No Justice for Kelly Thomas

Today the OC Register ran a story about the DOJ dropping a civil rights case in the matter of Kelly Thomas, the schizophrenic homeless man who was bludgeoned and suffocated to death by six members of the Fullerton Police Department in July, 2011

What the Feds have been doing for five-and-a-half years is anybody’s guess, but the answer is more than likely, nothing. The criminal case against cops Ramos and Cicinelli was thrown away by our do-nothing DA over three years ago. Kelly’s father, the mercenary Ron Thomas, was paid his blood money 14 months ago.

Here is U.S. Attorney Eileen Decker’s fatuous comment: “Neither accident, mistake, fear, negligence nor bad judgment is sufficient to establish a willful federal criminal civil rights violation.”

Thomas was obviously singled out for special treatment by Mssrs. Wolf and Ramos on that hot July night precisely because he was mentally ill and homeless. And that special treatment consisted of harassment, intimidation and death. If that’s not a civil right violation, I can’t imagine what is.


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  1. I wonder if Eileen Decker & Co bothered to examine employees of the Slimebar to find out if there was a conspiracy to deprive Kelly of his civil rights.

    1. Yes, cops were called to the scene. By a Slidebar employee. Why? Someone was “trying” car door handles. Allegedly, although no proof was ever demonstrated. And how did an employee inside the bar know this? No one ever bothered to ask. No one was breaking into cars, a fact of no interest to the DOJ, apparently. And the owner of the Slidenbar, by his own admission considered Kelly a big nuisance.

      Ron Thomas is not a thug. He is a money-grubbing opportunist and a con man. The thugs are Ramos, Wolf, Cicinelli, Hampton and the other two goons whose names I can’t even remember.

    2. Thy didn’t need to conspire they were a bunch of hired thugs out of control acting on the impulse of their lower nature. Most of the bully gang cops on the night shift are gone or reasigned.

  2. I remember weeks after Kelly Thomas, one of the few victims of a hate crime in Orange County, was beaten to death by Fullerton PD, then Fullerton police chief Sellers ran away forever, then Fullerton city council member and recently retired Fullerton police chief, Pat McKinley, called in Rusty Kennedy exec director OC human relations commission to schmooz the outraged good people of fullerton while Rusty’s sister labled Kelly Thomas death at hands of FPD as an “altercation” in her newspaper Fullerton Observer, Mckinley went on national news and denied his friends at Fullerton PD killed Kelly Thomas, then mayor dick jones sauntered past the growing crowd of protestors and proudly cut the ribbon to celebrate the new, improved library, it got a coffee bar, and it only was this blog that exposed the callous indifference of our civic leaders, the propaganda machine known as OC human relations and Fullerton Observer, and the cowardice of the Fullerton PD. I hoped the DOJ would pursue and prosecute those responsible for Thomas’ brutal murder including those who put into motion FPD’s culture of corruption , Pat McKinley, those who knowingly protected it, Fullerton mayor dick jones, propagandist and apologist, Rusty Kennedy, and the other mouth breathers on Fullerton’s city council who agreed in their apathy to condone the corruption of their police force. Having said all this, if someone stepped up and wrote a book or made a movie about this town called Fullerton, I would read it or watch it.

    1. Thanks for sharing Van.
      Totally agree.
      I’m considering writing a book about the killing of Kelly Thomas and will keep you in mind when it’s ready.

      1. good, because I would really love to research deeper into the nefarious dealings of fullerton’s provincial liberals and rabid conervatives

        1. You guys really need to reign in your paranoia of anyone with dissenting opinions I agree with a vast majority of what I’ve heard from Joe Imbriano and Barry Levinson about the state of politics in Fullerton, and you guys calling him a nut job, nutter, tin foil, etc…only makes yourselves look like a part of the reason for the problems that exist in Fullerton, rather than a part of the solution.

          Just my two cents.

          1. Maybe if you guys would quit hijacking posts to attack Bruce Whitaker you wouldn’t provoke the response you get.

            Just a thought.

          2. Usually when paranoia and Levinson/Imbriano show up in the same sentence, it is about their paranoia – and for good reason.

            I think Josh Ferguson, Matt from Fullerton Rag and others flat out said they welcomed legitimate criticism of FItzgerald and the rest, but the UN/Wifi/moon landing conspiracy stuff had no place in the discussion because a) it’s crazy nonsense and b) spouting crazy nonsense undermines anything reasonable they may have said. There’s no reason to make it easy for the crooks to dismiss their critics as a bunch of cranks.

