An Empty Shell of a Man

Last week California was showered with editorials criticizing state Democrats for their underhanded retroactive gimping of the recall process to protect state senator Josh Newman.

It’s lonely at the top. Also at the bottom.

Here are a few of them:

The Democrats’ cynical move to protect one of their own – Los Angeles Times

Democrats push a phony election ‘fix’ – San Francisco Chronicle

Reject legislation to stymie recall elections – Los Angeles Daily News

Democrats Embrace Banana-Republic Tactics – American Spectator

Democrats playing dirty to save Newman from recall – OC Register

In at least one interview Newman himself has supported the effort to delay his own recall, although he avoided directly voting for it. Newman’s abutment of this electoral abuse of power illustrates his rapid degeneration from virginal statesman to shrugging beneficiary of political treachery. If any of the public’s trust in Newman remained after his vote for the regressive gas tax, it’s all but gone now.

On the bright side, recall organizers have vowed to mount constitutional challenges that will attempt to restore California voters’ right to recall government officials.

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  1. He didn’t last very long. Six months to become a corrupt, anti-democratic piece of Sacramento garbage.

    Hey Newman, we’re down here in Orange County. Remember us? We voted for you. Now you can screw off.

  2. Screwing with the electoral rights of voters is a bold move that I’m sure the Democrats will come to regret sooner or later.

    What’s really sad is the Newman supporters who think this is OK. How desperate and sad do you have to be to support the elimination of your own democratic rights? Even Dem party devotee Sharon Quirk figured out that this was a bad idea and quietly voted against it.

  3. They actually want to change the Constitution…amazing how desperately they want to hold on to that super majority so they can keep voting taxes and fees in without a vote of the public.
    Not only am I going to sign for the recall I am going to vote for it!

  4. Someone on an earlier post comment called it a form of gangsterism, it really is.

    Newman had the chance to be that one who could really represent the people, not the party, but chose the mob instead. What a shame, instead of being a hero, he’ll go down in history as being a ZERO. Someday, somewhere, in the not so distant future, he’ll be crying hard with his head between his legs wishing he had the courage to stand up for the people.

    1. Yep, Newman is a phony – no better than carpetbagger Kang or repuglican Ling Ling. In the end, he stood for nothing and accomplished less than nothing.

    1. SB 96 A 110 YR RECALL RULE Was Changed as a: WILLFUL, INTENTIONAL & PARTISAN attempt to HELP undermine the recall by Brown to continue to get HIS AGENDA shoved through says:

      Good Afternoon Mrs. R. Williams, I have to say a lot of honest things and I will start out by saying towards your question about it being “all gloom and doom” and that is: “I am grateful for and think it is a very beautiful and sunny God given day Mrs. Williams” and that is NOT “gloom and doom” since as a positive individual I will not be put into any box or labeled. I also have something else to say about what you have down “Do you guys ever say anything good” well does that include BOTH girls and “guys” and include “men” and “women” I am assuming it does. Assuming always the best and that you are an open minded and independent thinker, you may NOT mean it but when you ask a question “Do you guys every say anything good, or is it all gloom and doom” that you DO reasonably consider it INFERS that if someone does NOT believe something happening is good for ALL the districts and states Taxpaying voters that means that they are “gloom and doom” thinking individuals? That does NOT factor in that when it comes to what is happening in out district and in California it make up of MORE then two political parties but several and also those who “DON’T declare” and those who choose to have “NO party” so in Senator Newman district you have ALL political parties who are AGAINST this Gas Tax and they are even in the Liberal party. People not only in the district are strapped and struggling and they are NOT as fortunate as Senator Newman, Gov. Brown and maybe even yourself. We count out blessings and it is tough when you work with families of ALL POLITICAL PARTIES who are just trying to make ends meet, Mrs. R. Williams. What would shock you is that they come from ALL SOCIO ECONOMIC backgrounds (just even those more fortunate to the very poor) and it is due in part because they have either lost their good paying jobs to other states that are business friendly, or so many people are pouring into California from all over that we do not have the resources of jobs to cover them. Our state is only so big and you get a REALITY check each and everyday when you see people facing challenges you would not imagine and more taxes will undermine them even more. It sure is a” beautiful God given day and I sincerely hope you are in enjoying it too” and I am sorry if I had to add some “gloom and doom” to this post but I am just being REAL and face REALITY each and everyday. I consider myself very fortunate, Mrs. William compared to how really dismal others have it ALL over California and especially in OUR district. I am an optimistic, but when I see things are “sad and bad” because I am not selfish that does NOT make me “gloom and doom” and have nothing good to say. Might want to read my “eye and mind opening” post I put out just a few minutes ago on this same page about SB96 because regardless of ALL political party affiliation, it IMPACTS ALL of us, is nothing other then an attempt to rob everyone from a 110 year old right. You never know until next time you may need to use it and Gov. Brown and those who approved to block all of our voices and wishes of ALL parties.

