Well, That Figures

Once and a while I do a Public Record Act request search, ya know, just to see who’s been digging into Fullerton’s records.

And look what I found:

Some person named Greg Diamond, who lives in Brea, is interested in a report about a domestic dispute incident involving State Assemblyman Chris Norby. This issue is not new and quite some time ago FFFF tagged former police spokeshole and union boss Andrew Goodrich as the most likely leaker of the now discredited  insinuation of spousal abuse that was helpfully passed along to the public by a union-sponsored blog.

Good news. Hopefully the City will hand over any  internal documents on the topic, and especially the possible external communications sent by a helpful PIO to the Voice of OC(EA). Perhaps our new council will make sure that happens.

I am informed that this drone is working for Sharon Quirk in her cardboard cut-out bid to beat out Norby for the new 65th Assembly District seat in the Assembly.

More socks are on the way!

If she thinks this sort of dumpster diving is going to help her campaign, she’s got another think coming. Instead, I hope in the coming months Quirk will expend her energy articulating her positions on increasing taxes in California, explain why the schools are so screwed up, how JCs and state universities squander billions every year with ridiculous bureaucracies and opine on the idiotic environmental master planning embodied in AB32 and SB 375. 

Do I hope in vain?

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  1. Greg Diamond is a proven winner. I’m glad that Quirk has picked such a top-notch individual to run her campaign.

    1. I’m not running her campaign. My interest in this event stems from the prospect that Fullerton police who “handled” the situation back in 2010 might be more willing to talk candidly about it now. I can be reached care of Orange Juice Blog if any of them have anything to disclose. (I learned that trick from Tony.)

  2. Mr. Peabody, how can I thank you?

    This is rich coffee reading, the reeeechest kind. Greg Diamond working for slithering SSSSilva? Wow Sharon, I bet this is your proudest moment yet. hahahahaha!

    If that isn’t a sign of her doomed campaign, I don’t know what is. Leave it to GD to jump ON a sinking ship, it is poetic.

    Greg Diamond you have now been named King of the Douchebags. Wear it loud and wear it proud!

    1. Yes I am interested in what happened that day — which will be news to everyone in Sharon’s campaign, who I didn’t tell about the request.

      If people would like to know why I am interested, which is based on information that I heard at the time, just ask me. You may want to run that idea by Chris Norby first, though.

      1. Come on, guys — I need to know whether I need to write the article about the events of that day, which I had tentatively decided not to pursue. Has anyone checked with Norby about whether he wants to see this written about or not?

        I know how much this blog values transparency, so I suppose that this may just be your way of saying “go ahead and write it up.” Thanks for forcing my hand, Mr. Peabody!

        1. There were no arrests or convictions in that incident. Why not show some decency and allow people privacy in their private lives? It disgusts me how some smear our political system by digging into the private lives of candidates instead of examining their public performance as legislators.

          1. No arrests or convictions from a Police Department with a “Culture of Corruption.” That’s definitive. What happened to FFFF’s interest in transparency?

            I’m writing up the story now. I’m not making accusations; I’m just noting what specific information, conveyed to me when I was coordinating the Brown for Governor campaign here in late 2010, led me to file the public records request. If you didn’t want this to see the light of day — as it likely wouldn’t absent this story — blame Mr. Peabody.

            I’ve already copied this post and comments section for safe-keeping, by the way, in case Tony decides that it would be better to turn back time.

            1. Can’t wait for the hard-hitting Greg Diamond exclusive. Just make sure to put something good in the first sentence cuz that’s all OJ’s 12 readers will ever look at.

            2. Go ahead and write your stellar post. Three people will read it and two of them will laugh at you.

              Good to know what you think is important. Too bad your rotten candidate can’t talk about a single, substantive thing.

              And just listen to her crazy mental unraveling.

              1. Is this Travis? If so, is this why you suddenly came out for the public release of public record requests? Were you surprised when I said that I thought that that was a good idea? If that was supposed to be a threat, I’m sorry for not picking up on it.

                If this is Travis, by the way, I was having trouble getting into OJB for 45 minutes — couldn’t access my page for posts (making me happy that I had started composing off line) — but things seem OK now.

                Don’t worry, it won’t just go to OJB. A lot more than three people will read it.

                It’s good to know what you don’t think is important. I think that spousal abuse, and police cover-ups of charges of spousal abuse against public officials — if that is indeed what happened here — are very important.

                I’m not part of Sharon’s campaign, though I’m glad she’s running and I’m happy to be on the same ballot. If you think that she’s not being substantive, take it up with her. I think that you’ll find that she has a lot to say about women’s rights — she really didn’t like Norby’s slamming Title IX.

                1. Good to know.

                  So, if you don’t mind being interviewed here: about the timing of your call to make all public record request public — at the time you did so, were you aware in any way of my public records request regarding the police visit to Norby, presence of pictures, etc.? (As you’ll note, I complimented you on the move. I have no problem with this being made public — if that’s what someone wanted to do.)

                2. Ho, ho. So you think the cops covered it up? Then how did the Voice of OC(EA) get the report? Oh right! The union cops leaked it!

                3. Norby was right about Tiltle IX. what he said was that it put a lot on men’s programs out of business (it did) and he said that that was not an intended consequence of the creators.

                  Go peddle your BS somewhere else.

                4. @See Ya — nor have I been part of her campaign, except to the extent that sometimes they may seek my opinion. I want her to win, of course, but she knows that I’m too willing to make enemies to have on staff, so I tend to be held at arm’s length.

                  @Peabody — gee, perhaps there was some divergence of views within the department. I don’t know who leaked it.

