Behind the Bullshit – Standards? Really?

“Behind the Badge OC” is a propaganda outlet for “public safety” departments across Orange County. It is run by former OC Register staff who came to realize that writing cop puff pieces on their own was even more lucrative than doing it while pretending to be reporters for the pathetic, knee-jerk pro-cop Register.

This enterprise works for police unions in the main, but things get really profitable when they can sucker a public agency, like the City of Fullerton, to use public money to write this drivel, all under the auspices of “educating” us about our wonderful police department. You’d think that honest work, a good attitude, and abiding by the same laws the rest of us have to, would be sufficient to generate respect for our boys and girls in blue. Wink.

But enough preamble.

Back on June 13th, BtB published this completely unremarkable tale about the squad responsible for documenting the training given to FPD personnel and the standards that apply thereunto. Standards, eh?

Fullerton Police from left, Cpl. Eric Song, Patricia Arevalo, Sgt. Dan Castillo, Lt. Andrew Goodrich and Cpl. Donny Blume. Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OC & Paid for by Fullerton Taxpayers
Fullerton Police from left, Cpl. Eric Song, Patricia Arevalo, Sgt. Dan Castillo, Lt. Andrew Goodrich and Cpl. Donny Blume.
Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OC & Paid for by Fullerton Taxpayers

Check out the adipose and otiose individual in the middle who is in charge of this unit: none other that our old friend Andrew Goodrich, who was last heard of serving in the exalted office of watch commander the night of November 8th, when our City Manager, Joe Felz, ran off the road, was given a pass on a breathalyzer test, was driven home and tucked into bed by one or more of those cops who got all that expensive training.

You may also remember Goodrich from his stint as FPD Public Information Officer – a job in which he really shined – passing out phony information to make Kelly Thomas look bad, and the cops who killed him, well, at least better. He was also part of Chief Danny Hughes’ obnoxious scheme to hand out tickets to protest supporters for “excessive horning.”

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  1. I’ve been a little busy working my way through those Krispy Kremes.
    Speaking of standards, fortunately, FPD has no BMI standard.

      1. It’s called social media Poony. All departments do it. Sell all the good things you do daily, and the community loves you even more. Departments could care less about the haters. They just ignore them in this era.

  2. Be careful. Last time you rode the spokes hole Goodrich, he got promoted to Lieutenant. You ride him again today, he will be promoted to Captain.

    Hint. Once the Chief is named, Goody is gonna be Captain.


    1. I hope we get to see more of Goodrich. He’s an easy target and he tends to draw a lot of negative attention to his activities. The higher he goes, the more they’re exposed.

      1. Don’t lie. The only dirt you have ever had on my boy Goodbar is the Kelly incident. Old news. Find something new and people will listen. Until then, Goodbar is like Ron Thomas. Old, washed up, and old news.

  3. Fullerton’s contract with Behind the Badge can be directly attributed to FFFF’s activities in 2012. The endless stories of misconduct coming out of FPD created a huge amount of mistrust by Fullerton residents. This has always been about Felz and Hughes trying to “correct” the record.

    1. Endless stories? LOL come on. Maybe 5 stories max in 25 years and the big breaker was the Lira lies? Come on. Only thing FFFF had was Kelly and the jury decided that one., Sissy and Manny got their paychecks, and everyone moved on. We should all go to the Slidebar and have some mac and cheese and listen to some tunes again though.

      1. Um, five stories? Wrong again, flatfoot. Remember these worthy characters?






















        And that’s only a partial list! LOL!

        1. Right. And of course that didn’t count all those mythical “good cops” who looked the other way.

          And soon the names of the cops that let the City manager off the hook will be added to the list. LOL, indeed.

          1. All found not guilty and all the cops got paid off in the end right? But your opinion counts and not the juries or city council that voted to pay both cops off with retirement checks? Uh huh. Sure. Cops all did their job perfect.

        2. All innocent and never found guilty of any crimes. Nice list LOL McKinley?. LOL funny. Coffman? Almost all of the names on the list got promoted. You smoke that funny Bushala shit too much.

          1. Rincon? Innocent? The judge thought not.

            Mejia – plead guilty to stealing a laptop.

            Mater – convicted of destroying evidence.

            Tong – punsished for violating department policy (wow, that must have been a first)

            Major – Convicted of fraud – stealing from kids to pay for his pill habit

            April Baughman – Stole fifty grand from the evidence room. Say, whatever happened to hom.

            And who know what other crimes went unreported?

            And that was just 2011. Haha LOL. It’s all good.

            1. LOL. well done. Not that I agree with your conviction notes but here nor there. Anything from 2011 through 2016 you can mention for convictions? That’s what I was referring too.

  4. The way police agencies typically deal with reporters and dispensing public information– assigning the responsibility to a low-level sergeant with no background in writing or news — has been ineffective, Rams said.

    “When I was a reporter, the cops were never good at telling their story,” Rams said. “My experience with police officers is most of them [are] decent people — their job, I felt, was misunderstood. And I thought maybe I can be a force for helping them [explain] how complex their job is.”

    1. “And I thought maybe I can be a force for helping them [explain] how complex their job is.”

      No, you though you could make some dough writing puff pieces directly for the cops instead of doing it for the Register.

    2. Cops used to control the media by controlling access to the good stories. Criticize the PD and you’re off the list. Try being a reporter in the 90’s or 2000’s without access to the police blotter.

      But the traditional news media is experiencing an accelerated death. The internet, social media and viral cell phone videos have taken over. This stupid press release site is a last ditch effort, but it’s really just a wasted effort.

      Time and money would be better spent building a less-corrupt police force.

      1. but the people that matter ignore the haters like you. So your news methods cater to your own haters which affects no one. Good luck.

        1. Do you think cops should have to “make weight?” That porker couldn’t run down a three year old. No wonder they’re always saying how hard the job is.

          1. Do you think its OK to make fun of overweight people? This honorable officer works hard to protect you DESPITE his physical disability. His employer has clearly made reasonable and lawful accommodations to allow him to do his job. There are many handi-capable men and women working in service to US. You should show some respect for our men in blue.

            1. “This honorable officer works hard to protect you DESPITE his physical disability.”

              Thanks for protecting everyone from those chocolate eclairs.

            1. There should be. Too much free food and beer from douchy Slidebro. LOL

              Goddrich couldn’t step over a curb. Good thing we’re up to date on wc ramps on the sidewalks. Industrial elevator in the FPD? LOL!

  5. Pretty soon these guys will have to start a new venture” “Behind the Bureaucrat” to let us know what great pros we have and hard their jobs are.

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