Bruce Whitaker Announces His Candidacy in the Senate District 29 Recall

Although the results have yet to be certified, and the Democratic Party is doing their best to invalidate the petition gathering effort (even going so far as to sue individual College Republican signature gatherers) the recall election of State Senator Josh Newman is likely proceeding. And now the Republican party has a candidate for the special election.

This morning, Fullerton City Councilmember Bruce Whitaker announced his intention to run in the special election to replace Newman, when it takes place.

Whitaker, a Republican, has been on the City Council since 2010, when he won a special election to replace Shawn Nelson. Whitaker has a long record of fighting tax increases prior to his election to the City Council, including his opposition to Measure R, the proposed county sales tax proposed to deal with Orange County’s bankruptcy in the mid 1990s. This will be the second recall election Whitaker has been involved in, as he was also part of the successful recall of three Fullerton City Councilmembers over a utility tax increase in 1994.

Whitaker’s announcement will hopefully put the final nail in the nascent candidacy of Ling Ling Chang, who was the Republican Party’s candidate in the 2016 election and who many (myself included) believe blew what should have been a winnable race. Whitaker is not the first candidate to announce however, as FFFF contributor Joshua Ferguson announced his intention to run for the race earlier this week.

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      1. Just a couple of internet trolls masquerading as Fullerton’s saviors. They go by many names, one of their favorite names to go by is Annonamoyus. Referring to themselves on the 3rd person is one of their specialities. Two of the biggest bullies in town who can’t take a joke and stoke the hate on their conspiracy filled page.

              1. Very classy, Marilyn was a wonderful woman who has just passed away. WGAF about something that happened 6 years ago and was blown way out of proportion.

                1. Your idea of a “wonderful woman”is one who thinks its funny to refer to black people as “chimpanzees”

                  Setting the bar pretty low if you ask me.

                  Hopefully someone can let Sean Paden and Bruce Whitaker’s campaigns know their cut off from fiture political donations from her.

              2. She still donated to both of their political campaigns when they ran for political office.

                Birds of a feather.

                1. I see Zonya Townsend shared her joke. Wasn’t Zonya Joe Imbriano’s biggest contributor last year?

      2. I think it’s becoming painfully obvious that you don’t want anybody looking at the information that these two people are putting out. it is very politically damaging to Bruce Whitaker.

        1. Why is flat Earth conspiracy politically damaging to Bruce Whitaker? I’m pretty sure Bruce believes the Earth is a big ball.

          1. I didn’t see any Flat Earth videos on Joe imbrianos YouTube channel but there sure are a ton of them that sure has me asking a lot of questions Bruce Whitaker it sure looks like he’s never answered any of the ones that Barry has asked him. I don’t think it’s very adult-like for people on this site to be so one-sided and immature especially as it relates to facts that are being questioned. I do appreciate this forum though because at least we can have a conversation although I sometimes wonder who I’m talking to.

            1. “I didn’t see any Flat Earth videos on Joe imbrianos YouTube channel but there sure are a ton of them that sure has me asking a lot of questions ”

              Questions? Like “Am I an idiot?” “Am I an Effing Moron?” “Could I get Any Stupider?”

              Barry is a big-mouth buffoon who is only one step behind Embrryo in the nutsy-cuckoo department.

              1. A) who gives a rat’s ass if the earth us round or flat when you’ve got a boat load of problems in Fullerton which has and will continue to directly impact your families.

                1. Normal people.

                  Normal people always give a rat’s ass about fundamentals of rational thought.

                  No one is interested in the opinions of anyone predisposed to replace basic rational thought proven by basic (and I mean basic) math and science with convoluted Rube Goldberg type logic pretzels to support insane conspiracy theories.

                  Accepting the shape of the earth is a prerequisite to adult conversations.

                  If you don’t agree, there’s a Fullerton based website just for you. They’re looking for members.

                2. I suppose you think it’s normal
                  listening to information that’s being distributed by a blog whose administrator is an avowed daily pot smoker?

                  Pot meet kettle.

                3. I think that your ad hominem attack is illogical.

                  That’s not an example of the pot calling a kettle black. That’s an example of you not knowing how to argue and yet another example of you rejecting basic logic.

                  Go home, Joe.

                4. Who gives a rat’s ass if the earth is round because Fullerton is so fucked up? Is that all you’ve got, Big Mouth Barry or Joe Embryo or Fullerton Lover?

