The (Other) Case of the Missing Sidewalk

Híjole. Here’s an example of the special treatment that a well-connected developer can get in Fullerton. At Harbor and Orangethorpe, a fast food-type developer has been allowed to monopolize the sidewalk for the last six months. The use of this public space probably saved him a few bucks on construction. How thoughtful of our city planners!

Of course, this sidewalk is heavily used by poor pedestrians, who can’t seem to muster an equivalent offering up at city hall. So they’ll have to walk around. Or up the middle of the lane, as the hesitant abuela does in this video.

It’s only a matter of time before someone is hit by a car. Is this a fair deal for people of Fullerton?

By the way, I’m told this is the future site of Jersey Mike’s, Chipotle, The Habit, and a Verizon store.

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  1. They’ve been doing that a lot in Fullerton. The City should have required moving the fence as requied – or building a cover for the sidewalk during the length of construction.

    Numerous safety and ADA code violations are being violated here. Can any Fullerton building inspector see them? Bet not.

  2. That site is ground zero for Redevelopment in Fullerton. The El Torito building came and went in barely a generation – another testament of the transitory nature of Redevelopment success.

  3. Allowing this to happen is total BULLSHIT. Someone NEEDS to be held accountable for letting this happen. There was an active bus stop there too. Whitaker, Seaborne, maybe Silva, (forget the others) pull your heads out and start holding people accountable in Fullerton.

    Do it during council communication comments or sooner, if you feel the same!


  4. “City Planners”? You must mean “retirement planners” and that includes all departments because that is the only thing any of them have on their agenda.

  5. I read somewhere where one female city council member was heavily involved with real estate developers or actually works for one of them. Is this true?

    1. Yes. Fullerton council member Jennifer Fitzgerald is a career lobbyist who derives all of her income from selling influence to developers and government contractors.

      Her position on the city council is a direct conflict of influence with her employment.

  6. “By the way, I’m told this is the future site of Jersey Mike’s, Chipotle, The Habit, and a Verizon store.”

    How original! As if we didn’t have those businesses anywhere else in Fullerton.

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