                  @Title IX — could you say that louder? I’m not sure that all of the female voters heard you.

              1. Check with Kitty Jaramillo….council candidate and Tony Bushala historian. She can tell you all about Tony’s penchant for owning and operating an empire of slums and dilapidated properties not fit for human contact.

                1. Great idea. Maybe Kitty can do a better job convincing me not to vote for Bushala than the no recall guys did.

                  Wait, Bushala is not on the ballot? What the……?

  3. I kind of miss Ol’ Doc Hee Haw’s country ramblings. Can’t we just sit him in a high chair at the end of the council table and let him throw in some good ol countrified corn fed pearls once in a while?

  4. I notice the case was closed on 7/10 so I doubt anybody did any real digging into those internal and external discussions.

    1. They just said it was exempt from disclosure and that the day logs no longer exist. I had thought of contacting a journalist friend to find out if there’s a way around that — but, as I said, I had instead just decided that I’d probably let the matter drop. Then came this story….

      1. What a maroon. Got your knickers in a twist and now you’re not going to drop your non-story?


        1. That’s the truth, “Fred.” I wasn’t actively pursuing, though I had not made a final decision. I thought that it would probably be in vain. But now that Peabody dredged it up and tried to use it, falsely and stupidly, as a weapon against SQS, you’re damn right that I’m going to run with the ball. Right now, after all a certain deliveryman may be reading this….

    1. You mean I can order people around? Great!

      Message to my cult followers: find out who “chicken” is in real life and tease him over his user name, spelling, and punctuation!

      Oh, on second thought, don’t bother. Proceed with the plan to identify Tony’s sock puppets.

  5. I’m surprised you’re surprised about this. You should know that Diamond writes (voluminously — he can say anything in 100 words that anyone else can say in 10) for the Orange Juice Blog that FFFF, for reasons that have never been clear, cross posts with. [You guys are better than that — you don’t need to associate with scummy rumor mongers.]

    Diamond is just one of the liberal sleazeballs that hangs with the well-known drunk (4xDUIs) Vern Nelson. Diamond is hard core left and would have no qualms at all in smearing a Conservative — that’s there way, and would be especially typical of the manner in which he and the OJ Blog operates.

    Ask your pal Nelson what he’s up to — if he’s sober and not wrapped around a light pole, maybe he’ll have an answer.

    1. No. In this day and age real hard-core lefties finds real hard-core right libertarians and work WITH them, not against them, since the things they have in common are greater than the things that divide them.

      Which means Greg Diamond is NOT hard-core left. And I don’t care how much Vern drinks by the way.

      1. Well you ought to, JT, just in case your six-year old steps in front of his car.

        You’d think four DUIs would keep you in jail for one long time.

        1. Vern doesn’t drive anymore.

          You’d also think that a politician’s sleeping on the building’s steps would stay in the news a long time.

          1. He should hitch a ride on the Bus w/ Andrew!

            I understand he picked up a duece too. What is it with Liberal Bloggers and DUI’s.

            It’s ironic that the laters collumn is called:
            “TOTAL BUZZ”

    2. Um, getting bitter over someone digging up dirt and replying with the DUI argument is pretty hypocritical

      If you don’t appreciate mud slinging, don’t sling mud.

  6. Norby has proven to be a big disappointment since he joined the Assembly. Just another guarded bureaucrat who hides within the layers of political abyss. Norby is playing it safe to remain on the state payroll. Just like all the other faceless bureaucrats.

    With that said, Quirk would be 100x’s worse than Norby. She would further damage the state of the State with her liberal, progressive leanings.

    So a vote for Norby is a vote more mediocrity. A vote for Quirk is a vote for more liberal values that have damaged the state beyond repair.

    You choose.

    1. What has damaged this state and country beyond repair is not liberalism, and it is not conservatism. It is corporatist centrism, also known as “business as usual” – the real philosophy that defines 95% of elected officials, D or R.

      1. You nailed it my friend………………….. I agree 100%.

        Forget the labels, once you get into a government job, the fun and games starts in earnest. Part of the prerequisite for entry is that you must first sell your soul.

    2. Another one with an alcohol problem. He must have found a park bench in Sacto to nap on by now.

      Seems there’s a trend here.

  7. Btw, it’s really none of our business what happens between Norby and his wife.

    Anybody who raises such an issue in an election is a slimeball.

    1. Dear JustUs — Actually, it is our business. I sure would like to know if my Assemblyman has a history of domestic violence. I’ve heard from one who used to be in the know… yes, he is a bit of a slime ball.

      1. I agree that if a politician is CONVICTED of a crime, from stealing a pack of gum from a drug store to smacking his spouse – it should be publiccized. Otherwise, it’s none of our business what happens between a man and his wife. If there are problems in their marriage it’s THEIR business to work those problems out – not ours to make judgments. Focus on what a politician does IN GOVERNMENT as our representative. Stay out of his living room, kitchen and bedroom.

        1. Oh, that isn’t true at all! If Ramos or Cincinelli were running for office, you damn well better believe I want to know all about Kelly Thomas.

          Same goes for Bill Clinton, Jon Edwards, that dude in New Jersey, or any one else trying to masquerade around as being the perfect example of an American man or woman.

          If you want to be in the public life, expect to be in the public life. Otherwise, stay in the private sector.

          1. Ramos and Cicinelli were arrested, weren’t they?

            Bill Clinton was impeached, wasn’t he?

            Jon Edwards was arrested and tried, wasn’t he?

            Being contacted by the cops should not be a campaign issue.

            Should we know about whenever a candidate was pulled over by a cop, cited or not???

            Time for you folks to focus on the important stuff and stop digging up dirt for sensationalism.