                5. Hey mr. Anonymous, how come your demented heroes BarryJoe are deleting comments on their embarrassing excuse for a blog? Could it be that the REAL truth tellers are exposing the crazy bullshit for what it is?

        2. The two people who do the most to make sure nobody takes the Fullerton Informer seriously are Joe Imbriano and Barry Levinson. Nobody at FFFF could ever do half as much to discredit that site as them, even if they wanted to.

          And I hate to break it to you two, but you are not worth the trouble. That’s why FFFF hasn’t run a single article about the Informer, while the Informer has, what ten, fifteen articles about FFFF? I’ve lost count. Either way, it is clear which bloggers are obsessed with and jealous of the competition and which bloggers just want to inform the public.

          1. Add one more posted just moments ago by Barry himself. The headline is as long as some blog posts.

          1. P.S. it’s “waiting with bated breath” not ” waiting with baited breath”

            And conversly you would use a baited hook to catch fish and not bated breath.

    1. Barry Levinson has aired a lot of Bruce Whittaker’s dirty laundry over on Joe’s website the Fullerton Informer. I saw some of the YouTube videos with Barry Levinson addressing Bruce Whitaker on some fiscal issues. Is very concerning information when one considers his platform of being a proven tax fighter and fiscal conservative. It is now very clear why Barry and Joe are the objects of such ridicule by people here. I have an open and honest dialogue about all those unanswered questions instead of this childish name-calling. I also think that Joshua Ferguson is a fine young man who is a much better candidate than Whitaker is.

      1. “It is now very clear why Barry and Joe are the objects of such ridicule by people here.”

        You must be referring to the belief that the Earth is flat. Or that Disney is the Anti-Christ. Or that NASA is run by Lucifer, or that Evolution is a hoax. Or that the Apple HQ site plan indicates a vast conspiracy to harden the perimeter of our daughters eggs so that spermatozoa can’t penetrate and hence depopulate the flat eart.

        So which is it?

        1. Or that wi-fi is a tool of the government to render young boys unable to father children when they grow up, thus controlling the population.
          Or that the moon landing was a hoax.
          Or that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job.
          Or that the makers of vaccination drugs actually cause people to get diseases.
          Or that the government controls the weather.

                1. Barry Levinson received a $250 contribution from Ms Davenport on 9/25/12 (page 5 of Mr Levinson’s 9-30-12 pre election filing statement.

                2. So what your saying is that all Republican candidates in Fullerton are supported by rascist?

          1. Why are you making fun of someone who holds those beliefs when a lot of people agree with them but just don’t have the courage to publicly Express them

            1. “Courage” is a strange choice of words to justify someone from hating another human being simply because of the color of their skin.

              I’d say “cowardly would’ve been a better adjective.

              I ain’t no coward.

        2. It’s ironic that you think that everyone that has ever read the Fullerton Informer agrees with all of its contents, when it appears that most of these commenters, that they themselves read most of the contents of the Fullerton Informer.

          1. It’s hard for me to believe that anyone that has ever read the Informer believes ANYTHING in its contents.

            Embryo admitted how shitty his bounce rate it and how short his visits are. Most likely because nobody has ever read one of those comical, self-absorbed screeds all the way through. I tried and I gave up after a couple run on sentences of capitalized gibberish.

            BTW, Baby Huey and Embryo are now moderating comments and banning commenters. What are they afraid of? The truth of their nuttiness?

              1. Nutsy Barry went bonkers when someone likened him to “Baby Huey.” So I had to take a trip to Wikipedia to discover a gigantic baby cartoon duck in a diaper and a baby’s bonnet.

                The best part was this:

                “Most common among them was him trying to be just like any other kid his age. He would see his peers playing, and would immediately get excited. Unfortunately, whenever he tried to involve himself in the activities of his peers (also anthropomorphic ducklings), he would often inadvertently cause problems at their expense, and as a result they would drive him away through trickery (and into tears).”

                1. For a blog that supposedly sought justice for a mentally ill man like Kelly Thomas, you guys sure seems to spend a preordinate amount of time making fun of people you believe are mentally ill.

                2. “For a blog that supposedly sought justice for a mentally ill man like Kelly Thomas, you guys sure seems to spend a preordinate amount of time making fun of people you believe are mentally ill.”

