Acting Chief Danny Playing Games?

Believe it or not, Acting Chief Dan Hughes, the alleged “reform” chief the Fullerton Police Department needs so desperately seems to the beneficiary of a campaign – to have himself appointed Chief permanently.

Check out this:

So who’s playing games? Is it our amiable Acting Chief who seems to have zero control over his badged and armed goons?

Or perhaps it is the greasy little mole Doug Chaffee who decided to agendize the issue of giving Hughes the job even though the council majority has stated that it wants to do a recruitment to get the best candidate for the job. Nice job politicizing a personnel appointment.

Now I don’t know about you, but I believe the appointment of Hughes to permanently take over the cesspool would be pretty bad. The Old Guard would dearly love the voters of Fullerton to think the Kelly Thomas murder was a weird one-off, something that can never happen again because Rusty Kennedy has taught the poor, unwitting Fullerton cops how to deal with the mentally ill homeless population.

They always cleaned up after me!

Um, not so fast, Mrs. Flory. Please explain the following personnel issues and embarrassing events that have occurred under the rancid regime of which Acting Chief Danny has been a lead player:

1) Erroneous raid on Robin Nordell’s home. No apology for a year.

2) Kelly Mejia steals iPad from Miami TSA checkpoint.

3) Todd Major rips off Explorers to feed pill habit.

4) Miguel Siliceo popped for sending wrong man to jail.

5) Kenton Hampton assaults and arrests and tries to convict innocent Veth Mam.

6) Ditto Frank Nguyen.

7) Cary Tong violates policy in arrest of Trevor Clark; City sued.

8) Albert Rincon sexually assaults as many as a dozen women in his custody; civil suit settled by two victims for $350,000.

9) Vince Mater charged by DA with destruction of evidence after the jailhouse suicide of Dean Gochenour.

10) April Baughman arrested for ripping off the FPD evidence room for a period of years. Where is the accomplice? Who was taking inventory? Such things are not for us to know.

11) City sued again – by Edward Quinonez who alleges he was accosted and falsely arrested by – Kenton Hampton. What a multi-tasker!

12) Phony “horning” tickets handed out by FPOA boss Barry Coffman to intimidate protesters; Hughes is seen sending out instructions.

13) DA charges Manuel Ramos, Joe Wolfe and Jay Cicinelli in the death of Kelly Thomas; Hughes lets them view video, re-write reports, pats all on back, handshakes all around and lets them stay on streets.

14) Danny says he’s watched video 400 times; says it will give public the real story (he is right).

15) Danny says those who perceive a Culture of Corruption are liars or ignorant.

15) Danny returns Craig, Hampton and Blatney to duty.

16) Permit Internal Affairs Sergeant Jason Sheen to bring a bong into the council chamber for demonstration in front of kiddie soccer players.

I don’t know about you, but I have seen as much of Acting Chief Danny as I care to. It’s obvious this man is a congenial glad-hander. But he is inextricably entangled in the Culture of Corruption with absolutely no interest in recognizing  past FPD malfeasance, let alone atoning for it.

Just as bad, it is clear from recent events that he has absolutely no control, or no interest in controlling his employees.




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  1. I will show up to remind the council of all these events that happened while Hughes was Captain. I hope others do too.

    1. According to Jon and Kens, informant last year, Sellars was a weak pussy, and was pliable to, McSatan and or those that had control of the FIASCO and DISASTER, called modern day Fullerton.

      1. Not true, McPension was in Goodlucks ofc when they came up with the master plan to have Sellers take a medical leave and appoint The Bone as Chief. Sellers would leave$ and take the fall

    2. Hey ffffers, bongs are not illegal!! What is worse, bringing in a bong or the way all the fffers and kt’s army treated the old counsil last year? If I remember correctly there were plenty of children in the audience. Hypocrites!

      1. Bongs are not illegal. Murder is illegal. The red herring tactics are immoral. The city is in the unconscionable throws of a battle of good versus evil. What is so truly frightening is how so many well connected members of this community have become so subjective. Is there hope? Of course as objectivity is second nature to all of us that are in possession of consciences that have not been seared with a hot iron.

  2. The list goes on and on. Hughes is the centerpiece of corruption at FPD. He sold his soul to the devil and has too many enemies within the department and outside

  3. Reminder: Any Councilmember can put items on an agenda, which can be considered for rejection after debate by the council as a whole.

    Remember, 5 Councilmembers must work together not just to have this Majority rolling over that Minority.

    Suffice to say for the record, I do not support Hughes as the permanent Chief.

    1. Yes indeedy. Working together is fine and dandy. So why did the Mole agendize a personnel matter already determined by the majority?

      If the Mole and Quirk think this event will make Kiger, Whitaker and Sebourn look bad they are mistaken. Because now a few honest citizens can stand stand up in public and calmly address the 15 items listed above, and any other Hughes-related question they want to ask.

      1. This video is a microsm of what is wrong with the FPOA, as it’s the President (Barry Coffman)and Vice-President (Robert Kirk) that are seen in the video issuing a ticket to one of the Kelly Thomas protesters.
        Note that Dan Hughes is seen communicating to an officer radioing instructions at headquarters, as the officers deploy on the streets to begin issuing tickets to the supporters of the Kelly Thomas protest.

