Two Kinds of Deflection

In the wake of the Kelly Thomas murder at the hands of the FPD, two different yet eerily similar tactics emerged for deflecting responsibility away from the cops.

Fullerton’s antique liberal crowd quickly banded together so that society itself could be blamed, not the FPD: the problem was not murderous, corrupt or even incompetent cops. Oh, no. The problem was one of homelessness and the solution was to provide a homeless shelter! Why Kelly would probably even be alive today!

On the other hand, the anonymous cop-protectors keep insisting that the problem lay with poor parenting for Kelly’s death, as if a schizophrenic, 35 year-old man was somehow the responsibility of his parents, and as if that somehow exculpates the six cops who beat him to death and stood around laughing as he died in a pool of his own blood.

Of course both groups relied heavily upon a completely comical whitewash of the FPD Culture of Corruption by paid-for opinion of Michael Gennaco.

Two different cliques, two very similar tactics.


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  1. If only there was a way to sobriety check all six cops on scene that horrific night.
    Plus, something not too many people have talked about, but it seems to me there was malicious intent from the outset, as Ramos approaches Kelly Thomas swinging his baton around. I thought that was a “no-no” in LE.

    1. Sobriety check? Thats funny. Ramos swinging his baton? Wow, I could see the terror in Kelly’s eyes down to him discussing about his balls.

  2. Maybe some of the local news could start telling the truth about all aspects of the Kelly Thomas murder. The local media knows all the characters involved personally. They are paid by the ones that did it. Here are some truths that need to be revealed.
    1. What is the real background of Ron Thomas?
    2. Why would they report he was in law enforcement?
    3. Why has Goodrich never been held accountable for saying Kelly broke the bones of law enforcement officers the night he was beaten?
    4. Why has Dan Hughes not been held accountable for any of the help he gave to keep the cops in trying to cover up Kelly’s murder?
    5. Why was Hughes voted in for chief of the FPD with no other choices given to THE PEOPLE?
    6. Why would Bruce Whitaker and Greg Seaborn give Hughes the vote when they didn’t have too?
    7. Why doesn’t anyone really investigate what Ben Lira is saying About Hughes?
    8. How are council members really suppose to vote fairly if the majority of the money to get elected came from the police union? (“Heres your Christmas present Danny”)
    Just a few things I think need to be addressed.
    Maybe if the local media wasn’t either best friends with or paid directly by the city we the could get real answers.

  3. You are correct on both counts. And Kelly Thomas would probably have refused to stay in the shelter.

    The liberal culture of dependence will continue to hurt the collective known as the homeless, our newest “oppressed”, and the cities they live in too.

  4. Where is the FBI report on Kelly Thomas? Who is the person that spoke for the FBI and said that the police were cleared of any wrong doing?

  5. Again I will say some of those questions not yet answered will be asked by attorney Michael Schwartz during trial. I can only think Ramos’s attorney John Barnett will follow suit.

    If only half of what Ben Lira said is true, Chief Danny is going to be exposed at the trial. The worst possible exposure a man like Danny boy could face, why, because the world will be watching for themselves, not reading or listening to the rhetoric of Lt. Goodrich or Barry Coffman.

    Hughes has told so many lies to date he will get caught in at least one lie, it will be over for him. We will watch and see if DA T-rex can cover up for Hughes if at all. JUST one lie is all that is needed, but I suspect there will be others.

    Again I have seen Schwartz work his legal magic in recent weeks. Those who think Chief Danny is of superior intelligence we will soon see.

    It’s been so long since Danny has been on the witness stand, I bet he forgot what’s it’s like to go up against two high profile lawyers like Barnett and Schwartz. Few cops ever go up against attorneys like this. Many will get a serious education after this. So will the public if they pay attention.

    There is no way Danny boy can prepare for the onslaught he will face. Why you ask, his arrogance will get in the way because he has operated in the manner he did with Kelly’s incident for many years.

    You all remember the legal opinion that the Federal Judge handed down in the Rincon matter. Let that be your guide.

    Danny Hughes will be squirming on the witness stand as he tries to explain away the “good job” comments.

    The sudden changing of reports will be a glarring issue for the brass and those who followed such unlawful orders.

    Let’s hope the officers involved or someone else kept the original reports written, then compare those to the ones changed.

    Just one document changed is all it will take, and the domino’s will start falling. Wait and see.

    The commentary on this very blog since July 5 should have more than a few investigators from both sides following leads from certain comments.

