Eric Canin, The Punchy Professor Rides Again

Remember that CSUF professor who was accused of assaulting a student during a heated political argument in February? He actually managed to get himself fired over the incident… no small feat for a government employee. Surely the school’s careful and expensive termination of Eric Canin would stick, particularly after multiple investigations confirmed that he did indeed strike a student, right?

Union striker.

Nope. Canin’s union, the California Faculty Association, arranged for an appeal to an “independent arbitrator” who reduced the termination to a brief suspension.

Here’s the article from the Daily Titan spelling out the re-instatement. You have admire the nonsensical gobbledygook with which a system created and designed to protect public employees can shroud some simple facts, i.e. in some unfortunate manner Canin’s hand made contact with someone’s face.

It looks like an unrepentant Dr. Canin will return to CSUF for the fall semester. Students wary of Canin’s penchant for pugilism may take comfort knowing that Canin’s physical presence on campus will be severely limited, as he has been consigned to teaching two online classes. Ironically one of the classes is called “Culture and Communication” wherein I suppose Canin does not espouse physical rebuke as any sort of effective communication tool.

Culture and Communication? Distance learning is a good choice.

15 Replies to “Eric Canin, The Punchy Professor Rides Again”

  1. Notice how the union characterizes the issue:

    “Coverage of call to protect academic freedom, reinstatement of Fullerton lecturer”

    So academic freedom means being able to hit someone in the face? Really?

    1. I don’t know, but I know the student won’t have a union to run inference, so I’m guessing maybe a semester abroad – at Theo Lacy.

  2. How come Punchy the Professor wasn’t charged by the cops with assault? Let me guess: respect for a fellow public employee?

  3. Those poor kids. First they get smacked around by thier liberal professor and then the Newman crew sues them for participating in his recall. It’s tough to be an outspoken minority on campus.

  4. Better yet- why is a security guard from FJC who beat a student last Fall still being paid by the district for another month at least?

    What’s that Schulz? Oh, it’s a personnel matter. Riiight. Nothing to see here. Move along. No you a**hat. We’re going to get your report on Skokos one day.

    Feel free to jump in here anytime Greg. Our good Mayor Whitaker did for a while at least. Tell us all the feel good phrases they taught you in U.S.C. Ed.D. fairytale ‘doctor’ land.

    1. Don’t worry, Molly McClallahan will show up at the next council meeting to talk about Coyote Hills instead of doing her job as a FJC Trustee and getting rid of that goon.

  5. In other words, the whole termination deal was a scam from the get go. The whole thing was orchestrated to give the CSUF administration cover while the principle of public employee sanctity was maintained.

    And we picked up the tab for the whole farce.

  6. Hey Worm, why were those ZioNazi Repuglican punks there to begin with? You and the fake media forgot to mention that the original gathering was a March for Peace in Palestine. Oh, wait aminute, we need a Wall just like the accumulation of the worlds scum of racist Jewish supremacist in so-called Israel needs theirs. That way so we can always have plenty of enemies too.

    1. I agree. We should beat the shit out of all students who disagree. Professor Canin had it right all along.

  7. The story was compketely distorted, a group of radical tea party minded students chased and attacked a professor and then witnessed against him. Seems abusing of loop holes of the law, thats all

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