        Also note that this was the one and only ticket that Detective Barry Coffman says that he has issued that year.

        I think it’s poetic that this was on 9/11/2011 too.

      2. Yes indeedy, indeed. The public has the right to also question the motives of 4F Mafia members on the city council as well. Oh, wait, that you don’t agree with because you’re a hypocrite and a malignant douchebag as well. You’ve spent too much time on your knees praying at the altar of Booshala.

  4. Umm, add one more item to Chief Danny. Allowing his do nothing FPD Internal Affairs Sergeant to bring a large BONG to a city council meeting attended by numerous youth soccer players for their perusal and a demo by said Sergeant shown on the video attaching the mouthpieces and other loose parts to his bong. Chief Danny had any gonads he would transfer this overblown do nothing to work from his residence in Corona while filing paperwork for another early retirement. Another good job Danny!

      1. I think it’s ironic that the most dangerous intersection in the city, Malvern and Euclid, is also the location of this sign advocating Danny Hughes for Chief of Police.

        This intersection is responsible for countless fatal and horrific accidents over the last 20 years, which also translates to an increased need for police and fire department personnel.

        Yet the intersection stays the same, except for a blinking yellow light for left hand turns which seemed to increase the rate of accidents at this intersection.

        A parasitic cash cow.

        1. So the intersection is to blame, or the idiots who don’t know how to drive to blame? I think it’s the latter.

          1. Of course. People who don’t know how to drive always pick the same intersection to have their don’t-know-how-to-drive accidents. The intersection itself has nothing to do with it.

    1. A lapse in good judgment on the part of FPD Int Affairs Sgt – for producing a bong in front of very impressionable children. Would like to know if AC Hughes wrote the Sgt up on that. It is absolutely despicable that Hughes doesn’t reign in his dept. A wink-wink, slap on the wrist is the modus operandi of discipline at Fullerton. Of those reported deeds of misconduct, I wonder how many unreported, unpublished misdeeds have occurred. The more I dig into FPD history, the more I become gravely concerned about the future of this city.

    2. Hey Admin, I think he “borrowed” the bong from the store on the north east corner of Amerige and Malden. They got one in the window. I wonder if he gave them a police business card or if he flashed his badge to “borrow” the bong. I think that is illegal!


  5. Danny watched the video of Kelly being publicly executed over 400 times.
    He helped to keep that video from the DA for 2 days.
    Why should he be in charge?
    What good would come from this?

  6. Don’t forget;
    16- promoted Goodlick and Chebowski to LT… What this means is these guys will be CAPTAINS one day!!!!!!!
    17-covered up the Veth case
    18-had the guy who broke in to his personal vehicle arrested 3 times for the same crime
    19-during the tri city fire took on and off duty officers to his home to help him pack
    20-was the Lt in internal affairs during all the previous cases/city lawsuits… Especially the RINCON case!!!
    21- promoted a racist Captain
    22- lied to his officers
    23-lied. To the citizens of Fullerton
    24- watched the KT video, told ofc to write a report, told them don’t worry they don’t need lawyers
    25- is an asshole(sorry, my opinion)

    1. Everyone that FFFF hated on got promoted. I’m sure anyone else, like IA Sgt, will get promoted as well. Seems anything that Bushy or FfFF has a problem with the opposite happens. Revenge? Prolly.

        1. They were promoted because they are the laughing stock of the County. Most would not want to enter that HORROR SHOW. Cleaning it up would be a different story.

          Criminal enterprises’ dont want anybody that dont have skin in the game!!!

      1. After wiping, I noticed that some of my excrement was floating…proving the age-old adage that shit floats to the top.

  7. Need to start protesting to get Hughes out! His IA sgt brought a bong to city council mtg? Wtf!!!! Who does that

  8. A few points. Like a sharp stick in the eye.

    Chief Danny will automatically revert back to Captain once an outside Chief is chosen. So yes he will still be running a division.

    Bongs are legal. They are sold in all smoke shops and other glass places. So there is nothing illegal about what Schone did. Off duty cops can’t wear uniforms when it comes to politics or off duty. He was an everyday citizen that could speak at any city’s council meeting he desired. As you have seen my Kelly’s Army over the last year, council public comment sessions aren’t always ethical or morale. He continued that tradition. Plus, kiger and Whitaker love bongs so they support public displays of weed usage.

    Carry on.


      1. Possible. However a Captain is a hard spot to put on shit duty. Only two there. Booting someone with all his years and evals is impossible for fun. Even you know that.

          1. Why don’t we let Chevron do whatever they please with the Coyote Hills, we can pump them for another ten mill and we could defend piss ant suits like that. Fire ’em, let them get attorneys. If it costs 500,000 to cut out a hunk of cancer and prevent further infection of the body, money well spent.

    1. “Chief Danny will automatically revert back to Captain once an outside Chief is chosen. So yes he will still be running a division.”

      Unless of course a new chief comes in, investigates Danny, finds things he doesn’t like, and demotes him.