  5. SB 96 A 110 YR RECALL RULE Was Changed as a: WILLFUL, INTENTIONAL & PARTISAN attempt to HELP undermine the recall by Brown to continue to get HIS AGENDA shoved through says:

    Spread the Word our kids get hurt & NOT just us. SENATOR NEWMAN HEAR THIS: You are NOT LOYAL to ALL your constituents, those who voted for you so you would NOT increase their taxes any higher, and those who did not vote for you concerned that you would, and now you have without any say. SENATOR NEWMAN KNOW THIS: You ARE LOYAL to Gov. “Brownie Point” Brown and HIS agenda to TAX the heck out of ALL struggling and overtaxed constituents that obviously will hardly impact you, him and those who voted YES! SENATOR NEWMAN REMEMBER THIS: Thanks for nothing! Your YES vote helped Gov. Brown to continue to use ALL political parties with diverse backgrounds, as Brown’s own personal ATM machine. SENATOR NEWMAN YOU BETRAYED OUR KIDS: while you and others who sold out their own constituents by voting YES to increase taxes you have assisted in helping him also ROB our children’s future PIGGY BANK for college, future home ownership and being able to afford to live in California! SENATOR NEWMAN WE ARE ALL WISE: Hmmm, interesting. Senator NEWMAN we all have read that you are verbally in support of DELAYING your own recall, right?? TWO VALID QUESTIONS SENATOR NEWMAN: Why didn’t you have the “guts” to actually put it in writing by voting YES on bill SB96 that will CHANGE FOREVER (unless all Californians regardless of political party legally fight it) this wonderful 110 year old bill SB96 dealing with the recall & referendum process that benefits ALL constituents? You KNOW bill SB 96 gives ALL California Taxpayer/voter our right to “CHOOSE” to RECALL for valid and informed reasons by doing damage control in a timely manner because you, SENATOR NEWMAN “CHOSE” to be LOYAL not to us but to Gov. Brown, a political party RATHER then loyal to ALL your constituents who did or did not vote for you? We would rather have a NO political party affiliation representing us, that has the “guts” to vote for us, then a “YES” person to help pay for Gov. Browns future China trips in his “gas guzzling” airplanes that our not “environmentally” friendly, through OUR increased taxes! Not to forget, Gov. Brown’s one size fits all “one step medical for all” with will block all of our choices to decide. Sure you will deny it and so will Gov. Brown, BUT your votes show where your heart and loyalty are. SENATOR NEWMAN SB 96 IS ON GOV. BROWN’S DESK TO BE SIGNED: So we are not all fools in your district. It is so OBVIOUS that signing off on bill SB96 is PROTECTING YOU not us Sen. Newman, Gov. Brown realizes if you DID get recalled (for many valid reasons) that it would slow down or put the brakes on BROWN’S ATM & PIGGY BANKROLL mentality which is: when Gov. Brown runs short of funding on his pet projects, when it gets exposed at the NATIONAL level that we need to get things fixed then President Brown (Oops, sorry GOV. BROWN realizes we need to do what we should have been doing all along even under HIS watch! SENATOR NEWMAN FROM ALL POLTICAL PARTIES AGAINST THE GAS TAX HEAR THIS: We have eyes and ears also, and it has been obvious for quite some time that roads and infrastructure are in disrepair or just antiquated, YET where has ALL our yearly taxes gone to for the SAFETY of the TAXPAYERS and their kids? We read in the paper, hear on the radio and do research when time allows and if taxpayers can find out then YOU know also. Even BEFORE you got elected. By you wanted to put a bill out to make sure the funding would go ONLY for what it is meant to go to, WHAT YOU DID is show ALL of us that YOU knew better and how Sacramento passes bill and uses our money for other things. So YOUR vote would have been a NO vote if you did NOT ask ALL of us first. SENATOR NEWMAN THINK ABOUT THIS: You could have asked us ALL why we are against what you are voting for BEFORE you voted, you could have told ALL of us because it is an “ALL” political party TAXPAYER concern NOT just Conservative, SENATOR NEWMAND & GOV. BROWN! That is to easy to IGNORE all the constituents and their respective political parties or NO party at all, BUT you “chose” to make it a D versus R issue and it is NOT it is a TAXPAYER issues versus Gov. Brown and his heavy handed tax increase history! PLEASE stop insulting all of our intelligence! SENATOR NEWMAN REMEMBER THIS: We desperately need and want LEADERS that put their constituents and districts FIRST, regardless of political party and everyone knows this, they just won’t say it! Anyone who would opt to vote for someone who increases taxes without any checks and balances as our roads and infrastructure reflects, KNOWING MOST of California taxpayers are struggling to pay their taxes (maybe not you or Gov. Brown) and we do NOT need that extra burden. Please everyone look into bill SB 96 this 110 year old rule that is taking ALL of our rights away to either delay or undermined the purpose for recalls on ANYTHING in the future if you agree upon it or not. SENATOR NEWMAN ARE YOU LISTENING???

