We Get Mail: A Most Unhappy Neighbor

Friends, here is a letter sent to Mayor Bruce Whitaker and thoughtfully provided to us from a citizen who live in the Chapman Park neighborhood across the street from the proposed site of a County homeless shelter.

I omit this individual’s name and number to spare them annoying calls from the bureaucrats but it was included in the letter to Whitaker:

Subject: proposed homeless shelter

Mr Mayor,
This is in regards to the proposed homeless shelter to be opened in the old Linder’s Furniture building on State College in Fullerton.  I am a long time Fullerton home owner (almost 30 years) and live in the Chapman Park tract directly across State College from the proposed site.  I would like to voice my adamant opposition to this project!  If the shelter goes in at this site you are opening us up to security and safety issues, property value drops & outright living in fear.  We have a park in our tract that will potentially become the hangout for the people of the shelter, all they have to do is walk across State College Blvd and they are at the pedestrian entrance to our housing tract.  This park is a little league park full of kids on the weekends, and homeowners including myself walk the park frequently in the mornings and evenings. A great many of the homeowners in this tract are older single women like myself who live alone and the thought of our community/tract being opened up to this kind of influx of homeless and mentally ills is frightening.  I have already had my house broken into and robbed in the recent past and what is being proposed will bery likely increase the chance of this happening again.  It’s bad enough that our neightborhood has been turned into a parking lot by the students from Cal State Fullerton and the city won’t help us with that issue, now we are going to be asked to have the residents of this shelter desend on us also.  I know this seems like the old “not in my backyard” standard but truthfully this is a very disconcerting and potentially dangerous situation for us. It seems like there must be an available building in a more industrial location rather than this one so close to homes, little league fields and schools. And what happens when the over/under pass project reaches State College?
I know my voice probably doesn’t matter and nothing will change as it appears deals have already been made and this is being railroaded through but I hope at the very least that the pedestrian entrance at the corner of  State College and Fender will be completely sealed up.  And when our houses get broken into or tagged and the mentally ill and homeless accost us at the park I hope you will personally come visit us to see what you have allowed.
Sign me
A very unhappy Fullerton resident
Hopefully this tax-payer’s voice will matter, although the odds seem against it.

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    1. I suspect this homeless shelter will be named after Kelly Thomas. Ron Thomas might even be part of the team putting this project together.

      Fullerton citizens could start a “homeless taxi” service where you offer to give the homeless at this shelter a ride, a meal, and some money to go hangout (for at least a week) in various neighborhoods such as the ones were FPD officers live, and the people responsible for building the shelter live as well as around the schools attended by such people’s children.

      What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      1. You’re sarcasm is pretty amusing, but the sad fact, as evidenced by your post and many others, is that this is a tennis game, nobody actually gives a fuck about the homeless. It’s mostly all talk, especially about Thomas’ murder. You want to know what’s going to happen to the FPD Three, the same thing that happened to that Mehserle guy in Oakland. So not only will you not get satisfactory justice for Thomas, all of you hand-wringing cocksuckers will miss an opportunity to do something good, other than whine, for a change.

          1. I’m not a hypocrite, if that’s what you want to know. My activities center around gifting money usually. I’m pretty active in NAMI.

            1. I am not against any homeless shelter and could not care less where they are located. IF Ron Thomas is doing this and if the shelter is named after Kelly, good for both of them.

              What I do not like is government officials making deals in the dark of night like cockroaches and giving sweetheart deals to their family and friends along with kickbacks at the tax payer’s expense.

              I have no evidence of the above other than the general knowledge of the lack of integrity and honor of many in government in and around Fullerton. The illegal water tax and failure to return same is a great example. Cleary the people in power in Fullerton are elitists who believe they have superior intellect and thus have a duty to use such intellect to control the masses and take their money (for their own good). Thus the elitists in Fullerton government believe all the money in Fullerton is to be given to them to spend and that the ignorant ungrateful taxpayer will simply have to hand their money over (at the point of a gun if necessary); for the greater good.

              And such elitists will buy whatever building they desire at any cost they deem fair and put whatever they want in such building and damn the tax payer if he/she does not like it. Such tax payers are too ignorant to know what is best for them anyway and it is a waste of time an elitists time to consider their opinions of lesser humans on any subject.