            1. Whoa whoa whoa, JU. Back the truck up.

              You said you agree if a politician is CONVICTED of a crime. That’s it. Don’t get all upitty (like you normally do) on technicalities now.

              If you really want to split hairs . . .

              I would want to know about R&C back in September of 2011 if there were looking for office then.

              I would want to know about Clinton before the house voted. By the by– impeached not at all the same thing as convicted.

              Jon Edwards was just tried this year. His scandal broke during the campaign, when it was damn relevant. He was tried for something tangentially related to his marriage issues, by the way.

              Being contacted by the cops should not be a campaign issue– correct. What a candidate was doing at the time– yeah, that might be relevant. That’s why we have public records. They’re public after all.

              Yes, we should know about whenever a candidate was pulled over by a cop, cited, or not. Just like anyone else.

              Is this important? Maybe. Maybe not. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, right?

              1. “I would want to know about Clinton before the house voted. By the by– impeached not at all the same thing as convicted”

                Baloney. A President getting impeached by Congress is tantamount to a conviction. Stop your nonsense. He didn’t get impeached for his affair either. He got impeached for lying under oath and obstruction.

                “He was tried for something tangentially related to his marriage issues, by the way”

                Edwards was tried for misuse of campaign funds along with many other serious allegations.

                If Norby is ever arrested and prosecuted for misuse of campaign fund , et al, I won’t complain if you hammer on him. Just stay the hell out of his kitchen, living room and bedroom for something as minor as a police contact. For God sakes. What happens in Norby’s home after hours in none of your darned business.

                “What a candidate was doing at the time– yeah, that might be relevant. That’s why we have public records. They’re public after all”

                What happens between a man and his wife when no crime was committed is none of your darned business. Fix your own life. Don’t spend it sticking you nose into other’s private affairs.

                “Yes, we should know about whenever a candidate was pulled over by a cop, cited, or not. Just like anyone else”

                You’re a perfect example why this state is so screwed up.

                1. Damnit JU, here you go on one of your rants again.

                  ACTUALLY, a vote to convict (remove from office) follows a vote to impeach. Get it right.

                  I’m a perfect example why this state is so screwed up? Well SOOOOORRRRY for knowing my civics! I suppose I could just run around making shit up like you do.

      2. Were you the person who talked to me when I was with the Brown campaign? I did get the sense that I was not the only person they talked to about this.

  8. “she’s got another think coming”
    where is that nut job grammar police
    I THING you should use a spell check

  9. If all of you posting would go to the City Council meetings you would learn about SKQS’s “personality”. She walked in at the last minute to vote on the last issue of the night on Tuesdays meeting. Huffing and puffing all the way…angry at one of her councilmates and angry at one of our school board members.
    She demands “respect”, probably cannot spell it but demands it, even though she doesn’t know how to give it.
    After the meeting she called at least two people into her “chambers” to ball them out ..
    Note to Sharon, you are not a goddess or a queen you are an elected and as such I and others can tell you to “go fly a kite” and it is legal. This is not the first time I have witnessed her snotty behavior over the last several months.
    Also witnessed last night at the ‘soft’ opening of El Farolito Fullerton, SJQS asked a former campaign worker/manager if he would work on her campaign again and he said, NO and she accused him of working for “those Republicans” and he again said NO.
    He is another person she has burnt her bridges with. Seems to be another of her bad habits.
    So much to tell so little time..but let us just say she is not a leader.

    1. OK, everyone who doesn’t like unattributed bashing of candidates, I await your condemnation of this comment.

      By the way, my understanding (from secondary sources) is that Sharon was out of the region on Tuesday — after all, there had been no Council meeting scheduled — and my guess is that she arrived at the meeting straight from the airport, which would explain her walking in late.

      1. Chief Danny? Well I guess that’s about right when you have the mental equipment of a six year old.

  10. I love this webpage. I do, truly. All sides, all opinions.

    I wish every town and city in America had an active FFFF-style website. Even if 70% of the comments are stupid and worthless, the remaining 30% are good as gold, and valuable to the healing and sustaining of the local community.

    Bravo. Bravo, Friends of Fullerton. All of you.

  11. Approximately two years ago when Norby ran for state assembly, I received a phone call from his opponent. after the introduction of hi, I am calling on behalf of Norby’s opponent(I forget the opponents name) launched into a tirade about Norby’s frequent marriages and how he beat his current wife.

    I was shocked and told this man who did not introduce himself, that this was hearsay . angry with this man’s sleazy tactics, I asked him why he only chose to bring up an ugly allegation about Norby instead of telling me the pros of Norby’s opponent political platform and the negatives of Norby’s political platform. The caller replied that wasn’t it bad enough Norby beat his wife and people like that should not serve in government.
    what filth! Needless to say, Norby won and I don’t even remember the opponent’s name.

    1. Sorry, but I know his opponent and I highly doubt your story. The opponent was Esiquio Uballe and to my knowledge no one from his campaign ever made any cold calls to voters about it. Maybe it happened as you say, but I highly, highly doubt it. If they had been willing to present such information publicly, they would have gone large.

        1. He ran against Uballe in the general election. Thanks for being so verifiably wrong. If the Ackermans had had this, don’t you think it would have been on a glossy mailer? But I admit that this sort of call seems more like their style.

      1. The opponent was Esiquio Uballe, thanks for jarring my memory. Yes, I was cold called by Uballe’s supporter and the first thing he said was did you know Norby has been married numerous times and he beats his current wife.

        what do I have to gain by lying about this incident?
        what do you and Sharon quirk-silva have to gain by lying about this incident?