      1. SPREAD THE WORD: Changing SB 96 is a cynical ploy to hijack the 110 yr old Great history of the initiative , recall and referendum process by Gov. Brown and Sen. Newman blessing says:

        Good Evening T-REX Sorry for being longer then normal but what is happening in our district is very important information for all taxpayers and NOT a political party issue. I figure if one person reads my posts and realizes that they are long because what is going on IMPACTS everyone it is worth it. I have friends and even families that come from ALL political parties and respect and care about them, so when I see their rights are being taken away or diminished it is tough. So for now I will put out longer posts that are well worth reading or at least to consider if you are struggling like families I deal with daily it is a BIG DEAL each time taxes go up. I have a heart for those who need “representatives” and NOT “politicians”. I hope you can respect that and when this is over then I will shorten my posts. You have a great sense of humor, so I got a good laugh about the “short arms” I get it like the dinosaur RRRRRRRRR!

    1. I don’t even need to read that, but if torpedoing Sucky Kang’s scampaign opened the door for Newman, then so be it. The devil you know and the devil you, um, know.

      1. Bullshit and you know it. Bushala is wearing this one like an albatross around his short little neck.

        1. The world is not flat. It is a sphere. If you start at one place and go far enough you will end up where you started.

  6. Bushala warned people (including me) not to vote for Sukhee Kang for all the right and obvious reasons. Too bad your party can’t muster up any good candidates to carry your flag! Don’t forget, Ling Ling Chang was caught red handed in a fist full of lies. If Changs the best you’ve got, then you deserve to be led by those who know not to lie & smile at the same time.

  7. SPREAD THE WORD: Changing SB 96 is a cynical ploy to hijack the 110 yr old Great history of the initiative , recall and referendum process by Gov. Brown and Sen. Newman blessing says:

    SPREAD THE WORD ON DETAILS FROM HJTA THAT WILL BE PUT DOWN IN THIS POST: If you OPPOSE having YOUR future rights and choices taken away from YOU, by allowing Gov. Brown to greatly diminish SB96 them then ACT NOW, and get the word out all over, or regret it later. Even after he signs off on it YOU still can do something to try to fight it for YOUR future rights. If YOU ever have a circumstance that requires using SB96 to use on ANY issue that YOU believe is wrong, then it will impact YOU also. If you OPPOSE allowing Gov. Brown and Senator Newman (who supports this action) to get by with diminishing YOUR right to recall if not listened to on how bills and our $$$$$$ are used then DO something now! We do NOT need another “politician” who Gov. Brown supported to get his vote, we NEED and independent thinker in ACTION that “representatives” all of us of any party but LISTENS! It is never to late to be heard and fight to the end, or you will lose that right in the future if you agree or disagree on the recall, what if you have an issue with something else or somebody you feel has betrayed your trust. First, we get an unwanted gas tax and now and messing with SB 96 is just another way of diminishing YOURS voices and chances of needed relief and change in the future. NOTICE FOR ALL TAXPAYERS: According to what I could find out from HJTA (HOWARD JARVIS TAYPAYERS ASSOCIATION) considered leading advocates for ALL taxpayers from ALL political backgrounds is that they are AGAINST the changing of SB 96 that is hurting ALL taxpayer’s. According to HJTA they opposed the state budget “trailer” bill (is what it is called) which conveniently CHANGED the 110 year old rules of SB96 for state recalls of politicians. This was done as a intentional and partisan ATTEMPT to HELP UNDERMINE the recall of Sen. Josh Newman (which I will add, block all struggling taxpayers who oppose the gas tax)! So that’s Gov. Brown’s way of dealing with all of us “FREELOADERS” as an equal opportunity (regardless of political party) who dare to have the nerve to OPPOSE the GAS TAX! That alone would make anyone fight to try to overturn it or at least try. You can get a hold of HJTA to see the letter they wrote. Unfortunately, even though the HJTA letter of opposition was circulated ALL across the Capitol it still did NOT stop the partisan decision to support changing it. Further, unfortunately thanks to PROPOSITION 25 which voters approved in 2010, state budget bills NOW only need to be approved on a MAJORITY vote, take effect immediately upon Gov. Brown’s signature (on his desk now) and cannot be repealed BY the way of referendum (voters did not realize it would be used against them in a partisan way, and to block the wishes of the voter/taxpayers. As a result, this made the bill very difficult to defeat and it is now as mentioned above on Gov. “ATM” Brown’s desk awaiting signature. HJTA as with ALL taxpayer and homeowners issues is pursuing ALL options, including legal ones, to protect YOUR rights now an in the future) to keep this bill from taking effect. Trying is better then doing nothing. ALL POLITICAL PARTIES WHO ARE AGAINST THE GAS TAX, SEN. NEWMAN’S VOTE TO INCREASE YOUR TAXES AND BELIEVE HE IS NOT “REPRESENTATING” YOUR BEST INTERESTS, THEN CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING: In the future, if YOU do NOT try OR do nothing to PRESERVE SB 96 regardless of your political affiliation, then YOU or your grown children might find yourself in a situation that YOU oppose a bill or a “politician” and that will be to your disadvantage. Just a few reasons why people are fed up with “politicians” regardless of party is: They feel strongly that they are NOT being heard when a YES vote should be a NO in this district, feel strongly that they have NO say in HIS decisions to just go ahead and increase our taxes to make Gov. Brown happy, believe YOUR NOT being “represented” by a taxpayer advocate FOR the taxpayers and NOT against. Sick and tired of finding out AFTER you vote that your “politician” was bank rolled by his party so he better “keep in line” like we saw that attitude on the UNHINGED video on this webpage coming from the Liberal leader (great role model) bullying someone of his own community because he was NOT a Liberal OR had a different viewpoint! If you want the same result and go along to get along with “politics” as usual, and want a “politician” catering to Gov. Brown instead of “struggling” families already overburdened with taxes then do nothing, BUT you may one day need SB 96 for something you believe strongly is right. For countless people of ALL political backgrounds and diversity they NEED and WANT a LOYAL “representative” an ADVOCATE for the people that will take an UNPOPULAR stand even against their own party if they have to. Howard Jarvis Tax Association, Carlos, John and Ken @ KFI are fighting for YOUR voice and against “fat cat” politicians that realize that people are struggling with enough taxes, they are taking verbal abuse, lies and misleading reasons for fighting FOR you as we could see in that video that went viral for one example. Regardless what the end result is we ALL lose is in the FUTURE, regardless what the cause or political party IF we allow Gov. Brown to get away with greatly diminishing or eventually possibly getting rid of YOUR right to recall. SPREAD THE WORD, GO TO THEIR WEBSITE SIGN UP AND DONATE IF YOU CAN.