      That’s why you guys are so scared of someone other than Danny being chief.

      1. You just answered your own question. Finding something someone doesn’t like doesn’t work. Leaders and council people used to fire cops all the time because they didn’t like them or because they had a political agenda. That’s why POBAR was made law and that’s why it can’t happen anymore. POBAR protects cops from people here. Thank god.

    2. You are correct . however, Schone, like his fellow police officers Ramos, Cicinelli and Wolfe, showed poor judgment with his pointless, political diatribe against critics of fullerton PD followed by his performance of an elementary show and tell of his bong in front of impressionable youngsters at this city council meeting

      1. Van what about the poor judgement that we have witnessed for over a year at council meetings? You should be consistent to have credibility. There were people cussing out council members during council meetings, flipping them off and making threats. All witnessed by children as well. A bong may not be the best prop (I don’t agree with the showing of it) but I question what is worse having elected officials who advocate drug use or a prop being used to make a point?

        1. Hold it right there, chum. Those protesters were not city employees, let alone members of the police force who have sworn an oath…

          Or, right. Sorry.

          1. Are you saying city employees can’t speak at council meetings? What does an oath have to do with a bong prop when you have council members (who did take an oath as well) supporting Marijuana is like Wine? Just because he brought a prop to the council meeting doesn’t mean he violated any oath.

            By the way Harpoon I was directing my statement at Van and not you at all.

                1. Once marijuana is legalized it will become legal, too.

                  The same thing happened to alcohol in 1933. Chum.

            1. I think it is bad form for city employees to speak, let alone berate their employers. That should be grounds for dismissal. That the crypto-militaristic cops would do it is even more egregious. See, they have this thing called “chain-of-command.” Step out of it and watch your pig nuts get whacked.

              1. I think its bad form for council members to berate the citizens who come to speak at council. I also think it’s bad form for council members to berate the employees.

                1. Insubordination, then? Fire them. Damn right.

                  Hughes is either sackless or he likes what they’re doing. Bad either way, wouldn’t you say?

            2. Bong prop? That’s no prop. I saw the gleam in his eye as he raised his prize possession. Lifted straight out of the FPD evidence locker.

              Internal Affairs, my ass!

        2. Please cite one instance an elected in Fullerton advocate drug use. Just one. Any at all. Go ahead. We’re all waiting.

            1. That’s not advocating drug use. That is advocating good public policy.

              Advocating drug use would sound like this: “hey dude, I recommend you go out and get stoned on a nice sativa.”

              I’m surprised you can’t tell the difference. Well, no I guess I’m not surprised at all.

              1. BTW, it’s fun to have you back “Gilligan.” Been a while but you don’t have Nelson to kick around anymore.

        3. anonymous, the reason persons attending those council meetings a year ago were cussing, making idle threats and using obscene gestures directed at city council persons Jones, Bankhead and Mckinley was due to their outrage over the sadistic, brutal beating death of Kelly thomas at the hands of fullerton police officers and their outrage at a city council that immediately after the Kelly thomas beating kept it quiet, except for whitaker. After FFFF brought national and international attention to the Kelly thomas beating death, fullerton city council members went to the media denying their city’s police officers beat a homeless, disabled man,Kelly thomas, to death, publically supported the lies the fullerton PD fed to the media and went on a national news program CNN to futher exculpate Fullerton PD.
          And Schone’s moral outrage derives from fullerton city council person Kiger’s desire to allow safe fireworks to fullerton and not persecute marijuana dispensaries who choose to do business in fullerton.
          murder justifies moral outrage and excuses persons lapse of civility at a council meeting.
          the cheap ploy of bringing a bong to a city council meeting to discredit Kiger, an outspoken critic of Fullerton’s political cronyism that has protected the nefarious doings of fullerton PD, by insinuating Kiger will force “gateway” drugs into fullerton’s community and sparklers during 4th of July is poor judgment

          1. Murder justifies moral outrage for those with an intact functioning conscience that has not been seared with a hot iron or those whose souls have not been give over to lucifer and his minions. Fireworks and pot are red herrings. The parcel tax and sales tax increase that is coming, the out of control pensions, rotting infrastructure, overcrowded schools, dirty cops, and the crumbling pillars of the community are the real problems with this town. The love of money, the cowardice and the alcoholism keep all of the preceding in high gear. May I remind all involved that it is never to late to do the right thing.

    3. Right PigNuts aka Reality Is, however this guy is a Sergeant with FPD Internal Affairs, bringing in a huge expensive bong into a public council meeting with the majority in the crowd being young boys.
      This guy is a disgrace to the badge, period!!!