    I wonder if Ben Lira has been interviewed yet by the DA or the defense team for the “good job” comments a lone?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

    Remember Chief Danny said he watched the video 400 times. We know Chief Danny allowed those charged to work an additional 4 weeks after the incident like nothing had happened.

    Many weeks went by before Officer Woulfe was charged. WHY is the question that needs to be asked. I bet they will.

    At first glance it appears Chief Danny and company was simply doing a little more cover your butt before the war starts.

    So how can Chief Danny do what he did in the first few weeks after Kelly’s death escape charges of “accessory to 2nd degree murder”?

    Even after Hughes actions he would or should be charged for “attempted”. His comments of watching the video and telling his men “good job” are the red flags for investigators on either side of this case.

    A major “loop hole” that is difficult to cover up and not get caught.

    Michael Schwartz will expose each and every investigator in this case for what they are if they were part of any cover up, starting with Danny boy first.

    On it’s face, there does appear to be some substantial reasonable doubt looming on the horizon.

    I cannot imagine Chief Danny boy will escape this trial unscathed.

    I also wonder if the local papers will attempt to leave out any scathing testimony that points to FPD’s collusion in the obvious cover up that followed?

    Maybe Jan Flory will be called as a character witness for Danny Hughes?

    1. The actions of Hughes have almost nothing to do with the criminal trial – unless you count training and policy.

      There will be no civil trial. Danny’s protectors will see to that. However it will cost the taxpayers plenty, you can bet the farm on that.

    1. Real McCoy homeless don’t sleep in shelters. Kelly would have never slept in a shelter. Many homeless people like their life. Many don’t. Those that don’t have all the opportunity to get off their ass and do something about it, anything. Collect bottles, can’s, whatever. There’s an old man who holds his maingey mutt on the corner of Lemon & Orangethorpe. And he lives in a hotel with a roof over his head. Why? Because that’s what he wants.

      Homeless shelter = government growing ever bigger.

      1. And he uses the dog, which appears to be sick (nice guy!), to get more money from the sympathetic people driving by.

  6. Sorry But :
    The actions of Hughes have almost nothing to do with the criminal trial – unless you count training and policy.
    There will be no civil trial. Danny’s protectors will see to that. However it will cost the taxpayers plenty, you can bet the farm on that.

    LOL, you keep thinking that. I just got done watching a criminal trial and civil service hearing with Michael Schwartz, NOT even close on Danny’s actions being irrelevant.

      1. In person MICKEY in person. I even picked up a copy of the transcripts and final brief submitted in the case.

        1. Schwartz and Barnett are great attorneyS but they have thier own different style, which is great to watch. Schwartz is a bulldog and Barnett is quieter and will kill you with words and intimidation.

  7. as i stated on an earlier post “The city of Fullerton , authorized by then Fullerton city council, including McKinley, paid Gennaco $160,000 tax dollars to change two letters to form a new word to describe the Fullerton PD.
    Our $160,000 tax dollars bought the letters s,m.
    Gennaco’s “investigation” changed Fullerton PD from being thugs to just smug.
    From “culture of corruption”, Gennaco insulted the intelligence of fullerton’s community by claiming the Fullerton PD only guilty of “complacency ” not corruption.
    The sexual molestations of female detainees in fullerton PD squad cars, perjury that sent an innocent man to jail, false arrest , excessive force resulting in broken bones, suspicious jail suicide and the beating death of homeless, malnourished kelly thomas only happened because fullerton PD were smug or as Gennaco would say, just “complacent” about the numerous civil rights abuses this police department committed against Fullerton’s community.”

  8. In the YouTube video “Ron Thomas Speaks About His Son’s Beating Death”, at 2:16 Ron clearly states that Kelly did not want to return home, that Ron was heartbroken over this, and that there was nothing that Ron could do. My ex-husband Paul and I suffered through the same scenario for three years with our son. Fortunately our son was in a location that had a better quality police force. This analysis is correct, that blaming Kelly’s parents is an attempt at deflection. In addition to this there are too many ignorant people who believe that handing an apartment or house key over to a mentally ill homeless person gets that person off of the ground. This doesn’t happen with the combination of schizophrenia and claustrophobia.

  9. January 30, 2013

    Case # 11NF0950


    SANTA ANA – A homeless man faces trial tomorrow for murdering another transient man with a piece of wood. Sergio Camacho Gonzalez, 39, is charged with one felony count of murder with a sentencing enhancement for the personal use of a deadly weapon. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 26 years to life in state prison. Opening statements are expected to begin tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. in Department C-44, Central Justice Center, Santa Ana.

