It’s A Boring Job, But Somebody’s Gotta Do It!

We’ve all seen Fullerton cops texting on the job – on motorcyles, in patrol cars, and at Starbucks, when in fact they are supposed to be protecting us from evil, hippy dope-smokers.

But wait a sec! What’s this? Chief Danny texting during  a Fullerton Council meeting?!

Well, I guess FPD “Detective” Ron Bair will soon be making another “Brown Act” record request!


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    1. More like Det. Blubber and Det. Guts or Det. Pigg and Det. Hogg or Det. Clogged-Arteries and Det. Massive-Coronary or… maybe Det. Wecantsee and Det. Ourowndicks

  1. It is obvious fullerton police chief Hughes is pointing his eyes down at his lap. Is Fullerton police chief Hughes violating the brown act?
    Many people often point their eyes down at their laps
    People who point their eyes down at their laps violate the brown act
    Brown act punishes conspirators
    Fullerton police chief Hughes must be punished for pointing his eyes at this lap
    My thanks to,Greg diamond for inspiring me to write thismdither

  2. He was checking sports scores or after-hours stock status – cut him some slack

    Or maybe he was “sexting”????

    Yes, I am being sarcastic before anyone thinks I am serious

    1. maybe he was “sexting”????

      It’s orange county and he’s in Law Enforcement, there is a 99.9% that he was.

    2. I always wondered why anyone would go for that ball headed thing. The Kojac gig obviously still works. Chick magnet and promotion earning (tough guy/ WSP) do. And, I just saw in the Register the newly appointed Head ball head at Sunset Beach.

  3. Bair earned his stripes as a school resource officer (hall monitor with a gun). He’s not qualified to handle anything more complicated than truancy.

  4. Probably on the bat phone with crime fighter Thompson who just caught another couple bumping the nasty. Hughes is telling Thompson to terminate the pursuit and put his stinger back in his pants.

  5. I love they are so dumb to think the Brown Act provides for making record requests! Try the California Public Records Act next time, Detective!

  6. So Grover you agree with detective bair?? Whittaker better start erasing all his text messages to bshala! You ffffers are hilarious and keep the rest of us very entertained! Haha

    1. Go find another playground. You and your peeps are very boring. Always the same comments. Your comments are equal to a bunch of teenagers.

  7. Dan is probably receiving his orders from his police union handlers, Andrew Goodrich and Barry Coffman, of the Fullerton Police Officers Association.

    Barry Coffman is often seen seated in the back of the city council audience texting non-stop during the City Council meetings.

    Do you think it’s possible that these dimwits are projecting their own inattentitive behavior onto the City Council persons?

    I do.

  8. The Brown Act doesn’t apply to a police chief in this circumstance. The freedom of Information Act might if it is a city cell phone.

  9. American taxpayers are too stupid to drive and talk on a phone. Once they give you the super hero serum at the academy you can talk on a phone, punch buttons on a computer and text all while driving and at the same time. If you wreck or hit someone while on the super hero serum doing any of those ILLEGAL acts regular Americans are banned from doing….. you get a pass. Still they wonder why people are hating on cops more and more.

  10. Just read the OCR article. After reading, it is very clear that Flory and Alverez that are being supported by FOPA could care less about the residents. BTW, Coffman you need to shutup, because do not speak for all the Fullerton residents. Go shove another burger in that mouth of yours. The FPD is a disgrace, no honor, no ethics. And that is what most residents think of the FPD.

  11. What will Captain Kangaroo Bruce Whitaker do for money when his gobblement boss is fired and Bruce is forcefully taken off the tax payers teet. Will King Tony pay all his bills?

    1. What would Barry Coffman do if he actually got fired for being a fat, lazy, cowardly sack of shit without a Tommy Burger truck to gorge at?

    2. The only way Norby will lose to Silva-quirk is if every chili-shitter in Anaslime votes for their Mexican Moma.

          1. Obvious troll FPOA Go slam another burger down your trap, at least that will keep your fat sausage like fingers too busy and greasy to bother us with your nonsense. Vote the ’em out, Prison Bound FPD3.

          2. That’s the best you guys can do? Fuck the Police and Outraged Mexican? Not exactly cointelpro are you. Pathetic.

        1. Haven’t been in this story until now. I would not use that username and would certainly never make that racist comment.

    3. The article did not mention anything about Captain Kangaroo? And Yes, the Unions will suck the City dry. It did mention that FOPA are suckin Flory’s and Alverez ass. FPD needs to wipe their chins off.

  12. For the past two Saturdays, you can see four FPD motorcycle officers and two cruisers in the old Beckman parking lot testing a new style bike.

    I went in to Home Depot at 11:00 this AM came out 45 minutes later they were still there, cruised down to Imperial burger ate and headed back North. Still there at 12:50 PM.

    I think they are not suppossed to be there, but I’ll let Jeff Linton answer that.

    1. Ok Tony your point? cops do too much training or not enough training. I once saw Marines landing boats on the coast on my way down the 5 fwy. There was no war in Oceanside. Cops who beat Kelly Thomas in the face with a taser. Too much training not enough training?

  13. I would like to a ” Brown act record request” On Ron Bair to understand why hes dragging around a billboard trailer at night which was paid for by the taxpayer.Does he even live in this city? Was he on the time card last night when he was advertising for his candidates of his choice? Hopefully the citizens will begin to see the corruption of these top detectives who will say anything to meet their own monetery means.

  14. peaches :He was checking sports scores or after-hours stock status – cut him some slack
    Or maybe he was “sexting”????
    Yes, I am being sarcastic before anyone thinks I am serious

    in the gennaco report it does talk about all the adultery goin on in the PD, I wonder if SQS and Danny have stopped their little affair? Uh oh, did I just out that Quirk is bangin everybody but her husband.

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