              1. correction:

                According to the Elitists in power in Fullerton (and everywhere) tax payers are too ignorant to know what is best for them and elitists further believe it is a waste of their time to consider opinions of lesser humans on any subject. Such is why the illegal water take was taken in the first place and why it will never be returned.

        1. We’re has our Nation come to when we do not have enough heroes who we can honor do now we have to honor a homeless drug addicted violent person who we name buildings after. Let me suggest a few names just look at the list of heroes killed fighting for our freedom. People get you priorities in order. What did Kelly do to be honored? Who did he ever help? What a joke!

    1. Yeah, blame Kelly Thomas? How about the cops who killed him. Linders Funiture is a bad choice for a homeless shelter for some. I think Fullerton should use the North side of the Fullerton Airport as a homeless shelter. There are many hangers unused and there is a police presence already there and not many residential around there. the city already controls it and the money they spent on the Linders property could be used to make it secure and liveable.

      1. Blind Roy,
        Not sure what you are thinking but the people who own planes and businesses at the Fullerton Airport were not happy about the housing complex going in North of the Fullerton Airport much less would they be happy about having homeless right on the runway.
        It just would not be safe.

        1. Plus this is a County project for the homeless, not a City project.
          According to some sources, the County can put this Homeless Center wherever they want.

        2. There’s no good place for a shelter. I don’t think Blind Roy meant to camp them on the runway. Isn’t the tower going away pretty soon? Fullerton should sell the airport if and when that happens and move aviation to John Wayne.

            1. Blind Roy, don’t worry your airport isn’t going anywhere. When does the FAA plan on shutting down the tower? I made the move over to John Wayne after Signature Flight Support took over Martin Aviation’s building on Campus and consolidated operations on the Airway/Redhill side of the Airport. It would be interesting to see what the Fullerton Airport property would be worth. I love airports Roy, I have a two year old Beech Baron.

        3. I own a Cessna at Fullerton Airport and have breakfast there off and on twice a week for the last 35 years. And I’m wearing glasses. What business are you talking about?.. Half the hangars there are empty. Your retarded if you think there going to be on the runway…….

      2. “I think Fullerton should use the North side of the Fullerton Airport as a homeless shelter. There are many hangers unused and there is a police presence already there and not many residential around there.”

        Excellent suggestion. BOTH the homeless AND homeowners would surely find that area you suggest to be an agreeable & realistic compromise.

  1. It seems when our representatives want their way instead of respecting the voice of the community they have vowed to represent and protect, Fullerton’s community loses unless they demand from municipal politicians accountability for their myopic actions.
    Ask OC Supervisor Shawn Nelson where is the research done prior to purchasing the $3 million tax dollar big box for the homeless that proves concentrating homeless into this relatively small area is the best solution for the homeless community within our city and county limits?
    If this research was done before siphoning 3 million of our hard earned dollars into a dubious real estate deal that favors Cameron Irons, the friend of Shawn Nelson and real estate agent who stands to make a healthy, hefty commission from the sale of the empty furniture store, what were its conclusions? And why is this research not presented to the public to persuade them it is a worthwhile endeavor?
    Our municipal politicians can’t merely accuse those who ask them hard questions about this homeless shelter of only being selfish, NIMBYists.
    The good people of fullerton deserve answers to their questions.

  2. So what about the residents that live next to the armory at brookhurst and Valencia? Or how about the hunt branch library where the transients are able to camp freely; use city power for their tv’s. The city has allowed this and it’s only going to get worse! But now that it’s in in their neighborhood they care! Like the writer said “not in my backyard”. Well guess what…..to late! If this writer and all the people on the east side of town wouldn’t have sat on their hands when the west side of town was complaining maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

  3. 1/24 Transient Problem – A white woman with gray hair is sleeping behind the business on 120 E. Commonwealth Avenue at 10:51 a.m. Police wrote that after they came to the scene, that the she was “leaving”.

    1/24 Welfare Check – A witness said a transient just walked up and said he fell off his bike and that he was jumped on 1895 W. Commonwealth Avenue. His face is gashed, and his collar bone looks broken at 5:56 p.m.

    1/25 Transient Problem – A man is sleeping in one of the broken vehicles in the Fullerton College Auto shop at 8:03 a.m.

    1/25 Transient Problem – A man is setting up camp behind the abandoned building on 246 E. Orangethorpe Avenue at 3:46 p.m.