    On the evening of Sept. 25, 2010, Gonzalez is accused of getting into a verbal argument with 56-year-old Andrew Petrusiak in a Fullerton liquor store. At approximately 8:30 p.m., Petrusiak returned to his campsite behind a Fullerton business complex. At approximately 9:15 p.m., Gonzalez is accused of entering the victim’s campsite and murdering him by striking the victim in the back of the head with a piece of wood. Video surveillance in the business complex captured Gonzalez entering the site and leaving four minutes later. Petrusiak was never seen alive again.

    At approximately 8:00 a.m. on Sept. 27, 2010, Petrusiak’s friend arrived at the victim’s campsite, discovered the victim’s body, and called 911. The Fullerton Police Department (FPD) responded to the scene and investigated this case.

    Gonzalez is accused of being identified by witnesses to the argument inside the local liquor store as the man seen entering and exiting the campsite on the night of the murder. The defendant was arrested by FPD March 23, 2011

    Senior Deputy District Attorney Stephen McGreevy of the Homicide Unit is prosecuting this case.

    1. And there is no video evidence of him hitting him with the piece of wood, no audio or possibly even witnesses. The FPD are on film for the whole 33 minutes. Lets see who goes to Sing Sing and who gets community service.

      1. What is a taser, a baton, a fist, a foot, a flashlight? Can’t they be construed to be, in a similar context, a deadly weapon? Where are the enhancements for the Thomas “encounter”? What are multiple tasers impregnating the CHEST and blows to the head with a taser butt and flashlight? Are they a new form of body psychotherapy that just hasn’t quite made it into the medical literature yet?

        1. He doesnt have 300 or so supporters and a political, business, criminal, social, infrastructure behind them. (Like PsychoMickey 🙁 )

    1. OSR, Please stop writing in circles. Just write what you mean. Sorry……just sayin….As I see it McTurkey in gone. Retired and Recalled…..

        1. PSYCHO”MICKEY” not McSatan,
          FFFF fixture MICKEY HALLER, RI.

          Was a reply to comment of previous comment,
          “…Case # 11NF0950

          Read the plutonium story details it doesnt make sense.

          1. Public pension changes take effect
            By Ed Mendel January 3, 2013

            “…The Brown pension bill (AB 340) gives new employees of state and local government in the three systems lower pensions than current workers and requires the new employees to work longer to receive full pension amounts…”

            “…The bill expects employees to pay half the “normal” cost, an amount intended to cover pensions earned during the year. Employers pay the other half and any “unfunded liability” if projections miss targets, now a large debt mainly due to investment losses.

            For all employees retiring after Jan. 1, the bill limits “double dipping” (returning to a government job after retiring with a pension), prohibits the purchase of unserved “air time” to boost pensions and allows the elimination of pensions for job-related felonies…”

    1. Another water main just broke at Woods and Valencia yesterday, and was spouting water straight out of the street 3 feet high.

      Today the water main is still gushing water in the middle of the street, however it’s now been “capped” by city employees, by placing one of those orange road cones over it.

  10. Sergio Camacho Gonzalez, 39 faces
    “maximum sentence of 26 years to life in state prison. ” for allegedly striking another homeless man in the back of the head with a peice of wood. Cowardly Officer wearing a badge beats a passed homeless man in the face repeatedly causing his death and can only get 4 yrs max. I would say the scales are a bit unequal.

  11. If, as you say “parenting” poor or otherwise, was not to blame for Kelly Thomas’ death and prior actions, why did Ron Thomas file a lawsuit against the City?

    The filing of the lawsuit connotates that he, RT, raised his son, and now he no longer has him around for companionship and quality family time around the dinner table.

    What a crock! He never had a dinner time, around the table, suckin’ up suds family reunion time with Kelly. Never.

    Ron T. is expecting everyone to buy into the crock of crap that he has been spewing for the past eighteen months about his wonderful father/son relationhip with Kelly.

    Can you spell puke? Who wrote this stuff?

  12. Elaine, Elaine, Elaine… you too have bought into the load of crap spewed by Ron Thomas over the past 18 months. I am sorry for your situation, however, not the same for Ron Thomas who replied to a phone call from the police informing him about trouble Kelly was having and would he like to come and see about him. RT replied HE IS NO LONGER MY SON! That among other things.

    Ron T. has been known to fabricate stories, more than once.

    1. Only a cop would know that for a fact. But then, only a cop could make that up. What exactly is your source of info about RT saying “Kelly is no longer my son”?

