4th District County Supervisor 2018 Edition

Out here on Screech Owl Road we stay informed, distantly, of the doings in humble Fullerton, a place of constant interest and amusement value. When the dust storms and tortoise races grow tedious we often turn our attention to your town.

And one genre that never bores, are the stories of political ambition and the small-time politicians with big dreams – for themselves, mostly.

Peel off a layer and you’ll find the same thing…

Is it really too early for you Fullertonions to start thinking about who represents you as County Supervisor in 2018? The campaign process normally starts at the end summer before the election and that is about six months away. On the other hand two Fullerton characters may play a part in that campaign so why not indulge in some early speculation?

Soon to be a memory…

The current incumbent is former Fullerton Councilman Shawn Nelson, who is ending a second completely lackluster term, in which County watchers could hardly distinguish a difference from his sleepy predecessor, Chris Norby, except that the casual corruption at the County and the downright wackiness have gotten even worse. He’s termed-out in 2018.

The talk is that both Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald both have their eye on the job even though they’ve just been re-elected to their current positions in Fullerton. Oh well, political ambition trumps loyalty to the electorate every time, right?

A candidacy that splits the Fullerton electorate could leave the door open for a an Anaheim candidate with a decent reputation to join the fray. Who that might be remains to be seen.

Speaking of reputations, as to their records, Whitaker and Fitzgerald are quite similar, except that Whitaker has promoted accountability from the Fullerton Police Department, and stood on the right side of the Kelly Thomas murder, where of course Fitzgerald and her ilk were no-shows. The cop union supported Fitzgerald, and she has done her best to cover-up and protect the Culture of Corruption – while actually having the nerve to credit former Chief Danny “Galahad” Hughes for “reforming” something or other. Whitaker has also been on the right side of the ongoing red-ink budgets that Fitzgerald brazenly lied about to the voters. And he tried to establish an audit committee to keep the bureaucrats on the up and up.

What, me worry?

Unfortunately for Whitaker, there are many points of convergence, voting and performance-wise, with Fitzgerald. There is the massive and rampant overdevelopment of Fullerton; the creation of the phony language of the Coyote Hills plebescite and then the fighting of the successful referendum; there is the the absolutely horrible dereliction of duty by supporting voting districts Map8A, cooked up by the bar owners in the riot zone known as downtown Fullerton to dilute the voters in that vomit and urine-soaked district. They both voted to waste $100,000 on a completely unnecessary “interim” City Manager. They both sat by doing nothing as hundreds of millions of gallons of prime MWD water leaked out of Laguna Lake.

You are becoming very sleepy…

The 4th District election will really gear up in the summer, but there’s no doubt that Fitzgerald, if she is running, is already lining up her bankrollers: Anaheim’s deep pockets with ties to her “employer” the slimy, pink lobbyist Curt Pringle. Whitaker can’t compete with that money machine. But as Anaheim’s recent elections proved, money isn’t everything. Still, if Whitaker is going to run, he had better start showing voters why there’s a real reason to support him.

27 Replies to “4th District County Supervisor 2018 Edition”

    1. James Vanderbilt? He’s up for re-election but might also go for Mayor.

      Then there are potential drones like Kring and Brandman and Eastman. The last two are out of office now.

      Of course there’s always Harry Sidhu waiting in the wings to commit perjury again.

  1. Letting Fitzgerald loose in the County government would just mean putting a big For Sale sign on everything. That would be a huge disaster.

    Hopefullt someone will start a recall on her soon. That should take her mind off of politcal grifting.

    1. A successful recall added to her resume would put an end to her upper mobility dreams in politics. So much love would pour into Fullerton from nearby cities

  2. I agree that Whitaker has done some good things, but yes, he’s been far too “go along” on all sorts things where, maybe, he didn’t think anybody cared or was paying attention.

    Approving the alcoholic’s district map was a huge disappointment.

  3. I heard that Young Kim will also be in the race, which would force Royce to choose between her and Fitzgerald. If Fitzgerald is in, as it would seem she is, given her current campaign reserves, would Pringle really allow his Anaheim minions to run too?

    1. If Fitzgerald is in then Anaheim’s Heist Squad won’t need a candidate.

      If Young Kim is in then maybe Fitzgerald isn’t going to go for it. Of course Young Kim is no more qualified than a ling cod.

    2. “I heard that Young Kim will also be in the race”

      I heard that from somebody who talked to her. More Republican uselessness.

      1. I heard that, also. Young Kim may just be posturing to draw local heat away from Fitzgerald in the short term.

  4. Bruce is gonna keep losing weight living on his 700 bucks a month. The guy’s going nowhere. Silva has a runner and the illegals are gonna walk her cat right on.

  5. Here’s the thing with Bruce: If you have a concern about an upcoming item on the City Council agenda, you can talk to him about it. As is, pick up the phone and discuss your concerns. He does listen and he take concerns of people who speak to him in account when deciding how to vote. I tried to do the same thing with Fitzgerald and all I got were boilerplate talking points and an active refusal to engage me in what I was actually saying (and this was before her employment with CP&A) so I stopped trying.

  6. Yes Bruce Whitaker is a fraud and a traitor to the good people of Fullerton

    There is no other viable explanation for his silence and his actions that totally contradict the PR phony charade of Bruce Whitaker.

    Those that continue to ignore the obvious truth about him are excaserbating the problem. A few expensive hotel bills has not lead to the decay and ruin of our city. However being bought and paid for by development campaign cash has been and continues to be a huge conflict of interest for Whitaker. Ignoring the sordid facts about the Fullerton Golf Course arrangement brought by his own 2 times appointed Park and Recreation Committee member shines a very bright light on Whitaker’s total lack of integrity. He also has taken large sums from Slide Bar owner Jeromy Popoff. The same person who authored that awful resistrcting map that was voted in by a 5 to 0 vote by our city council. One more example of Whitaker ‘s corruption!
    OC Supervisor material…You got to be kidding me.

    1. Some issue at the golf course (NOT discovered by Whitaker’s “appointed” parks Commission member, BTW) hasn’t led to the “decay and ruin”(!) of our city. That’s the sort of delusional, self-important stuff that got Levinson booted, no doubt.

      He’s lucky he got appointed in the first place and super-lucky Bruce stuck with him as long as he did.

      I wouldn’t trust Levinson to sweep up after the Veteran’s Day parade.

      He ought to just go away and take that flat earth nutter with him.

    2. ” A few expensive hotel bills has not lead to the decay and ruin of our city.”

      You have spectacularly missed the point of seemingly small rip-offs since they indicate a broad culture of casual misfeasance that far outnumber the single golf course situation. They don’t matter to you because you never took the time to investigate them. And that suggests a sort of ego-driven ideological corruption on your part.

      Bruce is certainly NOT corrupt just because he 86’d Levinson. That was his prerogative.

      1. I despise Whitaker but even he gets it right sometimes, like facing off against FPD and sending Crazy Barry on his way.

    3. Start your own blog if you’re so unhappy with this one.

      Important blog tip: try to avoid kooky conspiracy theories that cause people to question everything that comes out of your mouth. Good luck.

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