    1/25 Transient Problem – A man says transients are urinating behind the market on 410 S. Lemon Street and harassing his daughter for money, a problem he describes as “continuous”.

    1/26 Suspicious Person – A woman is stumbling around with her jeans around her ankles on E. Dorothy Lane and N. Lincoln Avenue at 3:35 p.m. A witness believes she’s intoxicated.

    1/26 Transient Problem – A caller told police a man is sleeping under blankets on the side entrance to 1321 N. Harbor Blvd.

    1/27 Transient Problem – A caller says a man is setting up camp in the alley on the 400 block of N. Acacia Avenue who “threatened to cut someone with a knife,” during previous encounters.

    1/27 Transient Problem – A man asked police to move a transient man sleeping in the playground near Pacific Drive Elementary on 1501 W. Valencia Drive, because he would like children to play there at 11:48 a.m.

    1/27 Suspicious Person – An intoxicated man asked police twice to pick him up on 1000 W. Orangethorpe Avenue so that he could spend the night in the “drunk tank” at 3:40 a.m.

    1/28 Transient Problem – A woman is asleep in the alley on the 500 block of W. Commonwealth Avenue at 10:11 a.m. Police arrived and talked to the woman.

    1/28 Disturbance of the Peace – A security guard at the Armory Emergency Shelter called police after a Buena Park man got into a fight on 400 S. Brookhurst Road at 9:05 p.m. Police arrived and arrested the man for vandalism.

    1/28 Transient Problem – A caller found a man sleeping in prayer room 21 at Grace Ministries on 150 S. Brookhurst Road at 7:58 a.m.

    1. most of these so called disturbances have sompthing to do with diplaced people trying to get some sleep, sompthing many of us take for granted. Why don’t you trade places for a minute and think if that couldn’t be you given the same life situation. If this “crime” log says anything it suggests the need housing for the needy in our community.

      1. They want to be displaced. How about getting a job, being responsible citizens, follow rules. Not them, they do what they want and be disrespectful to people and thier property just like Kelly. And T-Rack saying they can be disrespectful to the police. What an idiot. I hope Barnett and Schwartz makes ground beef out of you. Oppps a threat. My bad??

      2. “most of these so called disturbances have sompthing to do with diplaced people trying to get some sleep”

        How do you know? And what is a “diplaced” person? Are you seriously saying they just are decent folks who lost their jobs?

        If I were an alcoholic and was roaming the streets, I would hope someone would put me in jail and/or rehab, not make it easier for me to drink!

    2. @Just Five Days Worth-Not sure what your point is? It’s apparent that John Q. Public feels that homelessness is a Police problem. So, if anybody’s been slagging off Officer DiCaprio realize that he has a pretty important job. He needs the support of the community at-large. We can’t just keep shunting them about, we need to try and address the problem. If you don’t like them napping in your shrubs stop throwing up roadblocks to a permanent shelter. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

      1. “If you don’t like them napping in your shrubs stop throwing up roadblocks to a permanent shelter. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”

        I agree with your point. That is why we should not wait approximately two to three years for the homeless shelter to built/renovated/approved/railroad underpass completion.
        Why is it presumed easire to spend years constructing a homeless shelter and its complex housing a myriad of social service programs for the homeless/poor on State College, when it is obvious the homeless need shelter now.
        Open up those abandoned stores, those churches who wave theri moral finger at Fullerton’s community to the homeless now instead of wasting tax dollars and time solving a problem that urgently exists today?

  4. If you want to be heard, attend the next Supervisors meeting this Tuesday morning at the Hall of Administration
    333 W. Santa Ana Blvd.
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
    I think the meeting starts at 9 or 9:30 am.
    Tell them all what you think about the homeless shelter going in on State College Blvd.

  5. Gee… I feel the letter writer’s pain. But, it kind of sounds like Chapman Park is the problem. The pesky homeless people seem to like green, shady, tree-filled areas just like people who have a regular roof over their heads.

  6. 1/28 Transient Problem – A caller found a man sleeping in prayer room 21 at Grace Ministries on 150 S. Brookhurst Road at 7:58 a.m.

    What!? Homeless sleeping in a church? How obsured!