    4. You guys can’t even abide by your own standards, Pig Nuts. That’s the inexcusable part of this whole mess:

      Fullerton Police Department
      Policy Manual
      Recruitment and Selection
      1000.1 PURPOSE AND SCOPE
      The employment policy of the Fullerton shall provide equal opportunities for applicants and
      its employees regardless of race, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy, religion, creed, color,
      national origin, ancestry, physical or mental handicap, marital status, veteran status, or
      sex, and shall not show partiality or grant any special favors to any applicant, employee
      or group of employees. The rules governing employment practices for this department are
      maintained by the Fullerton Department of Human Resources.
      Candidates for job openings will be selected based on merit, ability, competence and
      All peace officer candidates must meet the minimum standards described in California
      Government Code § 1031 in addition to the employment standards established by this
      1000.3 STANDARDS
      Employment standards shall be established for each job classification and shall include
      minimally, the special training, abilities, knowledge and skills required to perform the
      duties of the job in a satisfactory manner. The Fullerton Department of Human Resources
      maintains standards for all positions.
      The dilemma facing the Department is one of developing a job-valid and non-discriminatory
      set of policies which will allow it to lawfully exclude persons who do not meet the Fullerton or
      State of California hiring standards. The California Commission on Peace Officer Standards
      and Training (POST) developed a Job Dimensions list, which are used as a professional
      standard in background investigations.
      The following standards have been adopted for public safety applicants:
      (a) The ability to possess a valid California driver’s license
      (b) The ability to drive safely
      (c) The ability to control a motor vehicle at high speeds
      (d) The ability to operate a motor vehicle in all types of weather conditions
      (e) The following shall be disqualifying:
      1. Receipt of three or more moving violations (or any single violation of a potential
      life threatening violation, such as reckless driving, speed contest, suspect of a
      pursuit, etc.) within three years prior to application. Moving violations for which
      there is a factual finding of innocence shall not be included.
      2. Involvement as a driver in two or more chargeable (at fault) collisions within
      three years prior to date of application.
      Recruitment and Selection – 428
      Adopted: 2012/02/14 O 1995-2012 Lexipol, LLC Fullerton Police Department
      Policy Manual
      Recruitment and Selection
      3. A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs within three
      years prior to application or any two convictions for driving under the influence
      of alcohol and/or drugs.
      1000.3.2 INTEGRITY
      (a) Refusing to yield to the temptation of bribes, gratuities, payoffs, etc.
      (b) Refusing to tolerate unethical or illegal conduct on the part of other law enforcement
      (c) Showing strong moral character and integrity in dealing with the public
      (d) Being honest in dealing with the public
      (e) The following shall be disqualifying:
      1. Any material misstatement of fact or significant admission during the application
      or background process shall be disqualifying, including inconsistent statements
      made during the initial background interview (Personal History Statement
      or Supplemental Questionnaire) or polygraph examination or discrepancies
      between this background investigation and other investigations conducted by
      other law enforcement agencies.
      2. Any forgery, alteration, or intentional omission of material facts on an official
      employment application document or sustained episodes of academic cheating.
      (a) The ability to give testimony in a court of law without being subject to impeachment
      due to histher honesty or veracity (or their opposites) or due to prior felony conviction.
      (b) The following shall be disqualifying:
      1. Conviction of any criminal offense classified as a misdemeanor under California
      law within three years prior to application
      2. Conviction for two or more misdemeanor offenses under California law as an
      3. Conviction of any offense classified as a misdemeanor under California law
      while employed as a peace officer (including military police officers)
      4. Admission(s) of having committed any act amounting to a felony (including
      felony-misdemeanor offenses) under California law, as an adult, within five
      years prior to application or while employed as a peace officer (including
      military police officers)
      5. Admission(s) of administrative conviction of any act while employed as a peace
      officer (including military police officers) involving lying, falsification of any official
      report or document, or theft
      6. Admission(s) of any act of domestic violence as defined by law, committed as
      an adult
      7. Admission(s) of any criminal act, whether misdemeanor or felony, committed
      against children including but not limited to: molesting or annoying children,
      child abduction, child abuse, lewd and lascivious acts with a child, or indecent
      exposure. Acts of consensual unlawful intercourse accomplished between two
      minors shall not be included, unless more than four years difference in age
      existed at the time of the acts
      8. Any history of actions resulting in civil lawsuits against the applicant or histher
      employer may be disqualifying
      Recruitment and Selection – 429
      Adopted: 2012/02/14 O 1995-2012 Lexipol, LLC Fullerton Police Department
      Policy Manual
      Recruitment and Selection
      1000.3.4 DEPENDABILITY
      (a) Having a record of submitting reports on time and not malingering on calls, etc.
      (b) A record of being motivated to perform well
      (c) A record of dependability and follow through on assignments
      (d) A history of taking the extra effort required for complete accuracy in all details of work
      (e) A willingness to work the hours needed to complete a job
      (9 The following shall be disqualifying:
      1. Missing any scheduled appointment during the process without prior permission
      2. Having been disciplined by any employer (including military) as an adult for
      abuse of leave, gross insubordination, dereliction of duty, or persistent failure to
      follow established policies and regulations
      3. Having been involuntarily dismissed (for any reason other than lay-off) from two
      or more employers as an adult
      4. Having held more than seven paid positions with different employers within the
      past four years, or more than 15 paid positions with different employers in the
      past ten years (excluding military). Students who attend school away from their
      permanent legal residence may be excused from this requirement
      5. Having undergone personal bankruptcy more than once, having current
      financial obligations for which legal judgments have not been satisfied, currently
      having wages garnished, or any other history of financial instability
      6. Resigning from any paid position without notice shall be disqualifying, except
      where the presence of a hostile work environment is alleged.
      7. Having any outstanding warrant of arrest at time of application.
      1000.3.5 LEARNING ABILITY
      (a) The ability to comprehend and retain information
      (b) The ability to recall information pertaining to laws, statutes, codes, etc.
      (c) The ability to learn and to apply what is learned
      (d) The ability to learn and apply the material, tactics and procedures that are required of
      a law enforcement officer
      (e) The following shall be disqualifying:
      1. Being under current academic dismissal from any college or university where
      such dismissal is still in effect and was initiated within the past two years prior
      to the date of application
      2. Having been academically dismissed from any POST certified basic law
      enforcement academy wherein no demonstrated effort has been made to
      improve in the deficient areas, except: subsequent successful completion of
      another POST basic law enforcement academy shall rescind this requirement
      (a) The ability to resolve problems in a way that shows sensitivity for the feelings of others.
      (b) Empathy
      (c) Discretion, not enforcing the law blindly
      (d) Effectiveness in dealing with people without arousing antagonism
      Recruitment and Selection – 430
      Adopted: 2012/02/14 O 1995-2012 Lexipol, LLC Fullerton Police Department
      Policy Manual
      Recruitment and Selection
      (e) The ability to understand the motives of people and how they will react and interact
      (9 The following shall be disqualifying:
      1. Having been disciplined by any employer (including the military and/or any
      law enforcement training facility) for acts constituting racial, ethnic or sexual
      harassment or discrimination
      2. Uttering any epithet derogatory of another person’s race, religion, gender,
      national origin or sexual orientation
      3. Having been disciplined by any employer as an adult for fighting in the workplace
      (a) The ability to apply common sense during pressure situations
      (b) The ability to make sound decisions on the spot
      (c) The ability to use good judgment in dealing with potentially explosive situations
      (d) The ability to make effective, logical decisions under pressure
      (e) The following shall be disqualifying:
      1. Admission(s) of administrative conviction or criminal convictions for any act
      amounting to assault under color of authority or any other violation of federal
      or state Civil Rights laws
      2. Any admission(s) of administrative conviction or criminal conviction for failure
      to properly report witnessed criminal conduct committed by another law
      enforcement officer
      (a) The following examples of illegal drug use or possession will be considered automatic
      disqualifiers for public safety applicants, with no exceptions:
      1. Any adult use or possession of a drug classified as a hallucinogenic within seven
      years prior to application for employment
      2. Any adult use or possession of marijuana within one year prior to application for
      3. Any other illegal adult use or possession of a drug not mentioned above
      (including cocaine) within three years prior to application for employment
      4. Any illegal adult use or possession of a drug while employed in any
      law enforcement capacity, military police, or as a student enrolled in
      college-accredited courses related to the criminal justice field
      5. Any adult manufacture or cultivation of a drug or illegal substance
      6. Failure to divulge to the Department any information about personal illegal use
      or possession of drugs
      7. Any drug test of the applicant, during the course of the hiring process, where
      illegal drugs are detected
      (b) The following examples of illegal drug use or possession will be considered
      in relationship to the overall background of that individual and may result in
      1. Any illegal use or possession of a drug as a juvenile
      Recruitment and Selection – 431
      Adopted: 201 210211 4 O 1995-201 2 Lexipol, LLC Fullerton Police Department
      Policy Manual
      Recruitment and Selection
      2. Any illegal adult use or possession of a drug that does not meet the criteria of
      the automatic disqualifiers specified above (e.g., marijuana use longer than one
      year ago or cocaine use longer than three years ago.)
      3. Any illegal or unauthorized use of prescription medications
      Recruitment and Selection – 432
      Adopted: 2012/02/14 O 1995-2012 Lexipol. LLC