            1. Why let the welcome wagon here be used to run over sharp and well-deserved criticism of Bruce Whitaker Nipsey? I think Jennifer is ruining our city. Does anyone here decry how Susan has ties through her mother to Jennifer and her campaign? I have not seen paranoia and Levinson/Imbriano show up in the same sentence until you decided to write it yourself. Project much Nipster?

                1. Everybody knows dinos and cavemen shared quality time. Whachoo talkin’ ’bout?

                1. Well you should. He is a big part of the problems we face as a city. It is obvious how he is being protected by Tony and Travis and the other three of you. Focusing on all these little fires while ignoring the fate our city is part of the plan. We all know Tony made a lot of enemies and he desperately needs someone on his side in power. That is why Bruce is off limits here and the sharks show up when truth is exposed. This site is all about regaining what was lost in a mere matter of months when Flory took Travis out like the trash. Now if you want a recall of Fitzgerald, who by the way Tony helped get elected, and combine what Bruce did for her, and add some good old inflation, d I suppose it will cost about $700,000 this time around. I am sure Sean Paden will be willing to donate at least 20 bucks to kick things off. Yes and Joe thinks the earth is flat therefore none of this is true

              1. Don’t get too near the edge, my friend. You will fall off. But I don’t know where you would go.

            1. Matt, Joe Imbriano is not on the city council so what difference does it make whether he or anyone else believes about the layout of the globe? As if critiquing the world view of a civilian has any bearing on the misdeeds of our elected representatives. You along with the other four of you repeatedly put a spin on the facts. Bruce gave us Jennifer, Bruce gave us Ms. Johnson and Barry and Joe are not the ones who dug the holes you all fall into pleading with the council to climb out of every 2 weeks.

              I think this post should be asking why Young Kim or Sharon Quirk Silva refused to even bring up the reform of the POBAR Act in her prior term and what Ms Silva and Mr. Newman plan to do about it now.

              Kelly’s blood got Ron a lot of money, cost Tony a lot of his and took a lot of our time fighting for justice. You are mistakenly focused on the wrong person.

                1. What bothers me is the insidious bantering and character assasination of anyone deemed unfit by the 4Fers. I have seen it before many times over before you went dark. I liked the old FFFF better. Now it is just back and forth juvenile, snide commentary with no solutions. Tell you what, you call Ms. Silva, and Mr. Newman in the morning and ask them to author a bill to reform or repeal the POBAR act. tell them to write one up, one in each house, get them to the printer, get a few votes to bring them to the floor and then report to the readers here what great leaders Fullerton has.

                  Until then, I tend to agree with Imbriano’s assessment of the cesspool: Fullerton’s leaders have all turned their backs on Kelly Thomas, all of them. Let’s see if you do.

                2. Tell you what, YOU call Ms. Silva and Mr. Newman telling them to repeal POBAR. Be sure to report back to let us know how you fare.

                3. What I have shown is YOU are just a sack of hot air. Do your own work. Nobody owes you a thing.

              1. “Barry and Joe are not the ones who dug the holes you all fall into…”

                All I can say is that if those holes are too deep you’d fall through the Earth. And nobody knows what’s on the bottom. Maybe Hell? Scary stuff. repent sinners!

              2. Joe and Barry accomplished nothing in 4 years. FFFF came back on a Wednesday and Joe Felz had his bags packed by the weekend.

                Epic fail for those two.

                1. Felz did it to himself. How about getting rid of Bruce and Jennifer and Jesus? If you got more accomplished in one day than Joe and Barry did in four years, then we should expect Jesus Silva, Jennifer Fitzgerald and Bruce Whitaker to be replaced by, um lets see, how about by President’s day. How does that sound?

                2. Nah, the coverup was engaged until FFFF blew it wide open. Who got the memo leaked? Who got the photos from the scene? Who called CBS and got them to film? Who got the neighbor to talk?

                  Not Joe and Barry.

                3. Epic fail? How about Bushala’s half a million on the 2-month term of Kiger that gave us fireworks. That is the bar for epic fail in Fullerton politics.

                4. I guess Joe and Barry figured one big fail deserves another. I wonder when they’ll get their heads on straight?

  3. Who are the ones that blew their marriages and half a million bucks to give us piccolo petes once a year? Who has their heads screwed on the wrong way again?

    1. “Who has their heads screwed on the wrong way again?”

      Um, the guy who thinks the world is flat?

      1. Why, sir didn’t you know the Moon landing was a fake? In fact the Moon itself is a fake. It’s really suspended by invisible wires overhead and emits strong radioactive signals to brainwash little children so they won’t know why they can’t reproduce when they become adults.

        I don’t know who’s behind this fraud but I know Bruce Whitaker has done nothing to stop it.

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