    1. You are not talking about “Grace Ministries” the home of the 50 million dollar sanctuary that takes in millions of dollars a year TAX FREE over there on their multi-acre facility are you? There is no room in prayer room 21. However they have got plenty of room for the cars to park as the congregants hand over their hard earned tithe to the pre- millenial dispensationalist rapture teaching silent preachers that keep the blinders on the sheeple. They make for good citizens-they don’t vote, don’t get involved and think Jesus is coming back soon so why bother to fix anything. I didn’t see or hear from any of them when the community was in an uproar over the murder of Kelly Thomas. I don’t suppose that all that loot could go to help the disadvantaged in our community now could it? Big payroll, big office building and I guess too big for the little guy in prayer room 21. I learned at a very young age that you will know a tree by its fruit and ironically those were Jesus’ exact words.

  7. Does anybody know when the City is going complete the work on Commonwealth and Euclid. My commute is suckin. Boy, I’m being winey….Sorry….. But, how long does it take to fix a water pipe and a couple of big holes? Or is the City trying to make a point, that they need to keep our 30 million for repairs?

      1. HAPPY HAPPY!!!! back to normal, whatever normal is? My commute was much better today, and it’s Friday, can’t get better than that….

  8. This location is not prime, too close to the Elementary school!
    What will the city do about all the transients who roam while school is in session? And on the weekend at our park?
    There are already homeless hanging around the location…already a problem…

      1. The authoritarian pacifier (the educational system) is not the end all be all answer for society. In fact it is actually the problem. The reality is at the current rate a college degree and a dollar may not even get you a cup of coffee very soon. With the advances in automation coupled with the H1b Visa programs, 30 million awaiting amnesty (10 million is a lie), the Government’s treasonous trade deals, tax incentives to eviscerate domestic employment by offshoring jobs, and the completely obsolete curriculum in our schools which teach NO skills, many more will be on the streets not by choice in this country. As a matter of fact school debt is becoming the biggest millstone around our young peoples necks as they sink to the bottom of the economic ocean. We are still training our kids for a 1950’s labor market with 3rd world labor negotiators waiting to unionize them all. The solution-the mantra-hire more police-all the more like Nazi Germany in the early 1930’s.

        1. Jesus looked over the multitude and wept. Elsewhere he warned that the poor would always be with us. When He returns, He is to find us working.

          I’m not sure what all that means, but I’m working on it.

  9. Ladies:

    Please stop worrying about your kids so much. Kids have a hard enough time as it is without mom inflicting fear and anxiety and making them feel insecure.

    Honestly, how do you expect your kids to function as adults when you ingrain such a deep fear of the outside world?

  10. Kids are more important than this homeless shelter. Maybe we should focus on the children so they don’t end up homeless. I like how people are so quick to accuse someone of being a hypocrite when someone says they don’t want a homeless shelter near them. Well, some of us never protested the Kelly Thomas death and don’t care for homeless. You can call us heartless but not hypocrites. As hard working tax payers we have a right to fight for our neighborhoods. Many homeless are a menace and do not want to get a job. They made a choice to be a loser. If someone really wants to better their lives than they do it. And for the homeless who are actually mentally ill, I support tax funded hospitals so they get the help they need.

  11. This will not be a safe place for the homeless and mentally ill. This location is on the busiest streets in Fullerton. State College is the direct route to get to CSFU and the detour route when the 57 freeway is backed up. The shelter will be on the main east west artery for the BNSF railway, as well a Amtrak and Metrolink wher more than 80 trains a dau cross. HOW IS THIS SAFE FOR THEM? The homeless need a safe place not this place.

      1. If I let them stay at my home you would not be happy because they would be living in the Chapman Park area and no my home is not a safe place for them.

    1. This is sick, but looks happy, and well fed. She’s better off on the streets, than in one of state nursing homes where the extented stay is about 6mos. At least she’s still rolling. Though I must admitt, this one is just plain odd.

      1. CG – I wonder how “happy” she really is; someone I knew years ago convinced his mother (who was in her 70s or 80s) to go with him on the road. Not sure if either of them panhandled, but he admitted he scavenged food. He also stole. After she passed away “on the road” he needed to inform Social Security so she could be buried/cremated, so he did.

        He didn’t inform the bank that issued her pension and collected it for several months; a mutual friend with whom he stayed (and from whom he stole money and a gun) learned about the pension when a check arrived for her pension. He (the mutual friend) reported her death to the bank; enough money was fraudulently taken to constitute grand theft.

        I hope this woman is happy with the life she lives now, but she may be like the friend’s mother – simply accepting what her son/grandson says.

