Baxter. You summed up everything I was wanting to say. Can we meet sometime to party after hours? Us Anal Dork Half Virgins need to stick together.

    1. Fuck the observer. The Observer is only happy when I show art which no one finds offensive. If the observer ever does a story on one of my art shows I know I must have mailed it in.

  6. “art lover” you are fucking idiot. Have Howard Javis’s shaking old hands give you a handy and shut the fuck up

    1. How funny. You wouldn’t be so defensive about the quality of Downtown Fullerton’s “art” environment if you weren’t basically insecure about how shitty it is.

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