Fullerton Makes The Nightly News!

But not in a way that brings anybody any civic pride.

Ms. Pollinger is a well-intentioned person, but she is off target to praise the justice system for collaring itself a bad boy, presumably because the ladder of justice has no top and no bottom. Since the Fullerton cops intentionally failed to collect any evidence and didn’t arrest anybody, there is no crime to prosecute. And anybody who believes this little stage show isn’t designed to tank has taken too many rips on Sergeant Bonghit Schoen’s magical nugg pipe.


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  1. The Mayor, Chief Hughes, Watch Commander on duty Goodrich and Sgt. on scene Corbett should be charged with: 135 PC every person who, knowing that any book, paper, record, instrument in writing, or other matter or thing, is about to be produced in evidence upon any trial, inquiry, or investigation whatever, authorized by law, willfully destroys or conceals the same, with intent thereby to prevent it from being produced, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

    Under California Penal Code section 135 PC, the offense entails knowingly and willfully getting rid of or hiding evidence from being used in any trial, inquiry, or investigation authorized by law with intent to prevent it from being produced.

    Count 2

    P.C. 182 Conspiracy pursuant to California Penal Code Section 182 PC requires a prosecutor to prove the following elements: The defendant intentionally entered into an agreement with another person or persons to commit a crime. The defendant committed an overt act in furtherance of this agreement.

  2. P.C. 182 Conspiracy
    Overt act #1 Sgt. on scene calls the Chief of Police
    Overt act #2 Sgt. on scene calls the Watch Commander
    Overt act #3 Chief of police calls the Mayor
    Overt act #4 Chief calls Sgt. on scene and advises Sgt. that the City Manager is not going to jail.
    Overt act #5 City Manager is taken away from recording devices so no evidence is collected.
    Overt act #6 Sgt. on scene orders CSI officer not to document crime scene
    Overt act #7 City Manager is driven home
    Overt act #8 officers on scene are ordered not to discuss incident
    Overt act #9 IOL is crafted by Chief to conceal overt acts 1-8

    1. #1-3 Those involved were “doing their job to make sure their superiors and the council were aware of the situation”.

      #4-5 are unprovable.

      Evidence of #6 will never see the light of day as the rumored memo from the C.S.I. has likely already been destroyed and she won’t testify against her own department. No chance.

      #7 will get the on-scene officers a slap on the wrist at most for not following procedure and using “too much discretion” or some bollocks.

      No evidence of #8 exists or will surface and no officers will testify against their “brothers and sisters”.

      #9 is a nothingburger.

      Move along folks. Nothing to see here.

      The sham investigation and criminal proceedings will last just long enough for all involved to retire or transfer to other departments.

      Our heroes are only heroic when saving their pensions from danger so don’t expect anybody to stick their neck out to leak anything or truly work to correct the still ongoing culture of corruption.

      1. No need to be so pessimistic Mr. Ferguson.
        Ding Dong the witch is dead….Hughes is gone the winds of change are a blowing. Most at the PD are willing to talk if the OCDA is willing to ask. Heck one officer involved in this Felz mess might be willing to turn states evidence in exchange for consideration on his own criminal case pending in the 909.

  3. This ‘little stage show may be designed to tank’ but it doesn’t look good on the resume. Doubt if it is the kind of publicity Felz or Hughes want, Could end up hurting Hughes’ credibility on his new job. Having the nightly news talk about Felz’s drinking problem won’t help Felz on his new endeavor.

    1. Felz is finished except as an influence-peddling lobbyist – but only in Fullerton. I hear he is working for Renick Cadillac on a scam to shut down the next door motel.

      1. Felz’ Subaru was spotted in the parking lot at the Chamber of Commerce right before the announcement hit.

  4. The City of Fullerton Corruption is top down. When you have the Mayor say she is BFF’s with the City Manager and Chief of Police and no matter what they do she will always love them. There’s a problem. Then you throw in they are all bound together and directed by god to do what they do. You have a situation where no one is accountable or responsible because God made a bad decision.
    “Joe Felz is a dear friend of mine and was a fantasic city manager. Regardless of what happened that night, regardless of what the legal system shows those facts will never change.”

    The only way to change this situation is a Civilian review / oversight board!

    1. She can love the nicompoop to death. That’s her business. To say he was a fantastic City manager is a just another one of her damned lies. Felz regime was a complete mess that was only hidden because nobody was looking. Look at the crap FFFF has uncovered in less than four months.

      1. ” Felz regime was a complete mess that was only hidden because nobody was looking. ”
        And because no one was looking someone was reelected with the law and order and the balanced budget as themes.

  5. Some graphic artist worked really hard on that title collage with Felz’ stupid grin. I’d like to give him a high five.

    1. You’re right that is a cool graphic of a grinning Felz with the city of Fullerton seal behind him, Let’s hope the TV station gets to use it again in follow up stories,

  6. Bonghit Shone! I sort of miss the old days when these paragons of virtue Bonghit an Ron Bair got up in public and discoursed on their special brand of ethical behavior.

    1. I can imagine those FPOA mensas, Shone, Coffman, Goodrich, Hamilton and Bair, sitting around cooking up their next great idea to embarrass themselves and their profession.

  7. Shawn Nelson and Chris Meyer incubated this monumental failure named Joe Felz. What do they have to say about this?

    City managers should never be hand-picked by their predecessors. It’s a practice that breeds corruption. Watch out.

    1. Actually that’s a damn good point. Meyer was heir apparent to Jim Armstrong – another arrogant bastard and cover-up expert. In other words: for 23 years Fullerton has been run by incompetent clowns protected by civil service rules and brain dead councils.

      Speaking of obnoxious incubations, Nelson is also responsible for Fitzgerald

  8. I wonder if Fitzgeralds empty seat at the last meeting had anything to do with the recent charges against Felz. As she was Mayor at the time she may have recieved the phone call that night and directed agencies how to handle the situation to cover for him.

    1. She said she got “a call” at 3:00 AM.

      I believe that is a lie. If Felz were taken home around 1:30 why would anybody wait another hour and a half to call the mayor. And what news at 3:00 AM couldn’t have waited ’til morning?

      I think she probably got a call at about 1:35 AM from Hughes who told her what had happened. Who made the decision to cover up? I believe Fitzgerald and Hughes did.

      Let’s cough up the phone records Mr. Atty Jones., Officer of the Court – you are not Joe Felz’s defense lawyer.

        1. Yeah, well, the courts can make all the right decisions in the world, but until somebody like Gregory Palmer goes to jail for flouting the law they will just run you ragged as you’ll still have to sue to get those records. Just watch.

  9. When will Captain Siko be held accountable? Word is he called in one of the first officers on scene and tuned him up for what was captured on his recorder. Is this the kind of leadership FPD needs? He’s old school. He worked for Danny Boy throughout his career. He should have retired as a lieutenant. Siko, who was eligible and maxed out in PEARS was promoted by Danny Boy to Captain so he would have a spike in his single highest year. Thanks Danny Boy. Anyone who works at FPD knows Siko can’t make a decision if life depended on it. Interesting how he found the need to tune up the officer. I’m sure he was directed by Danny Boy. The other Captain, Rudisil is just as worthless. I’ve never trusted a man with small hands.

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