        I was kind of stunned by the comments from the social worker, but understand their hands are tied.

        No good answers; wish there were.

  12. How about we who baisicaly dont have a chance to have a home or see the system of get a mortgage and become somr kind of modern day debt slave, just go take whatever property by force we want, call it imminent domain. Just like our founding fathers did. Those white haired pesioners are savages of not sharing and greedily driving our scociety into the shitter.

    1. If you don’t love it, leave it. As the great merle haggard said. I’m so tired of people complaining about how horrible it is to live in the United States. Guess what, if you were born in almost any other country your life would probably be harder. I bet the people being killed in the street in Cairo would rather live here. We have it so easy that most of us are soft. Even these beloved homeless have it better than most living in third world countries. I would rather send the three million for this shelter to starving people in Africa who never had a chance as opposed to the people to squandered every opportunity this country has to offer.

      1. At least in egypt the people have the spirit to try to rise up,

        Here you are correct we are too soft too brainwashed and too afraid to do anythin other than live the rat race dream.

        Also it makes it difficult when there is no clear enemy. Just a bunch of fat cats pulling the strings of our ellected government. Have some flouride with your water, that will help kill your fire, oh lets put bpa in everything, ya great, we can de man the men, chem trails for breakfast lunch and dinner. We have beenmanipulated on such deep levels for generations that we are getting to the point where we do not know whats true or right.

        1. The manipulation has increased exponentially as of late. That is there plan. They are turning us into animals so they can treat us like animals.

          1. Friends, there is a tendency to judge a race , nation or any distinct group by its least worthy members. Though manifestly unfair, this tendency has some justification. For the character and destiny of a group are often determined by its inferior elements.

  13. I am so frustrated. Life could be buetiful, instead we were born into a society that was designed for the masses to run a pointless race, just like a rat in a maze competing for a crumb. And the true meaning of what human life could be is almost always forsaken. So sad, tragic actually. No hope , no change is possible, just treading water.

    1. It has always been like that. First the hunter/gatherers who died the day they could not find enough to eat. Then the farmers who starved when they could not scratch enough food out of the ground to survive the season.

      Once we learned to build societies, some whole societies have died.

    2. It has always been like that. First the hunter/gatherers who died the day they could not find enough to eat. Then the farmers who died when they could not scratch enough out of the earth to survive the season.

      Once we learned to build societies, whole societies have died.

      1. To be honest and trustworthy, rightious in philosopy and action and to allow the old models to perish and usher in new ideas that create a society were all can live lives of meaning , goodness and equality.

        But because that wont happen, I suggest

  14. Trust me. If I lived in Fullerton any where near 301 S. State College I would do more than write letters that, in all honesty, get ****canned. I would be down at city hall and at the Council meetings in their faces. These poor citizens are getting crapped on bigtime. And my heart goes out to them. You think the County or the City will reimburse you for your loss in property values that THEY caused? Fat chance. If you don’t form a group and fight this tooth and nail you deserve whatever you get. If you let them crap on you they’ll do it repeatedly and laugh while they do it. Grow some courage, get off your butts and start screaming at the Council meetings. In America the squeakiest wheel ALWAYS get the grease. Good luck!

  15. Made in china or any other country we can squeeze cheap crap out of is a horrible philosophy. Its not the illeagal immagants takung all the jobs, its the made in a far off land products that we use and use to make here that has really destroyed our working class. Thats the one percent for ya. Good job capiraliat fat cats.

  16. The City paid over $7 million in 2012 in legal settlements to various parties, depleting cash in the Liability Insurance Fund. Staff proposes the issuance of Judgment Obligation Bonds to replenish these funds. Recommendation by the Administrative Services Department: Adopt resolution. RESOLUTION NO. 2013-XX – A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA, AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF JUDGMENT OBLIGATION BONDS TO REFINANCE THE OUTSTANDING LEGAL OBLIGATIONS OF THE CITY AND AUTHORIZING INSTITUTION OF JUDICIAL VALIDATION PROCEEDINGS

  17. Blind Roy Fullerton :You have kids living at home that are 30 years old? Nobody abandoned Kelly. Ron’s a douche but he wasn’t a bad father.

    so roy- lets see if ronpasses your smell test…
    When kelly was 15, he threw him out of the house ( ask his ex girlfreind who helped him wasnt ron) WHen Kelly came back home t get his guitar, Ron had him arrested for stealing his own guitar, When the cops called to say kelly was in jail, his bad father said he is dead to me. Why has ron lied about being a cop? He never was. He said he was married twice, now we know its five times, face it roy, youhave been blinded by your own emotions, you wouldnt be like that, never, your son is precious, to you, and you are involved in his life, RON NEVER WAS>>>EVER- those thomas’ are either tweekers, or hucksters, Kelly was the most moral in that family. Im embarrassed for those who ever stood with them.
    NOw on to bigger things,,,CALL DANA FOX and let him know RON GETS NOTHING, just like kelly—hey ron KELLY SAYS YOUR DEAD TO HIM, remember that?