  8. Parts of this story are familiar to me. Simply put, , Newman wants the government to raise the gas tax to generate more revenue so to make needed improvements on our roads and freeways. I have been paying a gas tax for the last forty years. What happened to these tax dollars? Major freeways in Los Angeles have not been expanded to meet the 20’year population explosion in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim metropolis of 13 million people. There are alot of gas tax paying drivers embedded in those 13million people who have paid into California’s transportation. FFFF reported a few years ago,that Fullerton city council wanted to raise the water rates because its pipes and sewers in dire need of replacement and repairs. It was revealed that money for Fullerton’s water delivery infrastructure was siphoned off into its municipal employees salaries and pensions. People like Newman dont represent the public’s interests, and neither does any politician who supports him. A true blue repmof the people would ask the hard question; what was done with the tax dollars generated by the gas tax for the last ten years?

  9. That gas tax is fine with me, I’m a rich man and my 13 cars just sit there in my underground garage. If they actually use any of the Gas Tax revenues to fix the roads, I’ll be better off. It’s poor dumb working slobs that actually pay for regressive taxes.

    1. Yes, the tax is much more painful to the bulk of Democrat voters – except for the public employee union members. It benefits them greatly.

      1. I agree the gas tax is much more painful to the bulk of Democrat voters and thank you for pointing it out. I might add the includes all other voters in our district.

        We are being robbed (Peter) to pay (Paul) and what do we have to show for it? Roads and infrastructure that were bad 10 years ago, and increase population and counting and they are worse today.

        Just found out that to get more money from us that Prop. 13 is being under attack again to increase our property taxes if a current bill goes through soon.

        I was told by a neighbor to check Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association and they were right. When does it end?

      2. …was anyone else aware that Josh Newman is on the Board of Directors of N.U.F.F., or Neighbors United For Fullerton, which is a group of Democratic public employees,mainly Teachers, connected to the Fullerton Observer masquerading as a “non-partisan” wink wink non profit?

        Quote from Josh…

        ‘I’m also active in my community, as a member of the Executive Board of Neighbors United for Fullerton (NUFF)”

        P.S. I looked on MUFF’s website and didn’t see his name mentioned, however the website looks like it hasn’t been updated in some time.

        P.S.S. I also saw on the anti-recall website that major funding for the anti recall was provided by public school Teachers unions.

        1. FULLERTON LOVER could you please post the name of the anti-recall website you mentioned above. ANONYMOUS POSTED ON 6/20 at 2:17 pm said “Yes. the gas tax is much more painful to the bulk of the Democrat voters – EXCEPT for the public employee union members IT BENEFITS THEM GRATELY.
          that the only people benefiting from the gas tax are special interest groups and union.

          When you mentioned teachers FULLERTON LOVER and that you saw o the ANTI=RECALL WEBSITE that the MAJOR funding for the anti-recall was provided by public school teachers UNION. So that is why I am asking you to let the rest of us know what is the name of it.

          Thank you and you said that Sen. josh Newman states: “that he is active in his community as a board member” of what? A board member basically of a group of public union employees that are benefiting from the gas tax!

          Connect the dots and it is the old “Scratch our backs Sen. Josh Newman, and we will scratch your backs public union employees for increased gas taxes and the like. Not all in our county or California, but those part of NUFF that Newman is a board member according to what is down do in Fullerton.

          1. Senator Newman ; – )

            ..this is the verbiage that was on the flyer that was passed out to me the other day by a fellow trying to counteract a nice fellow who was asking people to sign the petition outside of a store in Yorba Linda….