      Carry on, Pig Nuts.

        1. Indeed, you’re right. It is the To Do list. It’s actually a pretty good one. So, is it too much of a stretch to see we have a serious leadership problem?

          1. To Mark Fuhrman, I do not see where if the do not follow
            the manual they agree to be kicked to the curb without
            early retirement, benefits etc.!

            1. I was looking for a breakdown in the rules governing the Department. They have some good rules, however, they have rat-fuck leadership that doesn’t enforce the rules.

            2. You’re right, I Spy, it is weird seeing reams of rules with no penalties for not following the rules. This game is so rigged in the favor of the Culture of Corruption it seems almost that victory is unattainable.

    5. “He continued that tradition.”

      Yes. He is also a public employee and a cop. Glad to see even you recognize how shitty the FPD employees are.

  9. and how long was acting fullerton Police Chief of Fullerton Hughes mentored, guided, encouraged, rewarded under the disgraced Fullerton city council person and recently retired after serving sixteen years as fullerton police chief Pat Mckinley?

    1. Why are you cops so obsessed with marijuana legalization or medical marijuana dispensaries?
      1. Distracts attention from the pattern of police brutality and corruption that characterizes FPD.
      2. Worried about loss of “resouces” through a reduction in asset forfeiture and grants for marijuana prohibition enforcement.
      3. Worried about the loss of control signified by any increase in personal freedoms gained by the citizenry.