        1. I have no idea. So far as I recall, I’ve heard nothing about the Uballe campaign ever saying anything this in its calls. Maybe someone was messing with you.

          1. Greg, why would someone cold call me just to mess with me?
            Apply logic to this occurrence . To win the election, Norby’s opponent resorts to defaming the reputation of Norby’s to convince voters he is a morally superior person and so vote not for Norby but him.
            Using your explanation, strangers get a thrill calling strangers to defame Norby and telling them to vote for equival even though the caller has no vested interest in this election

            1. I don’t know why — so that you’d be able to report that it happened?

              Or (more likely) maybe it was one of his enemies within the GOP, hoping for a closer vote margin so as to make Norby look weaker in future elections? I know that he got Ackerman’s endorsement, but does that preclude this sort of game playing?

              I don’t see the point of a campaign with the sort of limited budget that Uballe had engaging in an action that would be so likely to backfire. They weren’t running that sort of campaign.

              1. “backfire”? A better word is repel and it repulsed me enough to withdraw my vote for Uballe and vote for Norby.

                Greg, Uballe was weak and resorted to the weak man’s tactics; defaming their opponents instead of standing on their own merits.

                Weak men and women reside at all levels of our government evidenced by the “smear campaigns” soon to come and escalate as our presidential election is held this November.
                And conspiracy theories to explain away immorality and intellectual weakness is the glowing, red neon arrow that points out the flawed person to the rest of us

                1. Your sneering at conspiracy theories. Have you forgotten what blog you’re on?

                  My perspective is that it just doesn’t make sense. I know the person who was coordinating their phone banks. I phone banked for him myself sometimes; the Brown campaign for north OC was coordinated with his campaign. If there was a general effort to smear Norby this way, I’d think that I’d have known about it — and I didn’t. I was in a room full of phone bankers some weekends; never heard a peep like this.

                  If they had wanted to attack him on his marital history, the choices would have been go big or go home. He knew that he was well behind; why try a small whisper campaign that is guaranteed to be ineffectual? Again, it just doesn’t make sense.

                  One other thing: can I ask whether you’re a registered Democrat? I ask because as I recall they were calling ONLY registered Democrats. So if you aren’t — how would someone from the campaign have called you?

  12. In light of the recent shootings in Anaheim it seems that PR isn’t really saying much.The people are left with only the eywitness facts to peice together what happened pending a lengthy investigation. It seems cities would be free to address police incidents better if they knew they wouldn’t be held liable an astronomical sum of money. Why not hold directly liable the ones responsible for the misconduct.
    if it’s not about the money …. then why gain a sum at the experience of the city at an amount which would be more then you might make in a lifetime. And all that when you weren’t even the victim of the crime.Put all your energy in focusing on the officers and policies at fault that allow for these sorts of situations to happen. 2:00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX3u_sSycrQ

      1. So by that standard all public records requests by FFFFsters are also “dumpster diving”?

        I wanted to talk to the witnesses, idiot.

        1. What a bunch of phony indignation. The 4F Mafia submits these types of public records requests everyday seeking dirt on their enemies. With a stroke of the pen, Peabody burned what little credibility this blog had left. Hypocrites!

          1. Really? Tell me more. With examples.

            Some people here just are in the bag for Norby, period, no matter what he has done in his past. They’re “credible” in that respect. About transparency in government — not so much.

            1. Zzzzzzzzz.

              Just admit it, low-life. You got popped. I’m sure ShareBear will be unhappy you were busted.

              1. As I said, I’m fine with this request having been released. I’m putting off my story until Monday, though. Readership is higher.

  13. Greg Diamond, please go back to the Orange Juice Blog, where your presence was respected and your input valued.


    Le Dai Khoa

    1. Thank you for the advice, but when my name comes up here, especially in the context of false charges made that I was taking an action in concert with another campaign, I am going to take part in the discussions here for as long as I’m allowed.

      1. gasbag [ˈgæsˌbæg] Informal
        a person who talks in a voluble way, esp about unimportant matters

        1. So you think that spousal abuse and possible conspiracy to hide it are unimportant matters?

          Again, I’m not making those charges — I mostly just wanted to be able to talk to some witnesses and see some photos that were alleged to exist, in order to see if there was anything to the story.

          1. It was a typical clean cut case, but T-Rack refused to file it. He called it “Professional Courtesy”.

        1. False charges against Sharon, who wasn’t involved. The only reason I wasn’t going to raise these questions against Norby publicly was because while I had allegations, I didn’t have the goods. I think that one should have the goods before making such a charge — and the first step towards that was a public records request.

          Now of course, I have to speak out to clear my name about people saying that I was “dumpster diving.” You’ll know most of what I know soon, Fred, and you’ll see why I made the request — which would likely have never come to light except for Peabody’s intervention.

          Must be killing you, I’ll bet.

          1. Let’s see if I’ve got this right. You weren’t going to do a post before because you had nothing, but now in a fit of childish pique for having been embarrassed, you are going to do it anyway?

            Well you go old man and make your self even more ridikyoulus.

            1. Had you just written that I’d put in the request, I don’t know that I’d now go and explain all of the circumstances behind it. However, that’s not what you did. You said that I’d put in the request, and then, in classic FFFF style, you falsely tried to link it to Sharon so as to serve your own political ends.

              That means that I now have to set the record straight about what I knew when, what led me to make the public records request when I did, and why I didn’t tell SQS & Co. that I was doing it. I’m not embarrassed and it’s not a matter of pique; it just means that I now have to tell a story that I hadn’t planned to tell.

    2. “Greg Diamond, please go back to the Orange Juice Blog, where your presence was respected and your input valued.”………. Hmmmmm

      Golem’s presence in OJB is everything but respected.