            Paid for by Friends of Josh Newman Opposed to the Recall
            Major funding by California Teachers Association/Issues PAC and California Democratic Party (committees)


            …the name of the web site is

            …the Fullerton public school Teachers advocacy group, NUFF, is…


    2. That gas tax is NOT fine with me. Once upon a time I WAS a very rich man and use to own 23 cars. I was chauffeured all over Orange County to all my businesses until the potholes and other damages to our roads forced me to stay at home. One day I finally woke up from my dumb and blind coma and started asking myself: where is all my gas tax money going to, and why not for road repairs? For years I never got a valid answer from the politicians I kept voting for, just the run around. Fast forward years later to 2017, the roads are worse, the smart working class people that helped make me rich in the first place are proving to be wiser then I thought I was. They decided to actually take action against all odds and send a message to the Governor Brown and Senator Josh Newman they are revolting. I was once rich and dumb and now poor but smart for finally taking action to fight the politician in my district who voted yes to the gas tax. The End.

      1. Sen. Newman Increases taxes while Decreasing our voices so it supports the continuation of Robbing Peter to Pay Paul to says:

        Increasing our taxes and decreasing the voices of anyone who opposes the gas tax regardless of political party. So Governor Brown calls Democrats “freeloaders” also if they are against this bill. Great representation and stops independent thinking within this party. Your viewed as a traitor at worse or uninformed at best coming from people who have experienced the backlash of their chose to oppose it.

  10. Newman’s fun-sized stature should have forewarned us of his Napoleonic rule with the supermajority. That’s my takeaway; but for less snark and more substantive analysis on the “pseudo-dictatorial powers” in Sacramento, here’s Carson Bruno from the Pepperdine School of Public Policy with a sobering political commentary that joins the list of reputable denouncers:

    1. Sen. Newman Increases taxes while Decreasing our voices so it supports the continuation of Robbing Peter to Pay Paul to says:

      Thank you WAITING FOR WATERLOO on your informative article you posted.

      All taxpayers are seeking a representative who is LOYAL first to his constituents, not some politician who is LOYAL first to Sacramento. The more taxes add up over time and is decreasing affordability for Sen. Newman’s middle class taxpayers which are the bulk of all of his districts to be able to continue to live in OC or in California for most taxpayers and most of their children. Who wants that???

      So we get MORE taxes and LESS say in how he votes in OUR district because of our politicians disloyalty and allegiance to Gov. Brown. Would Brown call Senator Newman a “freeloader” if he had voted NO on the gas tax? How about if it did NOT support the undermining of the purpose of bill SB96 to delay or stop the recall against him? It is a BETRAYAL issue plain and simple.

      Senator Newman has “betrayed” the Democrats who voted for him in this district, he “betrayed” other political parties who are impacted negatively by HIS decisions. Did ASK to find out where our dollars have been going and why not on fixing our roads and vote yes regardless? Did ASK what has Sacramento has been doing with OUR gas tax money for at” least” the past decade BEFORE he voted ? Did he ASK all of us FIRST before he voted on how we wanted him to vote and why? NO!

      Senator Newman knows his district is mostly “MIDDLE” class, that it is expensive to live in California because of elected officials that are tax happy like Gov. TAX MAN Brown. He realized that the poor are also included. Unless one is deaf, dumb or blind the taxes collected were used on other things LESS important at best, or at worst mismanaged and not used for road repair and safety. Gov. Brown wants to cover his (you know what) to get more $$$$$ from us thinking no one can see and it will make the problem go away at all of our expense.

      This should bother all of us. We are ALL paying MORE taxes and more for services in OC and all over this state and getting LESS at the store, restaurants and everywhere else. Meanwhile OUR roads and infrastructure have DECREASED in safety and been left on the back burner for YEARS! All the while it is obvious the population in the OC has INCREASED and continues to grow. This causes our already UNSAFE roads to get worse faster.

      With fewer HIGHER paying jobs “fleeing” overtaxed California businesses those companies that pay higher wages are leaving our beautiful state for places that do NOT overtax them . Thank to Gov. TAXMAN Brown he has compounded this by taxing us for every nickel he can get out of us. Taxpayers have to take lower paying or leave the state even those who are wealthy are not immune to that.