      Cops don’t care about marijuana. They care about the money and control that marijuana prohibition awards them. They know that if marijuana is legalized they will lose dollars and be unable to scapegoat a class of citizens; lose a reason for busting down people’s doors in the middle of the night; all those things that cops love to do.

      Fullerton cops and brainwashed citizens who blindly support them, meet LEAP. These are former law enforcement officials who, unlike you, actually care about justice, public safety, and public finances.

      1. The Fullertonista,

        I think that you should also add that there is an added incentive to restrict marijuana and tolerate and even promote all of the bars downtown.

        With all the alcohol which is consumed downtown, it’s inevitable that responsible behavior for those consumers goes down, leading to a cacaphony of spontaneous crimes (DUI’s,sexual assaults,physical assaults, manslaughter, which the police department finds themselves busy responding to under the guise of protecting the innocent citizens from the abusive drunks.

        This keeps the police busy throughout the week, which in turn adds up to increased overtime to quell the need to expand the police force even further.

        The only one that profits from a marijuana collective are the restaurants in town.

  10. Maybe you should put up anti-Hughes signs to keep the anti-Bushala signs (if they reappear) company. That would be one funny sight — lots of signs about two non-candidates.

    Did Hughes ever put a text of his “Community Policing” talk online somewhere? I’d love to see it reproduced here and see how y’all react to it. Maybe that would be too substantive, though.

    1. It is indeed a drug!

      Love is the Drug

      Songwriters: FERRY, BRYAN / MACKAY, ANDREW
      Ain’t no big thing
      To wait for the bell to ring
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      I troll downtown the red light place
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      Love is the drug and I need to score
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      Dim the lights, you can guess the rest
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      Love is the drug, got a hook in me
      Oh oh catch that buzz
      Love is the drug I’m thinking of
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      Love is the drug for me

      FPD wants some of THAT drug, too!

  11. Dan Hughes doesn’t want to be Chief, if he has to work for the goofballs who make up our current city council. Who would?

    Which begs the question about how you would get any cop with a decent reputation to apply, let alone how much would have to pay.

    This is a crass attempt at dis-information.

    1. It would be expensive and worth every penny. Not all people pushing for reform believe that it’s going to be cheap. It’s like having to go to the Shylock to purchase your rights back, unfortunately.

    2. “Which begs the question about how you would get any cop with a decent reputation to apply, let alone how much would have to pay.”

      Well you finally make a good point. It’s hard to imagine ANY decent human being wanting to take over the FPD crime ring but there’s gotta be at least one honest cop to take the job. And no, Hughes ain’t the man.

  12. What about your old pal, Chris Thompson, who is all about promoting the Chief? It seems to me this blog is suffering from loss of short term memory.

      1. So when Thompson does it, it’s fine, and yet when citizens who think differenly than you, it’s wrong. What a bunch of hypocrites.

        1. The 4F Mafia has long been a bastion of hypocrisy and double standards. Now that they have three of their cult leaders enshrined on the council, they cringe whenever their messiahs are publicly criticized and called out on their hypocrisy and they lash out via their sycophants on this site. They’ve crafted quite the cult of personalities for themselves but their motivations are so transparent.

  13. Well I guess if you consider helping in getting Ramos, Cicinelli, and Wolfe off the streets for good and criminally prosecuted, Hampton, Craig, and Blatney demoted to fieldwork, Hampton, Nguyen Rincon, etc., implicated in million dollar lawsuits, and McDickHead off the city-council promotions then yeah, FFFF is helping out a lot of Fullerton’s finest thugs and criminals.

  14. “Si vis pacem, para bellum is a Latin adage translated as, “If you wish for peace, prepare for war” (usually interpreted as meaning peace through strength—a strong society being less likely to be attacked by enemies). ” -Wikipedia

    Therefore $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    If you want no more disasters, then prepare for disaster, (AND NOT LET THE DISASTER CONTINUE!!!).


      The main clause of the adage has been used as a motto by German arms maker Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM), and is the source of the term Parabellum as applied to firearms and ammunition (especially the 9mm Parabellum, aka 9mm Luger). The term is an opposed parallel to the English use of “peacemaker” to mean the Colt Single Action Army handgun.” -Wikipedia

  15. The fact that many officers have spoken to the city council AFTER announcing that they are a (fill in the rank) in the FPD will blow back in their face in the form of Hughes being put in his captain’s chair and retired. Look for an outside chief to assume command before December 1, 2012.

    You cannot, as an employee, berate your employer and bosses and expect to retain our cushy position. Their 1st Amendment right ended when they announced their employment title and rank.

  16. I commented this this morning, its very relevent so Im cutting and pasting it here.
    23 by Lifesaving Service on October 8, 2012

    Mickey Haller :
    He wasn’t executed. He died due to his stupidity.

    #16 by AntiCorruptionUnit on May 25, 2012
    That’s bullshit too. Hughes is in the middle of the train closer to the engine running the train.

    He too is accountable and so far some have attempted to make him somewhat of a hero.

