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Here’s an e-mail we got from a chap calling himself Michael Corleone. He hit the nail right on head. When the Godfather talks reform, the FPD should listen.

Name: Michael Corleone
Privacy: You may publish this under my name

Subject: FPD Reform

I was wondering if you could forward this to The Desert Fox:

Thanks for responding to my post I left under Michael Corleone.  I would like to write a post on the FPD leadership issue as well.  I don’t think John Q. Public understands the finer points of this issue.

1.  Officer Schoen dropped the gauntlet at the last City Council meeting, the message was, “You’ve had  your dissent, now get out of our way.”  Judging by his poor performance at the meeting, he was put up to it.  

2.  Anybody who thinks Hughes should be Chief, and even worse, that the Chief should come from the FPD rank and file, has a fundamental lack of understanding of the state of affairs in the City of Fullerton.  A search needs to commence for a Chief as well as a professional Internal Affairs leader.

3.  Non-resident FPD addressing the Council in their bar-b-q shirts?  They need to be in uniform.  Extremely unprofessional.

4.  Why is Law Enforcement one of the few professions where leaders don’t generally get smoked for the actions of their subordinates?  It’s crazy.  Look at Lee Baca, Eric Holder, etc.  There’s no incentive to lead, they don’t have to.

5.  Remember the “Social Contract” we learned about in high school civics class?  In order for a contract to be valid there needs to be “adequate consideration.”  Simply put, both parties put up something of value in exchange for something of value.  POBOR, the “circle the wagons” mentality of City Government and Public Safety Officials, along with public indifference, have turned the “Social Contract” into a worthless platitude.

Next Week:  Deconstructing/reconstructing the FPD.

Good job MC. Michael, please write up your post. We look forward to publishing it!

P.S. I am a rat, not a fox.

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  1. I wonder if Sarge Schone did the “investigation” on the botched raid that sent our blue boys into Robin Nordell’s kitchen by mistake.

    Now there was classic FPD incompetence!! And arrogance, too. It took a year to get an apology and only after the Kelly Thomas murder shone the spotlight on Schone (see what I did there, O’Malley?) and the rest of the Culture of Corruption.

  2. Unfortunately, MC considers the possibility of a future reformed FPD.
    The present modus of operandi and the ingrained mentality of the personnel in this FPD presents a low probability of any positive lasting changes to this damaged organization.
    In the interim, until the expiration of the present contract with the FPOA, maximum effort should be expended to negotiate a contract with the OCSD.
    During this period the FPD and the FPOA would have the opportunity for a last chance of survival operating under close scrutiny of a Federal Judiciary appointed Group.

  3. How has anything changed since Kelly Thomas was publicly executed?
    If there are any changes were they done voluntarily OR was everything forced?

      1. The truth is in between. He died because after running away from a questionable bust a particularly foolish and excitable cop used unjustifiable excessive force, to the apparent surprise of even the initial two officers involved, to “subdue” him.

        OK, there’s room for more options if anyone wants to post one.

        1. Greg Diamond: The Frightening Picture of OC’s Most Inept 2012 Political Candidate
          By R. Scott Moxley Sun., Oct. 7 2012 at 7:00 PM
          Warning, SCARY PICTURE USED.

          “Gregory A. Diamond, the purposefully mysterious Brea lawyer who is on the November ballot seeking a seat in the California state senate as a Democrat, is outraged (again!) that I featured his campaign follies in a recent column.

          My report noted the stark contradiction between Diamond’s promise earlier in the year to fight “like hell” to honorably represent Occupy Wall Street in his campaign for the state legislature, but instead is running California’s worst, most inept effort for the senate in memory”

        2. He “ran” only after he was assaulted by Wolfe and Ramos.

          Then six well-fed cops beat him, kneed him, tasered him, crushed his face, and then laid their 1400 pounds pf pork on his chest until he suffocated in his own blood. Then they stood around as he gurgled his life away in the gutter.

          That’s the truth. I wonder how long you would have lasted.

          1. Wolfe tried to knock him off his feet while he was escaping detention. That’s not “assault” — or every arrest of a fleeing detainee would be assault.

            Six cops were present. Not all six, from what I can tell, beat him or kneed him. One tasered him. One crushed his face. It is not the case that he had six of them put their combined weight on his chest, or anything near it. Look at the video again.

            It was a tragedy and in my opinion at least one cop, Cicinelli, committed a crime. Why not stick to the facts instead of making up more than is necessary or true?

            I’d probably have died too had I been in that scrum. I want to see the guilty, and ONLY the guilty, brought to justice.

            1. Wolfe tried to knock him off his feet. Escaping detention? No, he was moving away from the fat piece of shit who just threatened to fuck him up. And Wolfe was well-aware what had happened, which is why the Grand Jury indicted the scum. Assault? You’re goddam right it was an assault.

              And you think that the killing was a “scrum?” No, you worthless sack of pig excrement, a scrum is what happens between a basically equal number of players on opposite teams in a rugby match. What we saw was a brutal beat down.

              You don’t give a damn about justice you give a damn about defending your own warped theory and the FPD Culture of Corruption – and only because the corruption reflects badly on your crappy, amoral candidates who have been in charge of it – like Flory and Quirk.

              I’m afraid Moxley went too easy on you, although I cannot imagine why a real journalist would give the time of day to a nobody.

        3. How low will you stoop Greg Diamond in your never ending quest to be relevant?

          Apparently pretty low.

          Could we all as bloggers somehow agree to ignore this horse’s asses inflammatory and insensitive remarks and quit responding to Greg’s attention seeking behavior?

          I’ll go first.