      Everyone in any opposition to Golem is banned.

      In addition, it is difficult to oppose Golem in politically correct environment because he will immediately stigmatize any critic by accusing him of an Antisemitism.

      He is just provoking here to get enough evidence to shut down the “F”FFF.

      My prediction is that he will succeed unless he is banned same as he bands others.

      1. I’ve suspended (not banned, although the suspension may last a long time) exactly one person from OJB, Stanley: you. Your comments are still in the archive if anyone wants to see why.

          1. “Sort of a Jewish Frankenstein’s Monster”…… Hmmmm

            Golem is not a Jewish Frankenstein’s Monster as alleged by moron mongoloid Diamond, but Jewish Superman.

            The classic narrative: The Golem of Prague
            Rabbi Loew and Golem by Mikoláš Aleš, 1899.
            Synagogue of Prague with the rungs of the ladder to the attic on the wall.

            The most famous golem narrative involves Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the late 16th century chief rabbi of Prague, also known as the Maharal, who reportedly created a golem to defend the Prague ghetto from antisemitic attacks[8] and pogroms.

            If you are interested reading about it google Golem of Prague.

            However, Diamond may be Jewish Frankenstein’s Monster.

            1. That’s about as big as an insult as you can sling ya damn Nazi. I’ve gained my opinion of you by reading what you write.

              You’re a horrible human being.

              1. “You’re a horrible human being”……. Hmmmmm

                Obviously not because I am not commenting Anonymously.

                Only criminals, rapist, sex offenders and evil people like you are actin Anonymously.

        1. I thought Golem was that little freak Hobbit from Lord of the Rings that keeps wanting “His Precious.”

  14. Hey Greg Diamond- On your own blog or web page didn’t you just go on and on about how some nasty folks made fun of your foreign born wife? Did you not say how family should be “off limits” are you calling the kettle black?

    1. That was on this blog. They didn’t “make fun of” her; they insinuated that she was was a mail-order bride and/or prostitute. I make no such assertion, even as a supposed joke, against Martha Norby.

      The notion that “family is off-limits” means that one should not investigate claims of spousal abuse is offensive nonsense. Do you really want to stand behind that idea?

  15. Don’t mind me. I’m just here to watch Greg Diamond take a post that’s actually about him and somehow make it even more about himself.

    1. Good point. I was told that doing a post about this megalomaniac would just fuel his ego, but I did it any way, just to show what a slime sack this tools really is.

      1. Really? Who tried to get you not to post this, Peabody?

        Someone smarter, I presume. Has Norby called yet?

          1. By the way, even if I can’t see the report, as I recall reading the law two weeks ago I believe that either Norby or his wife can request that it be made public. That would be ideal; no one (me included) would have to rely on my secondhand information.

                1. Sure. Try it and let me know how many police reports you can force the PD to release.

                2. “The Fullerton Police Department does not release copies of crime reports to arrested persons or named suspects. If you’ve been arrested your attorney is entitled to a copy of the report on the date of your arraignment. The District Attorney will provide your attorney with this copy.”

                3. Police reports. I’ve never tried to obtain an arrest report.

                  Dude, just watch tomorrow’s People’s Court. $5 says you see the judge review three police reports– none of which were obtained with a subpoena.

                4. Fullerton’s policy is right on its website. No report for you if it’s a real crime, unless you wait for the prosecutor to give it to you or get a court order.

                  People’s Court? The TV show? Good lord.

              1. Columbia. I don’t deal with criminal law and I don’t think I’ve ever made a public records request until now. And yet, I do have the impression that journalists sometimes end up with them. Even bloggers sometimes.

        1. This police report has been discussed ad nauseum on this blog since it was discovered two years ago. I don’t think anyone here is worried about some Greg Diamond commentary on the widely under-read Orange Juice Blog.

          1. Really? Is the police report itself published? Or are you saying that people are discussing something that they haven’t seen?

            My interest is in the name of the witnesses and in reference to other documents. Have those been discussed?

        2. No one tried to prevent me from posting this. However I was warned that you would appear, indignant, with a whole battery of perpendicular pronouns.

          Of course that turned out to be true, but the tedium was worth the tag: Dumpster Diver Diamond!

    2. Well, the part that wasn’t about me was about Sharon Q-S, so the only part of the post that had some kernel of truth was all about me.

  16. Greg Cubic Zirconia is a very amusing little person and I am not referring to his height!

        1. I should add that if you wouldn’t be retard, you would get B.O Box with a real address for $50 per year.

          As a lawyer you should get virtual office for little bit more!

          Maybe you would get more busy in your profession and would stop harassing commentators here and the OJB.

          1. Don’t use the word “retard” if you’re going to sound like one when writing a sentence, ya damn Nazi.

            1. “Don’t use the word “retard” if you’re going to sound like one when writing a sentence, ya damn Nazi”……. Hmmmmm

              I didn’t know that that writing “sound”.

              You must read my writing, not to listen to it — you retard!

              Maybe then you may comprehend

            2. I should add that “ya”, “damn Nazi” is profusely used by another OJB moron mongoloid known as Vern “Gröfaz” Nelson.

              Both of you Gröfaz and Golem pay attention to your OJB.

    1. His address is important because it confirms that all of Greg’s lawyering is done out of his wife’s spare bedroom.

      1. Yes, one nice thing about being a solo practitioner is that I can work at home. (But — “my wife’s” spare bedroom? You think I’m not on the lease or something?)

        1. Damn. A 50 something lawyer that has to rent a house? Why don’t you give up all this lame blogging and get some freaking clients! You might be able to own a house by the time you’re 70.