      Politicians do NOT want to talk about the decrease in high paying jobs and increase of TAXs, TAXs, TAXs without any taxpayer oversight committee, Non partisan oversight committee to stop the robbery and running business that pay high wages out of state so we can AFFORD to pay for ALL these increases.

      THINK OF IT THIS WAY WHEN IT COMES TO OUR $$$: “ALL the little people taxpayers footing the bill” versus “BIG Sacramento who spend all of OUR money like out of control politicians gone wild” and NOT on our roads. THINK OF IT THIS WAY WHEN IT COMES TO NO ACCOUNTABIITY FOR OUR $$$: It is like having an “entitled” spoiled child (SACRAMENTO) and he blows all of his allowance on other things and comes back complaining and wanting more (ALL TAXPAYERS) and does NOT have to be accountable for it.

      LESSON TO LEARN ABOUT HOW SACRAMENTO IS SPENDING OR $$$: The child knew that the money you GAVE them was suppose to go “towards” gas in their car and instead they spent it on fancy mag’s and upgrades to the car. This is what has been going on with our tax dollars and others have posted on that.

      Gov. “TAXMAN” Brown with Sen. “TAX US” Newman’s blessing did one last thing to help silence anyone including Democrats who oppose this gas tax, signed the petition are were called “freeloaders” along with ALL parties. They both supported the undermining of a 110 year old bill SB 96 a propositions for recall and referendum which basically diminished YOUR voices now and in the future if you RESIST and REVOLT against increase in your taxes. That impacts all taxpayers in every political affiliation and that needs to be hit home since it is the truth.

      Both Senator Newman and Brown realized by robbing all taxpayers of the right to recall and referendum (as other posts on FFFF discussed) then they could get INCREASED UNWANTED BILLS pushed through before the general election in 2018. Bottom line: Just INCREASE our taxes regardless if every dollar counts for most hardworking people, and DECREASE all of our options in California now by changing bill SB 96 forever.

      So for all DEMOCRATS who are informed and signed the petition, are against the gas tax and feel betrayed and insulted by Gov. TAXMAN Brown and Senator “TAX US” Newman’s actions then consider the following Gov. Brown called DEMOCRATS and all other parties “FREELOADERS” when they opposed the gas tax. He further condemned DEMOCRATS for signing the petition.

      DID GOV. BROWN CALL SENATOR NEWMAN A “FREELOADER” TOO? Gov. Brown did NOT call Sen. Josh Newman a “freeloader” because he voted YES to the gas tax that the middle class in his district are struggling already and what about the poor?

      If Sen. Newman had made a independent decision to STAND BY his district BEFORE voting, to get ALL their input and reasons why they wanted him to vote NO, and let Sacramento know on ALL our behalf that we want to know where the heck has the gas tax dollars been going for decades then that would have been a “representative” and NOT a “politician”.

      Gov. TAXMAN Brown would have had to include Senator Newman as a “FREELOADER” Democrat also since that is what he calls ALL political including Democrats against his TAX, TAX and more TAX agenda. An equal opportunity insulting “name caller” of all those who are Democrats or not that DISAPPOVE of not repairing are roads and each year collecting more and more taxes. WHY NOT USE THE $$$$ THAT YOU COLLECTED ALREADY AND STOP FLYING TO CHINA USING OUR GAS TAX DOLLARS!

  11. Today the Fair Political Practices Commission voted 3-1 against their Chairwoman Jodi Remke — and also against their top attorney’s public counsel from last week — to instead support Senate Democrats who want the FPPC to reverse its long-standing donation limits on recalls now that Democratic State Senator Newman faces one. Before making this change, the panel will allow public comment once their attorneys draft a new legal opinion to explain (somehow) why the FPPC will no longer uphold the finance protection honored with every recall since 2003. (We know Sen. Newman believes he can ignore and even retaliate against the outcry of his own electors, so what possible power would “public comment” hold before a commission that’s not appointed — much less at risk of recall — by the people?)

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