                  I have no idea what “preordinate” is but i know that Kelly Thomas wasn’t out to hurt anybody. The two nuts here are cancerous moles who happen to be nuts.

                3. Except that Baby Huey was good-natured. Levinson is loser who is desperate for people to believe in him, despite having never accomplished a thing in his life.

                4. It’s supposed to be:
                  “an inordinate amount of time making fun of people you perceive as mentally ill ”
                  And you may want to remember that Kelly whacked his own Grandfather with a fireplace poker, which just goes to show you how much you really know.

                5. “…just goes to show you how much you really know.”

                  Unlike you I know that “predordinate’ isn’t a word.

                  KT was clinically mentally ill. JoeBarry are just suffering from gross ignorance, megalomania and paranoia – education and personality deficits of their own creation. Forgive me for using the casual slang like cuckoo and nuts, since you seem (pretend) to be offended by such language.

                  So don’t worry. When I say that BarryJoe are crazy – I don’t mean that a psychiatrist would necessarily agree. But boy do those two need some comprehensive counseling before they hurt themselves or each other.

                  BTW, keep those made up words coming. You might get an invitation from Little Joe to become a writer for him. Making shit up appears to be the only job prerequisite.

                6. If you’d learn to spell correctly, you would discover that preordinate is in fact a word, just not the one I was looking for.

                  The rest of your post is a good example of watching someone wallowing in their own ignorance.

                7. Yes, you’re right, you missed inordinate by a long shot.

                  Why don’t you just stay over at the nutsy-cuckooville where the Earth is flat, Disney is the Anti-Christ and NASA is run by Satan. You’re a natural.

        1. You know it would be interesting to know why Bruce Whitaker stabbed his own appointed in the back and humiliated him in public.

          I could NEVER be friends with someone who treats his friends and appointees like that.

          To each his or her own if that’s what your looking for in a future Fullerton friend.

          A backstabber.

          1. Levinson is the back stabber, not Bruce. Bruce stuck up for Levinson after the whako went ballistic on the AT&T lady after the council meeting a few years ago.. Levinson went so far off the deep end,, that Bruce had no choice but to kick his sorry butt off the parks commission. Levinson has been acting like a baby ever since.

            1. I for one, support Mr. Levinson. Consumption of our product is up 20% in the last 18 months because of him.

              We’ve invited him to participate in an advertisement. We hope he’ll accept.

            2. Yep. That’s the story. Then Barry found a fellow lunatic named Joe and they have grappled in a wacky love embrace ever since.

            3. Nice spin, however AT&T thing never happened.

              I was there.

              It was overblown for political currency by the democrats on the council trying to portray Levinson as a man beating up on a woman, much the same way the crowd over at the Fullerton Observer/NUFF used to play up Chris Norby’s domestic violence cases in their paper to portray him in a negative light and siphon off votes.

              Bruce’s quest for higher office meant that he had to publicly can Levinson to appear intolerant of “bullies”.

              No loyalty to your friends, and then public humiliation after you put them in a dire position, is and should be a huge red flag for most voters.

              If this is how Bruce treats his friends, just inagine how he treats people he’s never met?

              1. The AT&T thing did happen. I was there when Barry apologized to the council. I was there when he promised to behave better.

                He was given months to improve. He simply got worse.

                Bruce should have fired him years ago. He should have fired him immediately after the AT&T thing when Barry admitted not behaving as a Commissioner should, but he didn’t. He was as a matter of objective fact too loyal.

                That’s the real issue in that whole sad tail. Barry Levinson has the dubious distinction of being the only directly appointed Commissioner actively opposed during nomination (by Chaffee) and the only one in recent memory to have a hearing on removal. He should have been canned a long time ago.

                1. That narrative sounds plausible. So let’s assume that clumsy Levinson made himself into a huge political liability for Whitaker. Worst case, Whitaker is guilty of poor communication. That sounds like Whitaker.

                  Either way, big baby Levinson needs to grow up and move on with his life.

                2. BS.

                  Prove that Levinson apologized to the city council for assaulting the woman from AT&T.

                  You can’t, so I won’t hold my breath waiting for your response.

                3. Go watch the video. He apologizes and admits he made a poor choice.

                  He even appeared contrite believe it or not.

                4. I have Barry Levinson apologizing for his mistakes.

                  How much more direct would you like?