    That’s why Gennaco was hired in the first place. Gennaco focused on the RANK and FILE more than he did management.

    NOW you want to impress the public, maybe someone in the city should have asked for the Department of Justice to conduct the internal affairs hearing.

    I wonder if they would have started at the bottom and allowed the investigation to go UPHILL right to Sellers?

    Like I said from the first, MANAGMENT is going to get a pass to the best of everyone’s ability in your little regime!!!!

    #24 by Lifesaving Service on October 8, 2012
    #25 by AntiCorruptionUnit on February 11, 2012
    I still have SOME faith in the system.

    If you have ever followed corruption within Law Enforcement, history will show you more than a few BIG BUST of dirty cops over the years.

    New York PD takes the lead, having entire squads of narcotic cops being busted ON DUTY by federal agents over the years.

    But if you are part of a PD who has a history or a reputation for busting heads, you can bet your being watch closer than you think.

    I’d say right now FPD is a big camel. It can’t handle anymore straw before its back breaks.

  17. Danny Hughes is as dirty as they get and 100% responsible for the Fullerton PD mess.

    Don’t let the big cross hanging on the wall of his office fool ya. The rank and file want Danny because he’s the devil they know. If you want to be one of Danny’s guys…going to the same church as Danny is a good start.

    Keep your mouth shut and look the other way and always agree with Danny. Then Danny will take care of you. That’s what Jay thought….but then again Danny takes care of DANNY.

  18. The Los Angeles County city of Bell

    “Former chief Randy Adams was forced out two years ago after revelations that he was earning nearly $500,000 a year. He is now suing the city for severance pay and draws one of the state’s highest public pensions at $22,000 a month.”

  19. ANAHEIM – Two Orange County residents who work as entertainers at Disney’s local parks will represent the company as its local ambassadors for two years starting Jan. 1.

    PLANET EARTH – 3 Expolicemen de facto Representatives and Ambassadors of Fullerton.

  20. Reposting with the offended word that cast me into the Pit of Eternal Moderation:

    Maybe you should put up anti-Hughes signs to keep the anti-Bashula signs (if they reappear) company. That would be one funny sight — lots of signs about two non-candidates.

    Did Hughes ever put a text of his “Community Policing” talk online somewhere? I’d love to see it reproduced here and see how y’all react to it. Maybe that would be too substantive, though.

  21. It seems to me that we could put a quick end to these police union shenanigans by doing one thing.

    Instead of entrusting the Fullerton Police Officers bi-annual contract negotiations to the City Councilman, we should instead amend the process so that the Fullerton residents get to vote on the contract that the police officers union would like for their members.

    You’d be amazed at how fast this would improve the level of customer service provided by the Fullerton Police Department to the residents of Fullerton.

    The way the political system currently operates here in Fullerton, the City Councilman’s election costs are covered by a coalition of Police, FireFighters, Teachers, and Municipal Employees, in return for their favorable votes when it comes time to negotiate their contracts.

    This is the equivalent of the employees of a corporation selecting the Board of Directors instead of the stockholders in the corporation.

  22. Do not forget the trash collection contract. In most cities they have an outside corporation bid on the contract yet the same company is always picked on top for the contract renewal. You see they give regular political contributions to the council members and can be counted on regularly to fork over cash. Its not a quid quo pro transaction since the contract is for say 3 years and they give money every year without end!
    I call that Chicago government tactics in Orange County!

  23. I want to know why the OP is so personal about their posts. It seems kind of irresponsible for a figurehead such as themself.

    Oh, by the way, Sellers, the guy in charge when Kelly was killed. He was brought in from out of Fullerton. So why would you want that to happen again? Because that’s what WILL happen if Danny isn’t formally made Chief.

    1. Hughes is a clown with a bachelors degree from a buy ur bachelors degree taught by Sellers. Don’t let the two face Hughes fool u

  24. A council member asked Genaco a few weeks ago if there were anymore camps in FPD. The true answer should have been yes, then he should have looked right at Hughes sitting across from him. Hughes has the only camp in FPD. Captain Jones is a joke and has no following. Captain Crum, AKA (Billy) is all about himself. FPD will be much better without Hughes running the show. He has been giving city council and all of Kelly’s Army all of his time. Once he becomes chief he will forget about them just like he’s already forgotten about the troops.

    God help FPD is Hughes becomes Chief. And not DH’s God.

    Money for a new Chief should not be a problem. This position is all about ego and title. Look outside of the department city council and tell Hughes to pound sand. I would like to see a new chief come in and actually take charge of the PD. Hughes has already tried to leave FPD. He applied and failed to become the chief of Corona PD recently. Corona PD saw through his bullshit. Thats the problem with Hughes, he could be a used car salesman when he leaves. He tells everyone what they want to hear then he stabs you in the back.

    “No Camps”, LOL

    1. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating.

      No qualified applicants from outside the department will apply. Why would they give up seniority and stability at their current department to come to a department that is routinely castigated by current city council members who have made no secret of their desire to abolish the department in the near future? The only outside applicants you will get are people being pushed out by their current departments because they are incompetent.

