The Slow Drip of Deficit Spending – Part 1 of an Endless Series

The Mayor likes to say that we have a “Balanced Budget” and that we’re making great strides on our roads, parks, et cetera. All of this in spite of closing the Hunt Branch Library, having rundown parks and having to beg, borrow and steal from our City reserves every year to keep the lights on. Why?

Oh, because we send people to Canada. That’s one reason why.



We sent five people to Canada because apparently PowerPoint, Video Conferencing and YouTube don’t cost the taxpayers enough money.

As far as we can tell the City of Fullerton sent Anthony J. Bogart (Police Sergeant), Cesar A. Navarro (Lead Police Dispatcher)m Julie A. Langstaff (Police Technical Services Manager), Christopher J. Overtoom (Information Systems Assistant) & Helen M. Hall (Information Technology Manager) to a conference in Ontario about “Thinking Forward” in policing. But hey, at least according to the agenda they got to attend a Curling Bonspiel on our dime so it wasn’t a total waste of money.


Stay tuned as we show off some more bang that we’re getting for our collective bucks.

17 Replies to “The Slow Drip of Deficit Spending – Part 1 of an Endless Series”

  1. Jesus H.
    Who the Hell is in charge? Not Fitzy. That woman wouldn’t know a balanced budget from a sale at J.C. Penny.

    1. The $705.88 was for Dan Hughes’ hotel room in San Diego. No matter what the cost, city employees only stay in the nicest 4-star hotels at our expense.

  2. I get the feeling a lot more is coming. Whitaker and Sebourn better get in front of this or they’re gonna get steamrolled along with Fitzflory and Chaffee.

    1. Most of this information is coming from the check registers, which get released as part of a monthly consent calendar item. Bruce and Greg both fought for the public release of the check register data, (something Doug Chaffee fought against but ultimately relectuntly voted for.) so they are in front of the issue in that sense. And Dave Curlee has been going public with suspicipus expendiatures for the last two years,.

      1. Thanks, for that, Sean.

        However, releasing the information and doing something about what it reveals are two very different things. I would have expected both of those guys to have already culled out stuff just like this. Wasn’t Whitaker some sort of bookkeeper?

        Hopefully Mr. Curlee can use this forum to raise awareness about this sort of nonsense. There’s bound to be more laundry that needs airing.

        1. If you want to see what Mr Curlee has dug up on city waste, back room deals, mismanagement , and out and out lying to the public, check out:

          Dave has spent hundreds of hours analyzing city finances. And it’s not pretty.

      2. Thank you Sean Paden. Most residents do not understand how difficult it is for a Council Member—without two other votes— to obtain detailed and timely information. This transparency reform which I and Council Member Sebourn proposed and inplemented was intended to give the Public insight and open up discussion. It is everyone’s money.

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