          1. You’re on to me — I’ve never been interested in getting rich. I’m much more interested in social activism. (I’m pretty good at it, too.) And I have three cases heading towards trial at this point, though that’s after the election.

            We like our place a lot — and we’re not underwater in a mortgage or anything like that. When I returned to OC in 2006, housing was too expensive. After the housing bust, I’ve been cautious and not in a major hurry to buy. OK?

            1. Yep. A broke-ass not-so-hot lawyer working out of his bedroom while losing a campaign and writing blog posts that nobody reads.

              But you can call yourself good if you want.

  17. This behavior by Mr. Diamond is highly peculiar for someone who’s trying to run for state office in November.

    Therefore I put forth that Mr. Diamond is not actually a legitimate candidate, but rather a clown.

    1. “Mr. Diamond is not actually a legitimate candidate, but rather a clown”……… Hmmmmmm


      I should add, however, that he makes people cry like the joker in the Bathman.

      1. Oh, Joe Sip is here! This will surely raise the level of discourse! Hey Joe — any thoughts on Peabody’s gambit here?

        1. Gambit? How about pegging a sad-ass dumpster diver?

          Write your stupid post and quit chatting.

          “I’ve never been interested in getting rich”

          Congrats. You finally succeeded at something!

          1. You’ll have to excuse Joe, Greg. He’s not interested in getting rich either since he earns $10 an hour selling overpriced firearms to rubes.

  18. Last comment on this one, Whats with the big mouth bloggers (Cunningham, Chmelwinski and now Diamond) running business’ out of thier homes (thus avoiding business taxes)?

    I think I’ll tell my wife that I’m going to use the guest room for business, and she can keep working. OOP’s I have a job, can’t do that.

      1. Tell me more things about myself that you can’t possibly know! Who keeps filing complaints with my name on them, then?

  19. 7-26-2012 (THURS.
    Thank you for outlining (monitoring ) tactics used by lying, falsifyin’, fabricating overtime-abusing, drugged-up dirty cop terrorists with “police powers.”

  20. Greg,

    You have been on this blog since first thing this morning. That’s a lot of hours. You getting paid to do this?

    1. No, I was not “on this blog since first thing this morning” at the time you wrote. I’ll explain how this works.

      When you comment, you’ll notice that you’re given the option to “subscribe” to a given comment thread. If you do that, every comment by another poster generates a message to your inbox. Because this one was about me, I subscribed to it. I then occasionally check my inbox, as usual, over the course of the day; when I see posts from “Fullerton’s Future” I check them out and sometimes reply to them.

      This may make it look like I was here all day, but it’s more like 50-70 minutes or so total, spread out over the course of the day. No, I don’t get paid to do this; refuting this sort of baseless attack on another candidate is just another form of political activism, to which I devote a lot of time.

  21. Given that he is apparently a Brea resident working out of his home – is he in compliance with this?

    Home Occupation Business
    Every business conducted from a home in the City of Brea must have a city business license. A business license can be obtained from the Administrative Services Department at (714) 990-7686.

    Not to mention the Internal Revenue Service implications

    1. I believe that I’m in compliance, but I will check it out. Thanks for the head’s up.

      What IRS implications do you have in mind? If I were taking a huge home office deduction, that would be one thing, but I don’t.

  22. Not to worry folks. Diamond is the official Orange County Occupy lawyer. His clients pay him with single cigarettes and cold french fries.

    Diamond has definitely killed the OJ blog. Since Jan. 1 of this year their bounce rate is over 70%. Their pages per visit is down to 1.61. Their average visit duration is one and a half minutes (a duration that should sound familiar to Diamond), and over 70% of their readers have visited them only once – and have never returned. Ouch.

    My new OCPolitics blog, by comparison, in the same time span has averaged over 5 pages per visit, an average visit duration of 2:22, a bounce rate of only 1.15%, and 42% of our readers have come back to read us more than once. And even better – we do NOT feature the gasbaggery of Mr. Diamond.

    1. Actually, Art, we’re doing quite well. By the numbers, in the first three months since you sold the blog to Vern just before entering bankruptcy, our monthly views were 69,150, 65,303, and 59,512 (a February). The past three completed months were 73,734, 69,316, and 64,483. This month is on track to be about 73,000.

      Yes, you have a more faithful readership with a higher proportion interested in coming back for more because your readership is small. Feel welcome to post your blog’s views per month, Art.

      The better point of comparison, though, is with the quality of our comments sections. We have intelligent comments by far leftists, leftists, liberals, moderates, conservatives, and right-wingers, leading to actual substantive discussion about significant issues. We generally (except occasionally for fun) don’t engage in the National Enquirer/Daily News sort of BS writing that is your forte. Unlike you, we don’t monitor the thrust of our stories with the discipline of Soviet-era Pravda.

      No wonder you hate what it has become — respectable!

      1. BS writing is MY forte? LOL! That is a real hoot coming from you.

        The combined readership of my OC Politics blog and my New Santa Ana blog is already exceeding that of the fading OJ. As for respectability, you have to earn that Greg. And all you have earned thus far is scorn and mockery. But keep digging! You’ll reach China soon enough…

        1. Yes, Art, your forte. Your writing is puerile, aimed and the most credulous lowest common denominator reader, and your “community” is Fiala and a few other grotesques.

          I don’t actually want to humiliate you, but you give me little choice. Let’s look at the number of comments to your OC Politics articles.