      1. You got that right inside info. And what is wrong with that. We all have our sources. But Ron likes to make his up once in awhile.

    2. I don’t care if Ron was the devil himself. It has nothing to do with the actions of the PD. Keep trying…

  13. Fred Ronald Thomas- how come you didnt sue Danny? Isnt he the one who was in charge of those 6? Yes, he was. O did Danny tell you , we have your number plus the recordings of you saying=Kelly is dead to me? You dont think he will reveal that? Ron Thomas, you are not getting a dime from this city. And Frankly Im disgusted that Cathy Thomas, got a dime- man does anyone know about her DUI/under the influence charge? What happen to that victim? Why she settled- if you run them in the OC courts. Look them up, and see who is lying and telling the truth. Compulsive fabricator, Ron was married 5 times, you think any of those ladies will come forth ( aside from cathy for money) and tell you that Ron had a decent relationship with his kid. Not a one, unless given money. We need to replace GARO pal, DANA FOX< who is representing us in the civil trial. I think we need a pitbull, not a friend of GARO. Im hoping court TV, will ruin Rons chance of getting a dime from this city. Mr THomas standing next to Dicaprio at the ribbon cutting was about the most offensive thing I have ever witnessed. People, he has not one ounce of shame. Hated Kelly, and paws on our women, while pretending to cry. Kelly Thomas was long dead to Mr Thonas, way before Wolfe got ahold of him,

    1. Nice job ‘deflecting’ and blaming the victim’s family because cops murdered him. As you stated, “Cathy Thomas should not have received a dime from the city” (and she received $1 million), you will be proven WRONG again when Ron gets a cool $5 million from the city, thanks once again to your scum hole cops actions!

  14. The case I just got done watching was the People vs Eric Orduno. Michael Schwartz was the defense attorney.

    A Deputy Sheriff who was charged for failing to report a fellow cop was having sex with a female underage explorer. A misdemeanor crime.

    Deputy Orduno did not observe any sexual misconduct, the female explorer had mentioned it to the deputy she was in love with a particular deputy . Her age at the time was 17. LIke 2 months away from 18 to be honest.

    What started the investigation that led to Orduno being charged, was an anonymous call that came in stating that a Deputy by the name of Benjamin was fooling around with a female explorer. That was all it took to launch a full blown circus.

    There were multiple sex scandals going on around the County of San Bernardino at the time. Actually scandals that have plagued the County for many years.

    Deputy Orduno was simply a pawn in the bigger picture, an opportunity for the County to throw someone to the wolfs in order to cover for their failure to impliment policies and procedures that might have stopped some of these scandals.

    Prior to the trial starting, even the Judge who was handling the case asked the DA why the people were prosecuting it under the total circumstances.

    The DDA said she had no choice. The real reason is the Sheriff had asked the DA, Mike Ramos to prosecute the case in a CYA move, bottom line.

    Each and every witness that came forth for the prosecution was methodically destroyed by Michael Schwartz.

    The victim was caught in several lies during her intial testimony and was finally found not to be credible.

    Who was the culprit, it was the detective who handled the case. Coaching the victim became obvious, the Sheriff’s Department’s agenda was exposed.

    The victim had told the detective she had told Orduno about specific sex acts in multiple text and phone conversations they had about her love for the deputy.

    Yes the deputy who actually had sex with the explorer was charged and plead guilty.

    The Sheriff’s Department was also exposed when testimony revealed they hacked the private cell phones of the two deputies and the victim without a court order or subpoena looking for more evidence against deputy Orduno.

    They did not find any either.

    Even a Sergeant was exposed for his failure to report and investigate a conversation he had with deputy Orduno long before the scandal came forth where he told the Sergeant in a conversation he knew of a deputy that was dating an explorer. The Sergeant simply asked Orduno if the explorer was 18, Orduno said he thought so. End of conversation.

    Yes the Sergeants failure to act or investigate was also exposed with great skill, and it too destroyed the peoples case against the deputy.

    When the jury was sent to chambers to deliberate they came back with a 12-0 not guilty their first vote. A serious blow to those incompetant cops and administrators who supported the circus.

    Now came the civil service hearing for the deputy. Yes the Sheriff’s department continued on with their quest to justify terminating the deputy. Administrative charges that the deputy lied were included.

    Unfortunately for the Sheriff’s department their primary witnesses including investigators and the victim CHANGED their testimony around. YES more lies exposed again. Blatant acts of perjury, blatant acts of perjury.