  4. Greg Diamond :
    The truth is in between. He died because after running away from a questionable bust a particularly foolish and excitable cop used unjustifiable excessive force, to the apparent surprise of even the initial two officers involved, to “subdue” him.
    OK, there’s room for more options if anyone wants to post one.

    You guys are in the DAs and OCDAs Officces’ pocket, even he didnt see it that way!

    Greg friendly advice, your a child mentally, I dont think you will grow up, but at least try.

    1. “Even” the DA? The DA overcharged Ramos with murder, perhaps to justify undercharging Cicinelli, and finally threw in Wolfe too because he knows that it won’t matter because Wolfe either won’t be convicted or will win on appeal.

      Me and who are in whose pockets now? Please try writing that sentence again.

  5. Mickey Haller :
    He wasn’t executed. He died due to his stupidity.

    #16 by AntiCorruptionUnit on May 25, 2012
    That’s bullshit too. Hughes is in the middle of the train closer to the engine running the train.

    He too is accountable and so far some have attempted to make him somewhat of a hero.

    That’s why Gennaco was hired in the first place. Gennaco focused on the RANK and FILE more than he did management.

    NOW you want to impress the public, maybe someone in the city should have asked for the Department of Justice to conduct the internal affairs hearing.

    I wonder if they would have started at the bottom and allowed the investigation to go UPHILL right to Sellers?

    Like I said from the first, MANAGMENT is going to get a pass to the best of everyone’s ability in your little regime!!!!

    1. #25 by AntiCorruptionUnit on February 11, 2012
      I still have SOME faith in the system.

      If you have ever followed corruption within Law Enforcement, history will show you more than a few BIG BUST of dirty cops over the years.

      New York PD takes the lead, having entire squads of narcotic cops being busted ON DUTY by federal agents over the years.

      But if you are part of a PD who has a history or a reputation for busting heads, you can bet your being watch closer than you think.

      I’d say right now FPD is a big camel. It can’t handle anymore straw before its back breaks.

  6. Chiefs should never come from inside. And, officers cannot wear their uniforms unless they are on duty. The social contract? We all forgot that before they finished teaching it….

  7. Of course the corruption of Fullerton PD is due to its management. The murder of Kelly Thomas by Fullerton police officers in full uniform in full view of the public at a busy bus station, was not due to spontaneous desire to kill a disabled , homeless man by Ramos, Cicinelli and Wolfe.
    Fullerton police officer Rincon’s numerous incidents of molesting female detainees, Fullerton police officer Hampton’s excessive force and perjury that falsely incarcerated an innocent man, suspicious jail suicide, beating death of a disabled, homeless man then collusion to cover this murder up by having all involved Fullerton police officers write their reports together so their reports would not conflict with each other shows Fullerton PD’s leadership/management has a history of protecting and promoting police officers who systematically violate the civil rights of Fullerton’s community.
    Rincon’s, Cicinelli, Hampton, Wolfe, Ramos are not rogue police officers, they are proof that Fullerton PD was corrupted Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley who served in this position from 1993 to 2009. Mckinley’s policing philosophy promoted excessive force, perjury, sexual abuse of female detainees and false arrest.
    When Pat McKinley became a Fullerton city council,person in 2009 until recalled in 2012, he approved the city of Fullerton paying out millions of our tax dollars in legal settlements to the victims of Fullerton police officers . After the murder of Kelly Thomas by Fullerton police officers. McKinley went on a national television news program and proclaimed the innocence of Ramos, Cicinelli and their fellow police officers who were present at the beating death of Kelly Thomas.
    As Fullerton city council,person, McKinley personally promoted his long-time colleague, Rusty Kennedy, to form a homeless task force and sensitivity training for his police officers on the issue of homelessness as though Rusty Kennedy’s task force and sensitivity training would satisfy the moral,outrage of Fullerton’s community over the long history off their police department’s long list of civil,rights abuses.
    Retired Fullerton police chief McKinley’s policing philosophy is reflected in the horrific civil rights abuses committed by police officers. McKinley’s intellectual,heir, Fullerton police chief Sellers ran away when he saw the horror that the McKinley trained officers were committing upon the good people,of Fullerton.
    Why is Pat McKinley,,the progenitor of the downfall of Fullerton PD, allowed to walk away from the scene of his crime?
    Just my opinion

    1. Mr.Diamond meet the intelligent and informed opinion of Van get it da artiste, as opposed to the inflammatory and attention seeking comments that you are so fond of posting on this blog.

      1. Actually, I agree with a fair part of that. My one bottom line in the recall was that recalling McKinley was non-negotiable.

        The real question is how much Hughes could be held responsible for the above. He was there, yes, and he hadn’t fixed the bad training and such that had been ongoing under McKinley and Sellers, but in the real world you recognize that someone like that can still be a reformer.

        Mikhail Gorbachev served under Soviet premiers from Brezhnev through Andropov, if you get the reference.

  8. and Krushchev’s responsible for de-Stalinization of Soviet Union that reveresed the oppressive policies of Stalin. And Gorbachev responsible for Glasnost the thawing of oppressive policies returned to the Soviet Union after Premier Krushchev’s demise from political influence in this nation. And Putin, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev’s puppet master, again has returned to power for the third time amidst outcries of fixing the election(just like Ahmadinejad). do you get this reference Greg? Reform from within is not possible with some institutions once infected with corrupt leadership. Or one the precedent has been set to tolerate corrupt leaders, it is easier for more corrupt leaders to enter into this institution and be tolerated for longer periods of time

  9. let’s block Greg’s IP. He does nothing for the discussion and uses this popular blog to increase his readership.

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