Comment of the Month, Plus A Taxpayer Funded Movie!

Here is a recent comment from one of our Friends, Just Off Euclid, in response to watching another one of those super-expensive “State of the City” videos that we buy to make City Hall and the politicians therein, look good.

Thanks for sharing that nauseating bit of municipal self-promotion. I note:

Whitaker sitting in front of Laguna Lake where untold millions of gallons of prime MWD water were lost with no apology, no accountability, no responsibility. Fitzgerald brazenly bragging about the moronic stairs to nowhere. Donwtown stakeholders are committed she says. Committed to what? Profit at our expense. Sebourn, with his ass parked in the Corporate Yard as the streets of Fullerton crumble; “we’re ready” he boasts. ready for what?

And then the images of the vast Joe Felz/Karen Haluza stack n’ pack tenement blocks. Who is the target audience for that? Developers, I guess.

Jesus. How much did this bullshit cost?

We don’t know how much it cost. Not yet anyway. But here are some invoices that indicate the cost of 2015 and 2016 productions:

Kneadle 2 | Kneadle | Barron AV 2 | Pipeline Digital 2-2 | Pipeline Digital 2 | Pipeline Digital 1

12 Replies to “Comment of the Month, Plus A Taxpayer Funded Movie!”

  1. What are you talking about? You really missed the mark on this one. The purpose of this video is to play drinking games. Fill a schooner with your favorite alcoholic beverage. Take a sip every time someone says the word “balance” When the video is done you will not care what it cost the taxpayers of Fullerton. Wait. Balance….like what the cops look for when you do a sobriety test or some other kind balance? Never mind.

  2. Looks like about $10,000 to $12,000 a year for this useless, misguided propaganda that will be viewed by less than 200 people. Total waste!

  3. “We had some extra money, but instead of using it to fix your potholes, we made this really nice campaign video.”

  4. I resent all five of the jackasses for putting their time and OUR money into this.

    What in the hell is wrong with Whitaker? Is this what he stands for?

  5. If there is another story behind the story how about a video remake. I do appreciate our Mayer including an honest assessment of the state of the streets in the video.
    Last nights budget meeting in the council chamber was pretty depressing. Only a minority on the council it seems are willing to take this budget problem on head on or to think out of the box.the rest it seems wish to be content with our course on auto pilot and say I think we’re headed in the right ditection

  6. Couldn’t be better timing. Tomorrow is the “Mini” State of the City address at the library at 6:30 pm.

    Don’t forget your flask or you’ll be left out of the game.

    1. Who’s picking on anybody? Whitaker is sitting there with a stupid grin in front of that lake that was leaking like a sieve – 150,000 gallons a day as I recall – for years.

      I’m sure Whitaker is a nice guy with lots of friends. That doesn’t make him fiscally responsible, does it? If he’s going to behave lie a public employee union slug, then he needs to accept the fall out.

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