    The bafoonary of attempting to change testimony and hoping to win your case is beyond explanation.

    The Assitant Sheriff who is now the Sheriff was exposed for his incompetance in keeping up with the case and failing to act upon the lies exposed months before.

    Michael Schwartz just kicked the crap out of SBSD.

    A wrongful termination case was made. Taking the other cases that Mr.Schwartz current employer has exposed shows a LAPD Rampart style practice going on with employees.

    Deputy Orduno’s final decision in the civil service is pending. I have full confidence he will prevail.

    My point, if you think this case with those 3 charged in Kelly’s death is just going to involve that video tape and not much else, all I can say, you cops who believe that, and think Danny Boy is in the driver seat of the bus, LOL!!!

    Danny Boy and his minions who orchestrated this prosecution to cover their own butts will be exposed if there is evidence of such and it clearly appears there is.

    Michael Schwartz and John Barnett hammering away at Danny Boy and his crew of misfits?

    I hope you remember John Barnett from the Rodney King trial?

    Danny boy has no worries?

    The guy who authored and orchestrated this debacle is irrelevant at this time?

    LOL, you experienced coppers from FPD have no clue. First you have no prior experience in a case of this magnitude, but you WILL.

    I might agree with all of that if you didn’t have all the other scandals in your file.

    You FPD boys don’t think Michael Schwartz and John Barnett’s investigators or themselves don’t read this blog?

    I think I’ll send an email to Schwartz boss and find out for sure. I’ll let you all know.

    Even the trash talked around here has value, some of you just don’t realize it yet.

    Attorney’s like Schwartz and Barnett are busy people, so there is a chance they could miss something.

    But if you take them by the arm and point to a specific issue, I can assure you that Schwartz and his law firm will dang sure start looking.

    Good luck FPD brass, I think your going to need it.

    Remember lying and cheating when you try and prosecute someone no matter how ugly the case is, creates reasonable doubt, the ONLY thing the attorneys have to do.

    And Danny boy in company don’t compare nor measure up to veterans like Barnett and Schwartz.

    FPD did a crappy job with Albert Rincon just for starters.

    But you supporters of FPD can sure step in here and tell us all the high profile cases you have handled and won.

    I think the changing of the reports if that happened will be fatal for the prosecution.

    Who should be held responsible for that, Danny Hughes and the DA.

  15. When will the citizens of Fullerton finally get fed up with subhuman predators at FPD?
    Take the brooms and cleanse out the city from them! there are 150K of you versus 150 of them!

    Throw these subhuman tax eating leeches out!

  16. Item 12 on agenda Tuesday February 5, 2013

    The City paid over $7 million in 2012 in legal settlements to various parties, depleting cash in the Liability Insurance Fund. Staff proposes the issuance of Judgment Obligation Bonds to replenish these funds.
    Recommendation by the Administrative Services Department:
    Adopt resolution.

    1. Financial down fall, I expected this. This City will have further judgement payouts. Validation Proceedings, my ass. With the bunch of dumb asses we have sitting on the Council this should be entertaining. How do feel now about the FPD? This is their fault.

  17. Perhaps the “other” Dick Jones can explain the concept of “judicial validation” in English; quick Google search brought up the term in relation to “will” (as in estate).

  18. Wrong – that wasn’t the recent quote, that happened a few years before July 5. Kelly had been in trouble with police before, are you surprised?

  19. MICKEY HALLER :Schwartz and Barnett are great attorneyS but they have thier own different style, which is great to watch. Schwartz is a bulldog and Barnett is quieter and will kill you with words and intimidation.

    FAIL. Barnett, uses the same tactics, he nevers strays, if I were a betting man, I would say he will use the only tool he ever uses, he plays the same team, and at the very end throws the other defendents under the bus ( ask theo bruseno). I can say with positive proof, I know Barnett very well, and have done case studies on his last cases, I would suggest anyone who pretends to give a shit about this case, watch all his cases and see his one and only theory he uses. You the reader can find out what that is. I dont reveal all. but Shwartz, is over his head, and Barnetts number is up, the only problem I see here, is a corrupt DA’s office that will never ever do a thing about this, and is happy that cable network will cover it, I promise you this Tony DA, Ridiculous- will have a PR guy and a show by the end of the year. This is rich mans theatre people.

  20. If you understand Barnett, Shwartz will loose it all in the 9th inning.
    Barnett has given classes on his tactics, I would suggest the DA and his rat, Sharon Kang- do their homework, I have.

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