          Latest: 0 [July 26th]
          2nd: 0
          3rd: 0
          4th: 1 (!)
          5th: 0 [July 24th]
          6th: 0 [July 23rd]
          7th: 0

          Compare that to OJB’s:

          Latest 10: 9, 3, 9, 25, 1, 5, 4, 11, 5, 44 [10th article was July 24.

          Real robust discussion you have going at your place, Art. But hey, I clicked on seven stories, so at least that builds up your the stats for your Potemkin Village!

          I note that your more established New Santa Ana blog does a bit better: Your third-latest story, about Steve Rocco running for Santa Ana City Council, had 10 whole comments. They are, in order:

          If he’s good enough for JUBAL then he’s good enough for me! GO ROCCO! ◙ I hear Alderete has a lot of art appreciation. (real art not that Art). And that he is a fan of U.A.S.A. ◙ All true. His outlook is similar to Sarmiento’s. ◙ You mean he likes “Dogs playing Poker”? ◙ Interesting question. I would expect that Rocco would be more likely to have that picture hanging in his man cave… ◙ Ok this is great, the political climate in santa ana is just right for a steve rocco win and he has my vote. At least with rocco you know what you get he will Never bow down to the tiny dark lord. Never! ◙ Does this candidate have a nose ? ◙ I took that picture when he showed up to a candidate debate and alleged someone had punched him. ◙ A la bio, a la bao, a la bim, bom, ba; ROCCO, ROCCO, ra ra ra! ◙ He has more nose than all the other candidates combined that Rocco.

          What would the OC political blogosphere do without such hard-hitting analysis?

          1. “Let’s look at the number of comments to your OC Politics articles”……… Hmmmmm

            Well there you will win Golem because it is always a discussion between you and that delirium tremens impaired Vern “Gröfaz” Nelson.

            Since I was banned from the OJB there is no more intelligent commenting there what so ever.

    1. Thanks for keeping the story moving, Art! But I have some corrections:

      (1) Diamond is a liberal blogger over at the fading Orange Juice blog.

      = OJB is anything but fading.

      (2) He is also a the Orange County Occupy movement’s lawyer.

      = Nope. I have no attorney-client relationship with Occupy OC.

      (3) Diamond has referred to himself as an adviser to Sharon Quirk-Silva, the Democratic Party’s nominee for the 65th Assembly District.

      = I would not flatter myself to claim to be her “adviser.” I’ve talked to her campaign about various things, such as my precinct analysis of the overlapping area of our districts, but not including my interest in getting to the bottom of what happened with the Norbys on Sept. 2, 2010.

      (4) She has promised to run a clean campaign but what is clean about Diamond’s perverse public records request?

      = Norby is my current Assemblyman. What is improper about wanting to find out if my current Assemblyman engaged in spousal abuse? There are allegations — which it would be especially odd for FFFF to reject out of hand, given the so-called “Culture of Corruption” at the FPD — that the truth was covered up. What’s wrong with that? Do you really consider battery against one’s spouse a “bedroom” matter? That’s pretty twisted.

      (5) This is of course a disgusting turn of events and I would imagine that it will backfire on Quirk-Silva.

      = That was pretty clearly Mr. Peabody’s intention when he opened the can of worms, but it won’t happen because I had never spoken to Sharon or her husband about these plans. (I don’t think that I spoke to anyone else from her campaign either.) I issued this public records request because of my own interest in what happened that day.

      (6) Diamond already sunk another Democrat this year. He was an adviser to liberal union hack Julio Perez, who lost in the Open Primary to Republican Joe Moreno, who I advised.

      = This is stupid even for you — although it does give people a taste of the high level analysis they could obtain at Orange Juice Blog back when you ran it. Perez lost (barely) because corporations spent over a million dollars to make him lose. Moreno made the runoff because he was the only Republican running against a split field of four Democrats — and because his name was the same as Dr. Jose Moreno’s.

      (7) Perez spent thousands of dollars. Moreno didn’t. But with Diamond’s advice Perez proceeded to lose.

      = OK, that’s irrefutable. However, while I was a strong supporter of Julio, I wouldn’t self-aggrandize by calling myself his “adviser” either — the way I suspect that you’re doing with Joe Moreno. (Nice to see you admit that you were trying to split the Latino vote, though, ensuring that AD-69 would be represented by a non-Latino.)

      Keep working on that sundae recipe. Currently, it sucks.

      1. The only “allegations” of a cover up are coming from you, a desperate little political clingon for Norby’s opponent. Only a damned fool would give it any credence.

        1. Nope. They were brought to me in late 2010 — and if I read some of these comments right, were apparently brought to others as well. Just sit tight and wait for the story, which I’m slating for Monday.

          By the way: is the charge made above that FFFF-related people commonly engage in public records requests true? You’ve admitted to it; who else does so?

          You say that you do a general request every once in a while — when have you done it in the past? It seems to me like maybe someone (someone on Council?) suggested that you do so now. You guys are so clever, after all.

          Ha — I just now realized that with my own public records request, I get to either (1) find out who you are or (2) find out that you were lying here about making this request. My guess is that you didn’t play the moves out that far.

          “Once and a while I do a Public Record Act request search, ya know, just to see who’s been digging into Fullerton’s records”

          Do tell! Thanks for letting me know!

          1. Go for it, Dumpster Diver. It seems you’ve finally discovered your highest and best use!

            I guess I’ll start having to publish posts on why Quirk’s crusty little henchman does her dirty work for her.

            1. The difference between what I’ll be doing and what you’d be doing is this:

              I’ll probably come up with some concrete and objective evidence that you’re lying here about what you claim is your common practice (which will raise the question of what prompted you to do this particular search. It would be better for you to admit it now.)

              You will come up with false conclusions based on inaccurate supposition — because the truth doesn’t matter to you.