                5. I disagree.

                  I think that Bruce “creates his own freight” by publicly humiliating Levinson.

                  Can’t shoot your own messenger in public.

                  Makes others wary of trusting you.

        1. Your inference that these two have axes to grind is unsubstantiated. Joe Imbriano has never held elected office nor has he ever been on appointes to a commission and yet he’s being accused of having an axe to grind. I guess it would logically follow that one of you would point out what that would precisely be. From what I can tell it is Bruce Whitaker that has a lot of explaining to do. I think if the readers here were serious about getting down to the nitty-gritty I think there would be an open dialogue about the issues Barry and his friend Joe have brought to light. quite honestly the declension that seems to be the recurrent theme Here leaves the Casual Observer question the motives of those running this site. There has not been one objective response to any of the questions posed by the people that are painted as lunatics on this site. That’s disconcerting. I had no idea Saul Alinsky was alive and well and Fullerton politics.




          2. “Joe Imbriano has never held elected office”

            But the little fella sure tried, didn’t he? Maybe the Flat Earth shit just scared away the sane folk. Or maybe it was the part about NASA being run by Lucifer and the fact that all the Challenger crew is alive and well and living in Orlando.

          3. “Your inference that these two have axes to grind is unsubstantiated. ”

            Um, yeah. Levinson got fired from the Parks Commission by Whitaker because Big Bad Barry couldn’t control his angry nuttiness. Joe Embryo is just insane.

        2. Little Joe and Baby Barry are now censoring my comments on their rancid website. So much for free speech and transparency. These two want to be loved and respected yet do nothing but rant and rave about their weird conspiracies.

  1. Ling Ling should go back to Harvard, or UCR, or high school and get that diploma she keeps talking about.

  2. This election is going to be a lot like an open primary – with just one winner. Whitaker needs to appeal to Dems and independents to win and not just the knee-jerk anti-tax crowd. It’s not just the Gas tax, but the way it affects low-income people.

    The Dems may actually exert some discipline and get behind one person.

  3. I sort of feel sorry for Newman. He was sacrificed for 50 billion in new taxes. Jerry Brown obviously figured it was worth it in the short run. Maybe Brown is counting on a Democratic replacement via the recall.

    1. JC, with the money war chest at Browns disposal, the king’s all secure behind the walls of his castle. So he doesn’t need to care about losing a pond here, or a pond there.

      But, by all means you don’t feel sorry for a zero phony hypocrite like Newman, guys like him and Kang are a dime a dozen.

  4. In regards to the lawsuit filed on behalf of has-been Newman which names three Republican teens from CSUF as helping mastermind the Democrats’ unsubstantiated claim of mass recall election fraud, I’m curious if this cockamamie civil case is the work of Fullerton’s very own Linda Gardner–known Newman pal and president of the Democrats of North Orange County? The suit cites three petitioners and their city of residence: Linda Gardner (Fullerton), Joanne Fawley (Fullerton), and James Gallagher (Chino Hills).

    1. Joanne Fawley is a FJUHSD Trustee and a high school political science teacher in Cypress. I wonder how she can justify suing college students for political activism? Is that part of her curriculum?

      1. Joanne Fawley (a crony of Newman’s from NUFF) also graduated from CSUF, so she’ll make an adorable pay-it-forward profile subject for their next alumni magazine issue.

      2. June 12: The pedantic pedagogue known as Joanne Fawley schools the slow-learning freeloaders of Fullerton to sound out the words in Senator Newman’s recall petition: “We advise voters to read what they’re asking you to sign – the petition won’t do anything to solve the problems in our communities,” said Fullerton Joint Union High School District Trustee Joanne Fawley. (Source:

        June 27: The once illiterate but now enlightened masses manage to successfully read and sign their names on a total of nearly 85,000 petitions requesting the recall of Senator Newman.

        June 29: CSUF’s fickle study buddy Joanne Fawley reverses her earlier lesson on the importance of reading and now sues to block anyone from ever reading the recall petition. For Fawley, the problem must lie not in failing to read but in allowing people to read and choose a position that possibly differs from her own. Fawley’s final thesis: Freeloaders can’t be freethinkers.

  5. Whitaker just voted to hire a guy with a fake master’s degree from a fake skool.

    Sorry, Bruce. No mas.

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