Former Crappy State Senator Employee Running for County Supervisor

Former State Senator Bob Huff (R-Ed Roski) was best known as a shameless hustler for California’s failed crony capitalism experiment called Redevelopment. Other than the usual, dreary-fake Repuglican social issues it’s hard to recall a single Huff politcal pursuit. Now, it appears, one of Huff’s political acolytes thinks himself fit to be our next 4th District County Supervisor. His name is Tim Shaw.

Here’s the announcement.

I can’t think of anything. Provide your own caption…

Shaw’s big political claim to fame is being on the La Habra city council which, frankly, isn’t much to write home about; that and being the Republican State Senate candidate who got unceremoniously booted off the stage to make way for Ling-Ling Chang as part of the massively failed GOP “Asian Woman” strategy.

Shaw’s announcement contains several unintentionally funny lines. Here’s my favorite:

“I firmly believe the 2016 election results sent a strong message. People are tired of politics as usual, and we need to tear up the playbook and start from scratch.”

Wow. Four clichés in two sentences. Well done, little fella.

Starting from scratch means electing a clueless, no longer Young Republican drone who shows no evidence of ever having had an original thought? Yeah, sure, whatever you say, chief. Good luck with that.

The Village People just called…
Image added as embarrassing 1980s afterthought…

Former State Assemblywoman Young Kim has already announced she is going for this seat and has tied up the endorsements of the Ed Royce crowd, so that’s our choice so far, and it isn’t much of a choice. Ms. Kim is an empty suit led around by her husband, Charles Kim, who is best remembered in Fullerton for bringing us Julie Sa in 1992.

15 Replies to “Former Crappy State Senator Employee Running for County Supervisor”

  1. “Shawn Nelson has served our district with class and integrity,”

    You have to admit Ex-hippy, that’s pretty funny too.

    1. I wouldn’t. The original assclown tried once. But his list of high visibility failures is mounting:

      1. State Senate 2008
      2. Supervisor 2010 (twice)
      3. State Assembly 2016

      Let’s face it: even the fat headedist assclown has to get the message sooner or later.

      1. At the bottom of the second paragraph, it’s a little incoherent but says Julie Sa was appointed governor in 2004. The preceding sentence (written in April 2008?) references the governor’s arrest, but does not mention any person by name. Are they talking about Julie Sa?

        Given North Korea’s reputation, I think it’s fair to question whether or not Julie is still alive.

        Oh, and here’s an LA Times article about Julie and North Korea:

        1. Wow. That’s a post for FFFF.

          I’m sure Charles and Young Kim could answer that question.

  2. Tim Sean needs to get out of government we need someone representing the people not politicians and special interest groups

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