      1. So the city should hire Dan Hughes because he’s the only incompetent who will bother to apply? That theory shouldn’t be too hard to test.

      2. A nationwide search would bring in a slew of applicants. Some of them would be reform-minded individuals who know about the Kelly Thomas case and FPD’s reputation and would enjoy the challenge of reforming it.

  25. There are employment search recruiters who will search the country. Many would enjoy coming to southern california while partaking of the best retirement plans this side of Greece!
    Some Federal Agents may even be willing to look into the position. That might bring some desired change.
    On another note, doesn’t bother long time Fullerton Residents to know that their city has 52 establishments that serve liquor on site, that they total over 2500 person capacity, and on weekends, for example, they overflow out onto the streets and drive on the roads that lead to and around your residences?
    What does Fullerton receive from those establishments in return? Just the same sales tax as the store that sells bongs?

  26. Anonymous :
    Are you saying city employees can’t speak at council meetings? What does an oath have to do with a bong prop when you have council members (who did take an oath as well) supporting Marijuana is like Wine? Just because he brought a prop to the council meeting doesn’t mean he violated any oath.
    By the way Harpoon I was directing my statement at Van and not you at all.

    As a medical marijuana user with a legal recommendation for my Glaucoma, I am PROUD to say, this stuff works!
    There is nothing wrong with the marijuana itself, in fact I know of two lead MD’s at Whittier Presbyterian who smoke the stuff as it helps them focus and keeps them from getting ‘worked up’ in intense situations.
    However as a user in favor of pot, I would never bring in a huge $200 glass bong into public, anywhere. I don’t even own one of those, that big, that is.
    For an FPD Internal Affairs Sergeant to bring one of those in to a council meeting is more DEPLORABLE behavior committed by another high-ranking FPD employee.
    IF it were me or any ‘Joe Citizen’ that brought one of those in, you know damn well any one of those cops in front of city hall would have confiscated that from us, but even Mr. Danny (Nice Guy) Hughes will allow his own clowns to bring it in for a public presentation.
    FPD NEEDS A NEW CHIEF OF POLICE, with balls to do the right thing!

  27. Just keep video taping police officers…as you can see all over this great country, the dirty cops are being exposed and it’s great! I love seeing true justice for those dirty cops who try to lie on their reports and make up lies about really happened. This culture of militaristic law enforcing is slowly coming to an end but as you can see, these officers will protect each other to the very end. Where does this culture come from? That is real question. How do we go from PEACE officers to this idea that we need soldier like police officers? There is no sense of community and why do police officers feel so entitled? And why is this militaristic mindset accepted in a civilized society?

  28. Three of the most dishonest professions, in this wonderful country:

    1. Politicians
    2. Attorneys
    3. Police

  29. Cold Chillin’ Cops Balls :
    I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating.
    No qualified applicants from outside the department will apply. Why would they give up seniority and stability at their current department to come to a department that is routinely castigated by current city council members who have made no secret of their desire to abolish the department in the near future? The only outside applicants you will get are people being pushed out by their current departments because they are incompetent.

    Not true CopBalls. Considering all the taxpayer money that the city of Fullerton has had to pay out to settle the many many many (and still more to come) law suits due to FPD’s citizenry abuse, it could afford to pay an experienced Chief of Police or Captain a good $200K. Why wouldn’t any one from another agency refuse that just because of their current seniority when this new opportunity will take them to the top of the ranks, with a premium salary that they were not getting before?
    In fact, I do know of someone with another agency who will be knocking on Fullerton’s door very soon and he will probably get the gig. He’s the ‘Right Guy’ for the job.
    Sorry Hughes fans…

    1. I’ve discussed this with three separate current chiefs, all of whom had discussed it with other current chiefs, and all felt the same way I do. I’d love to know who this “right guy” is. Hope you’re not talking about Hunt, because he’s anything but the “right guy”.

      1. Name the names of these “fictional” chiefs. That way we can prove they were not recruited from different departments. They can name names too. Until then keep your fiction to yourself.

      2. Your chief friends sound like overpaid pussies. I don’t think that’s what Fullerton is looking for. Please relay the message. Thanks.

      3. Not Hunt and I will not mention his name, however I will give out a clever clue, like The Riddler on this blog when I find out for sure he will meet with the council.

  30. The living proof that Hughes has no control of his department or staff is the fact he allows his probationary Lieutenants and Captains to call out members of the City Council. It’s department run-a-muck and Danny has no control.

    How did Chief Danny rule on the use of force incident involving David Tovar the kid who was run over by the unmarked police car trying to run from the cops?

    And just because Hill Hunt works for Tony Bushala does not make him the best choice for the next Fullerton Police Chief.

  31. The last time I saw my oldest son (25 YO) was about a year and a half ago in France. He is assigned to the 2nd Regiment Etranger Parachutistes in Algeria (French Foreign Legion). I had the privilege of meeting the men he serves with. When they aren’t hunting down Al-Qaeda they participate in humanitarian relief efforts all over the globe.

    I look at them and then I look at the Fullerton Six, no comparison. These young Legionnaires have forgotten more about honor and courage than the “Six” will ever know.

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