    1. Ok, so Ron is an ass.. Who’s parents weren’t when they were 15. Seems like people like you who spew a lot of armchair logic like you are jealous that Ron is heading for a big settlement in his sons death. The bottom line. Kelly is dead. The police beat him to death, not Ron, not society. You don.t think Ron loved his son the day he was born until the day problems of troubled teens came into play? And Kelly.s battle with drug addiction that turned him into a schizophrenic? Whats your point anyway Reality check?

  18. Maybe our Mr. Admin knows: Would there have been other properties in commercial areas that would have been far more appropriate a location? My hunch is yes.

    It seems to me with the high rate of commercial vacancies something could have been negotiated for a commercially zoned complex closer to the 91 fwy, yet still accessible to mass transit –which is what many of the homeless need.

    This isn’t a case of NIMBY-ism, rather it is being very practical in trying to locate it away from schools and more importantly –to give our community a say.

    I do support a year-round shelter as long as it isn’t JUST a shelter. Ideally, a person should be able to get a footing –with job, health, mental health, educational resources all with the intent of getting them back on the road. Such a center supported by businesses and private donors then becomes a community-led commitment.

    While I recognize the effort does necessitate some governmental support in terms of funding for programs, the effort should be locally led. The City Council must be involved and support the cause or else it runs the risk of becoming just another governmental entity that becomes so bureaucratic it only perpetuates homelessness.

    The fastest growing groups of homeless are women, children, and veterans both male and female. Homelessness reflects poorly on the priorities of our society and our political system. So I do think it’s important to have local support when it comes to not only the goals of program, but the location.

    1. The City Council can establish an appropriate zone for this use away from “sensitive receptors.” The County can put it wherever they want in Fullerton, apparently, regardless of the zoning.

      1. So am I to understand that there was no obligation by the county to consult with the city?

        I’m not decrying the building of a program, but I would like to be assured that this is going to be one that helps people get back on the path to having jobs, having a permanent place to live, paying taxes, and getting their kids in school.

        Are the local businesses (cafes, a bike shop, massage parlor and carpet store) going to have to move, or will they stay put?

  19. Answer to Streets of Fullerton. All the homeless want is somewhere to sleep: If you call 211 anywhere in Orange County you will be directed to shelters that are there to help the homeless. There is no reason to be homeless in the OC with so much help available. Wait you know why they are homeless? Could it be that they do not want to follow rules? they do not want to get clean?they do not want to work? No that can’t be the reason

  20. A word to all those small minded (being nice) people who make negative comments about cops. No believe it or not, not everyone can be a cop. It take a special person willing to put their own life on the line to protect yours. My prayers go out to the families of those officers killed protecting all you ungrateful ……. (being nice). What have you done in your life beside running or hiding from them.

    1. Following the laws, raising good kids that stay out of trouble, and paying payroll, capital gains, property, sales, excise, and every other tax imaginable.

      1. all so that they can stay employed to ostensibly protect us even though the courts have repeatedly ruled that they have no duty to do so, and to finance quite an attractive compensation package that includes ample overtime medical, dental, orthodontics, 3% @50 and the ability to own weapons that are illegal for us to own and oh those raincoats. I support constitutional law enforcement but it sadly has evolved into quite the municipal mafia shakedown organization. Run a red light and see what I mean. Break any law and watch charges get stacked like a deck at a Vegas table. We have come a long way.

    2. Blah, blah, blah.

      Seriously. Almost anybody can be a cop. Witnesses for the prosecution:

      Albert Rincon
      Kenton Hampton
      Jay Cicinelli
      Manuel Ramos
      Joe Wolfe
      John Cross
      Vincent Mater
      Miguel Siliceo
      Andrew Goodrich

      Jesus, do I really have to go on?

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