Travis Kiger Pulls Papers For Jones’ Seat

Dear Friends, yesterday was a very significant day in Fullerton. Our very own blogger Travis Kiger pulled papers for the replacement election. For those of you that don’t know much about Travis Kiger and how he thinks, I would like to introduce you to him here:

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  1. As much as I wish people wanted the truth, I’m convinced they’re much more interested in sensationalism. No one cared about a homeless man until he was beaten to death. I started following the FFFF blog a few months before the beating. My assessment of the blog was that it was a written by people for the interest in entering politics. I have absolutely no problem with this. However, after the beating, it seems to me that FFFF is more eager to be heard and to take credit for anyone knowing about what happened than they actually are in the man that was killed.

    1. Regrettably, some people still don’t care about the homeless man. These are the entrenched interests in the FPD and City Hall who are still spinning and trolling.

    2. wrong, FFFF was exposing misuse of redevelopment funds, city council cronyism, kickbacks from developers who were funded by redevelopment funds, the destruction of our downtown from a safe , albeit, dull place to the wild west drunk downtown, need to I continue?

    3. What do you want Hazel? A medal because you were here first? Do you really think you have a moral high groun by being first?

    4. PK, couldn’t you come up with a better name than Hazel? No.

      “I wish,,,I’m convinced…I started…I have…it seems to me…”

  2. Travis has the moral turpitude required to pull this city out of the morass that the cronyism and corruption of Bankhead and his ilk left it in.

    I wholeheartedly endorse the Travis “the Tiger” Kiger for Fullerton City Council in 2012.

    1. I think you meant “moral fortitude.” However, it was a good chuckle – reminded me a bit of something Bankhead would say (okay, that was mean, sorry).

      1. s/b: fortitude and not turpitude. I’ll let your mean crack that you directed at me about Bankhead slip this one time but that’s all you get.

  3. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time. Kiger was warning us about abusive, out-of-control cops long before Kelly Thomas was murdered. Plus he unraveled much of the public safety pension smorgasbord.

    He was standing up against the bloated cop union when nobody else would.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but Jones’s seat is the
    shortest one out of the three. Why that one and not the longer term one?

    1. If Jones is ousted and Travis is “inned”, that makes Travis the incumbent for the next election when that seat is open. Incumbents tend to have an edge; not that it’s right, but it happens. Regardless, this is great news and good luck, Travis!

  5. Thank you Travis for standing in the gap. You bring much to the table. Your ability to help unlock minds, dig into the issues, and represent the interests of ALL of the citizens and taxpayers of Fullerton will undoubtedly play a major role in our recovery.

  6. Took it upon yourself to make up lies. I hope the right person sues both of you for slander and defamation of character.

    1. Would you just take the time to research the LEGAL definitions of slander, defamation, libel etc.?

      Some attorney sued two women because they called him a cheater on a website identifying cheaters and liars – his lawsuit was tossed out because what they posted were OPINIONS.

  7. Travis you will have the backing of all the local Ron Paul supporters if I have anything to do with it. They will make small donations and walk a precinct. Plus I will personally contribute and help your campaign.

  8. Travis has shown the intelligence and integrity that I look for. I look forward to learning more about him as well as ideas of what he’d like to do while on the council.

    1. Quite the interview indeed. To bad we don’t have a John and Ken version YET. I like the caller’s BOTTOM LINE-that’s mine too.

  9. Gee, like no one saw this coming! The whole point of the recall is to overturn the last election to allow a wealthy downtown developer to stack the city council with his friends via Fullerton’s version of a Super PAC. What’s the over/under on Thompson pulling his papers by the end of next week? Any odds? He seems to have a lot of free time on his hands during the work week he could devote to this gig.

    Time to break out your checkbook, Tony! You’ve got a couple more politicians to buy….these two will come cheap so need to worry about getting maximum value for your dollar!

    1. Haha!

      Or we could stick with the sad brain-dead dinosaurs who let the cops get away with murder, hand over millions to their campaign contributors, and have stolen $27,000.000 from water rate payers.

      No contest!!!

      1. So if I understand you correctly, it’s okay to corrupt the system, as long as your corrupting influence comes out on top? In your view the ends justify the means? We simply continue replacing one corrupting influence for another?

        1. Not too smart, are you? I employed a literary device known as irony, in case you never got to that 11th grade English class.

          I love it how you few Dinosaur Defenders yammer on about overturning elections. Do you think the voters would have elected the sociopath Cueball if they’d known of the criminal thugs he turned loose on Fullerton; or that Bankhead was senile?

          No. And Bushala is making it his job to overturn a Culture of Corruption that has taken hold and needs a good, antiseptic flush.

          Fullerton history has passed you by, Larry and you are too fucking dumb to even know it.

        2. Except that Travis is smart, principled and honest.

          So what was your point?

          Of yeah: Jones is stupid, corrupt and a liar

        3. Isn’t that sound Ralph Kennedy imitated in the 1970’s when he watched what was going on in his living room from the dark hallway.

    2. Retard, if someone wanted to buy influence there’d be no need to recall anyone, because these kooks are open for business.

    3. ATP-
      Since you seem to know everything about everything why don’t you tell everyone next week about Chris “pulling his papers”? and, while you’re at it, who was “bought”, and by whom, to replace the 3 do-nothings

      Oh, BTW, how’s that 10% illegal water tax doing ya these days? (the one thats been in place and on your bill since 1997)?

      You need to stop drinking poison-thats the real purpose of the recall.
      Be glad someone had the generous and kind spirit to want a better future for you,your children, friends and grandchildren- ingrate

      1. You go git ’em boy! We uns gotta stick tagethuh threw these tuff times and triblations.

        Them consarn cops! ‘Tamnation, they done blew up a sweet gig we uns all had with ourns buddies a-slurpin’ at the troff.

        Sha-jeezes and ‘tamnation. S’all ovah!

      2. john, “our city is fine”, means our city staff is fine. How many y’all doe’s don’t do a god damn thing yet make over $90K/yr and are in line for a million dollar pension? I bet it’s in the hundreds.

      3. Our city is fine? Have you been a-smokin’ Doc Hee Haw’s oxytoxins?

        1. FPD Cop Culture of Corruption. Murder, perjury, fraud, drug addiction, theft, sexual battery, methane battery, false imprisonment, destruction of evidence, more perjury, etc., etc., etc.

        2. Illegal 10% water tax.

        3. Crony capitalism hands out City money to Jones, Bankhead, McKinley campaign contributors.

        4. Neglected infrastructure, potholes, sinkholes, assholes.


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