FPD Making Movie Magic

The cops actually paid money for a big, stupid McGruff the Crime Dog helmet, which they used to produce this terrible video. I have no idea where the trench coat came from, nor do I want to know.

The film has reached 36 views on YouTube since it was published in July.

I’d be happier of the Fullerton police got out of the moronic video business, quit the relentless PR campaign, and just stuck to honest public service.

13 Replies to “FPD Making Movie Magic”

  1. Without this video, people might not know that criminals break into cars and steal stuff in Fullerton. It’s a very important PSA.

  2. I agree FPD’s Facebook is the funniest thing ever. A bunch of useless updates about how cops are better than us.

  3. I was disappointed to be informed of an incident that occurred today, October 7, of a young 17 old girl from Fullerton, who was working for a local realtor, distributing notepads with his name. She was confronted by 2 women walking a two child stroller on Richman near Jacaranda. They inquired “What are you doing in this neighborhood .” She said that she was delivering the pamphlets for the realtor. They proceded to call the police. Two police cars arrived, she was very scared, and brought to tears, even though the police determined she was doing nothing wrong.

    What could these women have been afraid of, such that they would cause this poor girl to be so frightened she couldn’t finish working.

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