              I wouldn’t be surprised if some outside group decided to take a closer sniff at Norby’s record after this. (I don’t know of any — I just know that it must be irresistible.

            2. Folks, pleas imagine that this is OJB where this anger driven asshole Golem has his greasy-dirty-fat-fingers on the banning button:

              FAQ: How many of you would be banned?

              Now you know what I had to endure in the OJB to keep opposing his crapola wit my High IQ opinions.

              If you read OJB now there is not a single commentator who would disagree with Golem and many “anons” (onans) are Golem himself, same as here.

              1. Again, Stanley, I’ve only indefinitely suspended (or banned if you prefer) one person there — you — for vile racism and bigotry.

                A quick review of the comments sections there would disprove your notion that no one agrees with me.

                I don’t use any other names for posting comments either here or there. A couple of my posts may have shown up as “Anonymous” months ago, when I’ve sent them by phone, but I’ve tried to acknowledge them as mine when I know that that has happened.

                My apologies to the hosts for my having to go off-topic to respond to these charges.

              2. “for vile racism and bigotry”……… Hmmmm

                If calling you a Jew, that is how you have introduced yourself in OJB, is racism and bigotry then I am guilty.

                However, you are using you Jewism in addition to your liberalism, bolshevism, communism, socialism and democratism as the cobra uses its venom.

  23. Perez lost because he was a BAD canidate Period.

    The fact that he didn’t live in the district, recieved BAD advice from people like you (completely unfamiliar with AD69) and was in the pocket of unions, only added to it.

    Maybe you could ask Julio to pick up his litter next time he comes back to town.

  24. If he were a bad candidate, there would have been no reason for outside interests to spend over $1,000,000 to beat him.

    I wonder what you must think of Michele Martinez.

  25. Since his appearance last year (out of nowhere) on the OC political scene, something bothered me about Greg.

    I only lashed out when he tried to RAM-ROD a union hack canidate down the voters throat in my neighborhood. The canidate, didn’t even live there……we all know how that works.

    But, I couldn’t place my finger on it until I remembered the “Lion Of The Left” SF’s famous democratic radio host Bernie Ward. Bernie is for everything Greg touts, they even look alike. But here’s why I was confused: Bernie Ward is doing a seven year stretch in Lompoc for Kiddie porn.

    This is not to suggest that Diamond is in anyway a creep pedophile or immoral. But, rather to demonstrate why when someone is so passionate about so many broad based subjects, Like Fullerton politics, Anaheim’s (so called) riots or Santa Ana’s local politics we should look closely at this person. Clearly fanatics are fanatics, right or left. greg just sits West on most issues, like Ward (inmate # 90569-111).

    To learn more about this “lion of the left” visit:


    The similariaties are kooky.

  26. I’ve been on the OC political scene since 2007.

    The candidate did live there, as pretty much everyone but you ultimately admitted.

    So the something that you say subliminally bothered you was my supposed similarity to a child porn devotee, “not to suggest that I am one.”

    What has subliminally bothered me about you is your similarity to the nematomorpha, or horsehair worm — except that it doesn’t mind being identified under its own name.


    Maybe it was thinking about “courtesy coverups” of the wrongdoing of powerful people that made you suddenly think of someone with the proclivities of Jerry Sandusky — or maybe you think of them all the time. That would be “kooky.”

  27. Maybe I was wrong about the “Liberal Lion” thing.

    Maybe it was “LYIN’ LIBERAL”.

    So are you confirming Julio left the rented bedroom on Baker Street that Galvin found some toothpaste in (HARDLY CONFIRMED).

    Hopefully Andy was sober.

    But, how could a “man” with such deep relations to the community move again? Did he find a better deal? We know he was 50K in the hole from bad credit card debt. how could it get cheaper than a rented room in a 1,200 SQFT house across from a carwash?

    Yeah thats the kind of leader we want.

    Tell Gerbe (who lives in San Diego), to rent a better room, for a longer period next time he tries to buy a seat.

    Spatter all you want Greg, this is Ackerman all over again.

    1. You’re making no sense. Julio lived exactly where he said he lived. I have no knowledge that he has moved again. Where did you get that idea? Stop squirting ink into the water.

      1. In (some kind of order):

        1) Few if anybody “admitted” he lived there, except for: You, the Voice of OC(ea) and a convicted drunk driver. His neighbors deny it to this day??????

        2) Maybe my thing with bernie was a reach. But, I’ll be honest: You creep me out. A forty something man, NEVER married, Shacks up with an asian wife with teenage girls. Sure we all want to be loved, but that one set’s off ALARM bells in my world. Perhaps not yours, where love and acceptance is common. But a 250# PASTY WHITE LAWYER and teenage asian girls, is at first glance troubling. I am glad you have everyone ones best interest in mind and wish them the best. I will assume your motives are to help these young women become strong and independent.


        Your “Knowlege” is flawed (or an outright LIE). Moved again= unstable financially irresponsible individual.

        You backed the wrong horse.

        Consider concentrationg on the opponent at hand. Bob Huff is no hero, but you are sounding like a shill, so that we have a minority to bash………Wait, that’s what you do best breed victims.

        1. OK, listen closely, idiot.

          (1) Back up “his neighbors deny it to this day.” What were those question marks to show?

          (2) I was married to my first wife, whom I started dating in 1981, from 1988 until 1999 (technically 2003 when our divorce was finalized.) As for the rest, go to hell, coward. (By the way, considering the topic, would you say the same about Norby? Does he creep you out too?)

          (3) Where do you get your information that Julio has moved? I haven’t heard it from any credible source. You don’t count as one.

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